Application Forms

Please note, if you intend to mail your application, please call the Planning and Zoning Counter at (714) 536-5271 (or your project planner, if assigned) for a cursory review of your application to ensure that no major items will be omitted.

General Application. The General Application shall be submitted for the following types of entitlements: Coastal Development Permit, Conditional Use Permit, Design Review, Entitlement Plan Amendment, General Plan Amendment, Local Coastal Program Amendment, Planned Sign Program, Sign Code Exception, Temporary Use Permit, Variance, Zoning Map Amendment and Zoning Text Amendment. The application is available on-line for your convenience. It is strongly recommended that you visit the Public Zoning Counter if you are unfamiliar with the Entitlement Process.

Subdivision Application: The Subdivision Application should be submitted for Tentative Tract Maps, Tentative Parcel Maps or Lot Line Adjustments.

Lot Line Adjustment - Updated November 2014

Environmental Assessment Form

Landscape Plan Submittal Application

Public Notification Requirements

Code Requirements

Address Assignment/Change of Address

Temporary Sign Permits
Temporary Sales/Event Permits
Animal Permits -- Updated April 2011
Building Permit Application
Plan Check Submittal Checklist
Common Block Wall Agreement
Certificate of Occupancy Form
Plan Check - Commercial
Plan Check - Industrial
Plan Check - Residential
Plan Check - Downtown Specific Plan - District 2
Plan Check - Downtown Specific Plan - District 3
Planning Fees - Updated November 2012
Residential Infill Guidelines
Waiver of Development Standards Requirements
Waiver of Development Standards Request Letter

Wireless Permit Application
Helpful Information to Huntington Beach Business Owners


Appointments to discuss a zoning or planning issue, pre-application submittal, or submittal of applications (CUP, VAR, TPM, Etc.) are available at the Planning and Zoning Counter.

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