Major Projects and Applications in Process


Applications in process. The applications in process is a listing of all entitlement applications that have been submitted for Department of Planning and Building processing. It includes the appropriate review body, brief project description, date received and staff contact. For additional information on these project, please contact the the assigned planner.

Below are some of the larger developments in the City of Huntington Beach along with a brief description.  The links will take you to supporting documents including a more detailed project description, images, staff reports, environmental documents and other items as applicable.  If you would like additional information, feel free to contact the Planning and Zoning Counter at (714) 536-5271. Please also check out the Major Projects Newsletter for updates on development activities in the City of Huntington Beach.

Initial Studies, Mitigated Negative Declarations and Environmental Impact Reports for smaller projects are located on the environmental reports page.

Major Projects Map



Ascon Landfill Site

Applicant (contact): California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Summary: The Ascon Landfill, located at the southwest corner of Magnolia and Hamilton, operated as a landfill from 1938 to 1984. Construction debris was disposed of at the site during that time. Clean-up activity is privately funded by a group of companies. Today, DTSC is in the process of drafting an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The public scoping meeting was held on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, commencing the Environmental Review process. It is anticipated that the Draft EIR and proposed final remedy document (Remediation Action Plan - RAP) will be released in late summer or early fall of 2013. If you would like DTSC to notify you via e-mail when new EnviroStor documents are available online such as workplans and reports please click on the "Sign-Up for E-mail Alert's" link to the right of the site name on the DTSC, and complete the sign up for emails form
Location: Southwest corner of Magnolia and Hamilton
Status: Draft EIR release anticipated late Summer/Early Fall 2013

(Updated June 19, 2013)


Beach Boulevard/Edinger Corridors Specific Plan

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach (lead Department: Planning & Econ Development)

Summary:  Development of Specific Plan for Beach Boulevard.  Workshop held with City Council, Staff, local businesses and community members in September 2005 to give overview of Corridor Planning concepts and process. Now incorporates former Edinger Corridor study area.

Status: Effective April 16, 2010

Next Steps: Complete


Beach and Ellis - Elan Apartments

Applicant: Dan Milich, Development Director, Greystar

Location: 18502 and 18508-18552 Beach Blvd. (southeast corner of Beach & Ellis)

Summary: City Council certified EIR No. 10-04 on February 6, 2012. The EIR considered several alternatives. On May 15, 2012, the Planning Commission approved one of the alternatives for the development of 274 units, 8,500 sq. ft. of commercial including 17,540 sq. ft. of public open space and 31,006 sq. ft. of residential private open space.

Next Steps: The gas station has been demolished. Demolition permits are pending for the commercial two-story building.
Project Planner: Rosemary Medel
(Updated November 28, 2012)


Beach Walk
Applicant: Harry Alcock, UDR
Location: 19891 and 19895 Beach Blvd. (west side of Beach Blvd. between Utica and Adams Avenue-across from the Newland Shopping Center)
Summary: The project includes development of 173 multi-family apartment units within a 4-story building. The project also includes a 5-level parking structure, public and private open space areas, a leasing office, fitness room, resident clubhouse and rooftop deck.
Status: In Plan Check .
Next Steps: Demolition permits have been issued and two existing office buildings will be demolished.
Project Planner: Jennifer Villasenor
(Updated November 28, 2012)

Beach and Warner Mixed Use Project

Summary: The proposed Beach and Warner Mixed Use Project located at the southwest corner of Beach Blvd. and Warner Ave contemplated a mixed use project of 279 units with 35,600 square feet of commercial development. EIR No. 10-003 was certified by the City Council on December 19, 2011. Decron, the majority stake-holder of the project has re-evaluated its position to develop the project as analyzed in EIR No. 10-003 due to the withdrawal of one of the property owners. Because Decron Properties has determined to not proceed at this time and does not intend to rely on the EIR, the EIR was de-certified by City Council on May 20, 2013.
Location: Southwest corner of Beach and Warner
Status: EIR No. 10-003 De-Certified, May 20, 2013
City Contact: Rosemary Medel

(Updated June 19, 2013)


The Boardwalk (fka Murdy Commons)

Applicant: Sares-Regis Group
Location: Northeast corner of Edinger Avenue and Gothard (former Levitz furniture store site).
Summary: 487 dwelling units and 14,500 square feet of commercial area on a 12.5-acre site with .5 acre public park.
Status: Building has been demolished and mass grading is underway.
Next Steps: Construction plans are in Building Plan Check.
Project Planner: Jennifer Villasenor
(Updated December 14, 2012)



Applicant: Hearthside Homes

Summary: The City is in the process of annexing 105.3 acres of the upper bench portion of Bolsa Chica that will become a residential development. The development, named the Brightwater project and currently in unincorporated Orange County, has already been approved by the California Coastal Commission and the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Development standards are based upon the County's standards. The City has been approached for annexation in order to provide better services. Brightwater would consist of 349 single-family units. Of the 105.3 acres, 67.9 would be dedicated for residential developments and 37.4 would be for habitat restoration.

Location: Proximate to Warner Avenue and Los Patos

Status: Entitlements approved (County and Coastal Commission), City has annexed project

Next Steps: Under Construction (County of Orange has jurisdiction over building permits; City has authority over post construction items, eg, pools, patio covers).


Circulation Element Update
Applicant: City of Huntington Beach (lead Department: Public Works)
Summary: Government Code Section 65302 (b) requires a circulation element in all city general plans "consisting of the general location and extent of existing and proposed major thoroughfares, transportation routes, terminals, and other local public utilities and facilities, all correlated with the land use element of the plan." The City's General Plan, including the Circulation Element, was comprehensively updated in 1996. Since that time there have been minor amendments to the Circulation Element. The City initiated a process to comprehensively update the Circulation Element earlier in 2005. Two significant technical components were completed as part of the update. First, an updated local area transportation model was developed. This includes a substantial effort in completing a local land use inventory. Second, the new model was used as the basis for analyzing and developing recommendations for updating several sections of the Circulation Element.
Status: City Council approved February 2013
Next Steps: Implementation
City Contact: Ricky Ramos, (last updated 6/19/13)



Applicant: Costco/DJM Development (property owner)

Costco is part of the Village at Bella Terra development located on the former Mervyns and Montgomery Wards site. The 154,113 sq ft Costco includes tire sales/installation, outside food service, and a gas station. Additionally, the Village at Bella Terra will include up to 468 multi-family residential units with 30,000 sq ft of additional retail. Costco is located on the north side of the Village at Bella Terra facing Center Avenue; the remaining retail and residential portion is proposed for a location closer to Edinger Avenue.
Status: Complete and opened May 2, 2012.


Downtown Specific Plan Update

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach (lead Department: Economic Development)

Summary: The DTSP Update proposes to reconfigure 11 existing districts into seven new districts with the intent to encourage and facilitate development opportunities within the DTSP area by revising development standards including increases in allowable densities, floor area ratios and building heights for certain districts. The DTSP Update is also proposing to amend the Downtown Parking Master Plan and incorporate Design Guidelines to create a “one-stop” document that would guide development in the Downtown area. Additionally, the DTSP Update provides recommendations for streetscape improvements, public amenity requirements, circulation improvements (including the realignment of portions of 6th Street and Walnut Avenue) and mobility enhancements within the DTSP area.

Status: Certified by Coastal Commission - October 6, 2011


Edinger Walmart

Applicant: Tait & Associates
Summary: The project proposes to establish a community oriented anchor use within the Beach & Edinger Corridors Specific Plan (BECSP) by occupying an existing approximately 100,865 sq. ft. vacant retail building within an existing commercial center.
Location: 6912 Edinger Avenue, Huntington Beach, 92647 (southwest corner of Edinger Avenue and Goldenwest Street)
Status: Application deemed withdrawn on May 7, 2013.
Project Planner: Ethan Edwards
(Updated June 21, 2013)



Former Lamb School Site
Applicant: Michael Adams, Michael C. Adams Associates & Thomas Grable, Tri Pointe Homes, LLC
Summary: The project proponent, Tri Pointe Homes , LLC, proposes the construction of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) consisting of 81 detached single-family residential units on a 11.65-acre site located at 10251 Yorktown Avenue (north side of Yorktown Ave., east of Brookhurst Street). The City owns an adjacent 2.6-acre site that will be used for open space purposes. The site is surrounded by single-family residences on the west, east and north and fronts Yorktown Ave. on the south.
Status: Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) No. 08-13 was made available for public review and comment for twenty (20) days commencing Thursday, August 23, 2012 and ending Wednesday, September, 12, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.The Planning Commission reviewed and approved the project on October 23, 2012 and the decision was subsequently appealed to the city Council. The City Council reviewed and approved the proposed project on November 19, 2012
Next Steps: The applicant will work on compliance with conditions of approval, code requirements, and mitigation measures as well as prepare plans for plan check and permit submittal.
Project Planner: Jane James (714) 536-5596
(Updated November 30, 2012)


Former Wardlow School Site
Applicant: Michael Adams, Michael C. Adams Associates & Thomas Grable, Tri Pointe Homes, LLC
Summary: The project proponent, Tri Pointe Homes , LLC, proposes the construction of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) consisting of 49 detached single-family residential units on an 8.35 acre site located at 9191 Pioneer Drive (north side of Pioneer Dr., east of Magnolia Ave.). The site is bounded by single family residences to the north and south, a flood control channel on the eastern border with residences beyond, and a City park (Wardlow Park) with existing sports fields adjacent to Magnolia Street on the western border.
Status: Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) No. 08-12 was made available for public review and comment for twenty (20) days commencing Thursday, August 23, 2012 and ending Wednesday, September, 12, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. The Planning Commission reviewed and approved the project on October 23, 2012. The City Council reviewed and approved the proposed project on November 19, 2012.
Next Steps: The applicant will work on compliance with conditions of approval, code requirements, and mitigation measures as well as prepare plans for plan check and permit submittal.
Project Planner: Jane James (714) 536-5596
(Updated November 30, 2012)

Goodell Property
Applicant: Doug Goodell
Location: 6.2-acre unincorporated site on the east side of Bolsa Chica Street, south of the intersection of Bolsa Chica Street and Los Patos Avenue at the terminus of Bolsa Chica Street
Summary: The property is currently located in unincorporated County of Orange. In 2009, the City approved pre-zoning designations consisting of 3.2 acres of low density residential zoning and 3 acres of open space (recreation and conservation) zoning on the site as well as a property tax sharing agreement in anticipation of annexation of the property into the City. The City currently has an application pending for a General Plan Amendment and Local Coastal Program Amendment to establish land use designations consistent with the approved pre-zoning designations for the site. However, the application is on hold while the applicant is processing a coastal development permit with the California Coastal Commission to conduct archeological investigation on the site. No development has been proposed for the site.
Status: General Plan Amendment and Local Coastal Program Amendment application on hold. Tentative Planning Commission and City Council public hearing dates have not been determined.
Next Steps: TBD
Project Planner: Jennifer Villasenor
(Updated May 9, 2012)


Gun Range EIR

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach (Lead Department: Community Services)
Summary: The former gun range site is approximately 4.91 acres in size and is owned by the City of Huntington Beach. The Huntington Beach Police Officers Association constructed the current gun range improvements and operated the facility under a 20 year lease from the City. In the early 1990s, it became evident that the range needed rebuilding. Unstable soil caused by decomposing landfill was impacting the facility, and the public side of the facility was closed. In 1997 the City terminated the lease due to safety concerns, and the gun range has been closed since. The EIR analyzes clean-up of the former gun range site and its future reuse as an open space/park element within Huntington Central Park.
Location: Central Park (Proximate to Gothard Street and Talbert Avenue)
Status: Analysis in progress
Next Steps: Planning Commission Public Hearing
City Contact: Ricky Ramos, (last updated 6/19/13)


Harmony Cove (Proposed Huntington Harbor Marina and Eating Establishment)
Applicant: Joe Daichendt, Harmony Cove, LLC
Location: 3901 Warner Avenue (north side of Warner Avenue, west of Weatherly Lane)-Former Percy Park.
Summary: The proposed project is a request to amend the City's Zoning Map on the project site to allow the development of a 23-boat slip marina, an eating and drinking establishment with outdoor dining area and alcoholic beverage sales, and ancillary uses to the marina (a marina office and retail/rental of water-related recreational equipment). The site is 2.28 acres, 0.97 acre of which is terra firma and 1.31 acres which is submerged. The majority of the project site (1.91-acres) is owned by the property owner, Harmony Cove LLC, and the remainder (0.37-acre) is owned by the California State Lands Commission. The project includes a Zoning Map Amendment, Conditional Use Permit, Coastal Development Permit, Variance, and Tentative Parcel Map.
Status: The City Council approved the Mitigated Negative Declaration, Zoning Map Amendment, Conditional Use Permit, Coastal Development Permit ("Approval in Concept"), Variance and denied the Tentative Parcel Map in November 2012.
Next Steps: The Coastal Development Permit will be forwarded to the California Coastal Commission for final review and approval.
Project Planner: Tess Nguyen (714) 374-1744, (updated November 28, 2012)


Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Expansion
Applicant: The Robert Mayer Corporation
Location: 21100 Pacific Coast Highway, 92648 (bounded on the north by Pacific Avenue, on the east by Twin Dolphin Drive, on the south by Pacific Coast Highway, and on the west by the existing Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort)
Summary: To permit the expansion of the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort including a nine-story tower providing a total of 156 new guestrooms with appurtenant facilities. It will also include approximately 13,700 sq. ft. of meeting space, full service business center, casual dining restaurant, combined grocery/gift store, secondary retail/recreational services store, children's club providing supervised play, health spa, fitness facility, outdoor function lawn and outdoor garden patio area, main pool deck area with family-oriented pool, smaller pool for younger children, two jacuzzi pools, outdoor pool bar/beverage service, and a secondary porte-cochere entry off Pacific View Avenue. The hotel expansion proposes a one level semi-subterranean parking structure with 261 parking spaces, a loading dock and other back-of-house facilities. The project will host all inclusive events such as weddings, conferences, parties, and meetings.
Status: Approved by Planning Commission on March 27, 2012
Next Step: Plan Check Review
Project Planner: Ethan Edwards, AICP
(Updated December 4, 2012)


Historic and Cultural Resources Element Update

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach (Lead Department: Planning)

Summary: The project consists of an update of the Historic Resources Survey Report (1986) to inventory the City’s historic resources by conducting a new field survey and evaluation. In addition, the information gathered and analyzed by the new resources survey will be used to update existing facts, figures, goals and policies of the Historic and Cultural Resources Element (HCRE).

Status: In Progress (Reviewing 2nd draft of the proposed study)

Next Steps: Prepare Draft Element for review
Project Planner: Ricky Ramos
(Updated November 28, 2012)


Housing Element (Adopted September 16, 2013)
The Housing Element is one of the seven State-mandated elements of the City's General Plan and must be updated pursuant to California Government Code Section 65588 for the 2013-2021 planning period. The Housing Element identifies and assesses projected housing needs and provides an inventory of constraints and resources relevant to meeting these needs. Components of the housing element include: a housing needs assessment with population and household characteristics; identification of constraints to providing housing; an inventory of available sites for the provision of housing for all economic segments of the community; and a statement of goals, policies and programs for meeting the City's housing needs.

Draft Negative Declaration Comment Period
Draft Negative Declaration No. 12-007 analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with the 2013-2021 Housing Element Update. The Draft Negative Declaration will be available for public review and comment for 30 days commencing Thursday, July 18, 2013, and ending Friday, August 16, 2013. A copy of the Draft Negative Declaration is on file with the Planning and Building Department, City of Huntington Beach City Hall, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California, 92648. A copy of Draft Negative Declaration No. 12-007 is also available for review at the Central Library, 7111 Talbert Avenue, Huntington Beach, California, and the City Clerk’s Office, 2000 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Huntington Beach, California. Any person wishing to comment on the request may do so in writing within 30 days by providing written comments to Jennifer Villasenor, Senior Planner, City of Huntington Beach, Planning and Building Department, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

Public hearings on the Housing Element are scheduled to occur August 2013 (Planning Commission) and September 2013 (City Council).

For further information, please contact Jennifer Villasenor at 714-374-1661 or

Notice of Availability
Negative Draft Declaration


Huntington Beach Lofts (385 Apartment Units)
Applicant: Archstone Huntington Beach College Park , LLC
Location: 7302-7400 Center Avenue, across from Goldenwest College (Southeast Corner of Gothard Street and Center Avenue)
Summary: The Huntington Beach Lofts project is on a 3.8 acre site with 385 luxury residential units in five residential stories, located above approximately 10,000 square feet of street level retail and commercial uses. Open space amenities will be included.
Status: Entitlements Approved: Environmental Impact Report (EIR 07-004), Zoning Map Amendment (ZTA 07-004), General Plan Amendment (GPA-07-003), Zoning Map Amendment (ZMA-07-001) and Conditional Use Permit (CUP 07-043) by Planning Commission September 20, 2008; upheld by City Council November 2008.
Next Steps: Building Permits in Plan Check
Project Planner: Tess Nguyen (714) 374-1744
(Updated June 18, 2013)


Huntington Beach Senior Center

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach
Project Location: 5-acre area in Central Park (southwest of the intersection of Goldenwest Street and Talbert Avenue)
Summary: The proposed Huntington Beach Senior Center project involves the construction and operation of a new one-story senior center (approximately 45,000 square feet) on an undeveloped portion of Central Park. Access to the facility will be provided from a planned driveway at the intersection of Goldenwest Street/Talbert Avenue. The senior center will include multi-purpose rooms/community hall, group exercise room, fitness room, arts/crafts room, multi-use classrooms, kitchen, dance room, lobby, administrative area, outdoor patio, and outdoor recreation/activity area. Approximately 227 parking spaces will be provided for visitors and City vehicles. The project also includes a General Plan Amendment to incorporate the Central Park Master Plan of Recreation Uses into the Recreation and Community Services Element of the General Plan. The Central Park Master Plan is proposed to be updated to identify the 5-acre senior center site within Central Park and re-designate the project site from a low-intensity to high-intensity recreation area.
Status: The City Council approved the Subsequent EIR, CUP and General Plan Amendment on April 16, 2012.
Next Steps: TBD - The project does not have an anticipated construction start date at this time.
Project Planner: Jennifer Villasenor
(Updated May 9, 2012)


Newland Street Residential (Pacific Shores)

Applicant:Christopher Homes

Summary: The proposed project would develop and subdivide a former industrial site to a residential development with 204 multi-family residential units and approximate two acre public park.   The site was formerly used as an oil pipeline and storage tank terminal, for which decommissioning and remediation has been completed.  A portion of the site is currently operating as a recreational vehicle and boat storage facility, which would be removed and replaced with the proposed new uses.

Location: West of Newland Street, south of Lomond Drive, north of Hamilton

Status: Complete


Newland Street Widening

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach (Lead Department: Public Works)

Summary: The applicant, the City of Huntington Beach Public Works Department, proposes to widen Newland Street from Pacific Coast Highway to Hamilton Avenue, widen the reinforced concrete bridge at Huntington Channel, install storm drain improvements in Newland Street, and raise the profile of Newland Street to improve traffic visibility.

Status: Complete


Oceana Apartments
Summary: Oceana Apartments is a four story project with 78 affordable housing units for income levels at 30 to 60 percent of Orange County median income on the 2 acre site. The project is designed with at-grade podium parking, street level 2,100 sq. ft. of common usable space (leasing office, computer room and building operation), and residential units starting at the second level.  Leading to the second level visitors and residents will enjoy the public art installation by famed artists Larry Gill and Gavin Heath, which will enhance the staircase wall then lead you to the public courtyard where you will be greeted by illuminated Biome Sculptures.  The second level also provides a common open space and private courtyards for residents.  Project provides (18) 1-bedroom (550 sq ft), (35) 2-bedroom (753-820 sq ft), (25) 3-bedroom units (1042 sq ft). 
Location: 18151 Beach Blvd. (west side of Beach Blvd., south of Talbert at former Enterprise Car Rental site)
Status: Site Plan Review No. 13-001, Approved February 1, 2013.  Building Permits Issued:  February 2014
Contact Person: For further questions about the project please contact the Planning and Building Department at (714) 536-5271 or  Monica Gaitan, Asset Manager, AMCAL Multi-Housing at or (818) 706-0694 ext. 153.

(Updated April 14, 2014)


Pacific City
Commercial (DJM Capital Partners, Inc.)
Hotel (R.D. Olson Development)
Residential (UDR)
Summary: The Pacific City site is approximately 31 acres bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, First Street, Atlanta Avenue, and Huntington Street. The site is divided into three parcels: commercial/retail, hotel, and residential.  Entitlement Plan Amendment applications have been submitted separately by each site owner/developer to revise original 2004 approvals that comprised of 191,100 sq. ft. of commercial uses, 8-story 400 room hotel, and 516 condominiums.
Commercial (Under Construction w/ 2013 EPA)
Hotel (in Entitlement process)
Residential (recently acquired by new property owner)
Project Planner: Jill Arabe


Parkside Estates

Applicant: Shea Homes
: West side of Graham St., south of Warner Ave., along the East Garden Grove Wintersburg Food Control Channel.
: Project includes 111 single family residences, 23 acres of preserved, restored and enhanced open space, 1.6 acre neighborhood park, public trails, creation of a water quality treatment system that will treat over 25% of the dry-weather flow from the Stlater watershed that currently flows untreated to Bolsa Chica and the Ocean.
Approved by Coastal Commission October 11, 2012
Next Step: Property owner developing construction drawings and compliance with conditions of approval throughout 2013. (Last updated November 28, 2012)


Pedigo Apartments
Applicant: Pedigo Products, Inc. and Pedigo South, Inc., c/o Ken Keefe & Rick Lamprecht, ArchRock Development Group, LLC, 4000 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661
Location: 7262, 7266, 7280 Edinger Avenue and 16001, 17091 Gothard Street (five parcels located at the southwest corner of Edinger Avenue and Gothard Street encompassing approximately 8.5 acres)
Summary: Four-story with lofts apartment building consisting of 510 dwelling units, 25,815 sq. ft. public open space, 55,396 sq. ft. private open space, and approximately 5,097 sq. ft. leasing office wrapped around a six-level 862-space parking structure.
Status: Tentatively scheduled for public hearing - July 9, 2013
Project Planner: Jill Arabe (Updated June 19, 2013)


Pierside Pavilion Expansion
Applicant: Michael C. Adams Associates
Location: 300 Pacific Coast Highway (northeast corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street)
Summary: To permit the expansion the existing Pierside Pavilion development. The project proposes to demolish approximately 400 sq. ft. of the existing structure including an elevator shaft and two stairwells; and construct a connecting four-story, 90 foot high, approximately 27,772 square foot mixed-use, visitor serving/office building and 9,401 sq. ft. infill expansion by extending existing storefronts. The project proposes to expand the allowable uses within the Pierside Pavilion development from the previously approved limits established by Entitlement Plan Amendment No. 07-01 by adding 10,527 sq. ft. of retail, 5,705 sq. ft. of restaurant, and 21,441 sq. ft. of office. Retail area is proposed on the first level facing the perimeter of the building and office space is located behind or within the interior portions of the first level. Restaurant area is proposed on the second level and additional office areas are proposed on the third and forth levels. Approximately 3,069 sq. ft. of outdoor terraces are proposed on the second and third levels; and approximately 6,146 sq. ft. of outdoor dining is proposed on the second floor and rooftop deck. Parking will be provided within an existing two-level subterranean parking garage including 296 parking spaces on-site and share up to 234 parking spaces in the Municipal parking structure located at 200 Main Street. The project includes a variance request to allow a height of 68 feet (plus up to 90 feet for mechanical housing) for the new, expanded portion of the building in lieu of the maximum of 45 feet. Also, an entitlement plan amendment to amend Conditional Use Permit No. 10-017 is proposed to modify the location of the existing retail carts on public and private property.
Status: Approved by City Council on September 17, 2012
Next Step: Phase 1 of 2 construction documents are currently under review.
Project Planner: Ethan Edwards, AICP
(Updated June 21, 2013)


Poseidon Desalination Plant

Applicant: Poseidon Resources Corporation

Summary:  The project, proposed by Poseidon Resources Corporation, consists of the construction and operation of a 50 million gallon per day seawater desalination facility within the City of Huntington Beach.  The facility would consist of seawater intake pretreatment facilities, a seawater desalination plant utilizing reverse osmosis technology, product water storage, two pump stations, materials storage tanks, and 42 to 48-inch diameter product water transmission pipeline possibly up to 10 miles in length in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.  The facility would utilize existing AES Huntington Beach Generating Station (HBGS) seawater intake and outfall pipelines for its operations.  The proposed desalination facility is located on an 11-acre portion of the 22-acre HBGS facility located at 21730 Newland Street, off Pacific Coast Highway.  The Environmental Impact Report was certified by the City Council on September 6, 2005.

Status: Poseidon securing permits from other regulatory agencies
Project Planner: Ricky Ramos
(Updated November 2011)


Reusable Bag Ordinance

Summary: The firm of Rincon Consultants, Inc., under contract to the City of Huntington Beach, has prepared a draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Single Use Carryout Bag Ordinance. The draft EIR analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed Ordinance.
Location: The proposed Ordinance will be effective Citywide.
Status: The comment period on the Draft EIR ended in March 2012, and based on comments received the City has prepared a Final EIR.
Next Steps: A public hearing will be scheduled before the City of Huntington Beach City Council to certify the EIR at a future date.


The Ridge
Applicant: Ed Mountford, Hearthside Homes
Location: 5-acre undeveloped site southeast of the intersection of Bolsa Chica Street and Los Patos Avenue
Summary: The project includes a General Plan Amendment and Local Coastal Program Amendment to change the current land use designations on the 5-acre site from Open Space-Park to Residential Low Density and a Zoning Map Amendment to change the current zoning designation from Residential Agricultural to Residential Low Density. The project also includes a conditional use permit, tentative tract map and zoning text amendment for the development of a 22 unit single-family residential planned unit development on the site. The project will also require submittal and City approval of a coastal development permit subsequent to action on the Local Coastal Program Amendment by the California Coastal Commission.
Status: The project entitlements (except Coastal Development Permit) were approved by the City Council in 2010.
Next Steps: Public hearing for the Local Coastal Program Amendment by the California Coastal Commission-TBD.
Project Planner: Jennifer Villasenor
(Updated May 9, 2012)


Skate Park Project

Applicant: VF Outdoor, Inc.
Location: 7461 Center Avenue (2.7 acre vacant site on Center Avenue, approximately 500 ft. east of Gothard Street) Summary: VF Outdoor, Inc. proposes to lease a vacant property from the City to design, develop, maintain, and operate a public skate park. The proposed project includes a 15,900 sq. ft. skate plaza area, an 11,850 sq. ft. skate bowl area, a 3,500 sq. ft. skate shop/concession building, a 160 sq. ft. restroom structure, and a 160 sq. ft. entrance kiosk. The main parking lot is accessed from Center Avenue and a secondary parking area, which is used only for special events, is accessed from McFadden Avenue. The project includes a General Plan Amendment, Zoning Text Amendment, Site Plan Review, and Conditional Use Permit.
Location: A 2.718-acre site on Center Avenue, approximately 500 ft. east of Gothard Street.
Status: The EIR was certified by the Planning Commission in March 2012. The General Plan Amendment and Zoning Text Amendment were approved by the City Council in May 2012. The Site Plan Review, Conditional Use Permit, and Variance were approved by the Planning Commission in November 2012
Next Steps: Submittal of Construction Documents
Project Planner: Tess Nguyen (714) 374-1744 (updated November 28, 2012)


The Strand

Applicant: CIM Group

Summary:  Consisting of 226,536 square feet, the Strand will include retail, restaurants, offices, a 152-room hotel and a 411-space underground parking structure.   

Status: Grand Opening Held May 16, 2009

Next Steps: Complete


Sunset Beach

Applicant:City of Huntington Beach

Summary: The former unincorporated community of Sunset Beach was annexed to the City of Huntington Beach August 22, 2011. On August 29th, the City forwarded the draft Sunset Beach Specific Plan (SBSP) to the California Coastal Commission for approval. The draft SBSP, as approved by the City Council on Oct. 18, 2010, may be accessed by clicking here.  

Next Steps: Coastal Commission staff will review the City's application, a Local Coastal Program Amendment, and schedule it for a public hearing (hopefully within the next 12 months) before the California Coastal Commission.


The Village at Bella Terra

Applicant: BTDJM Phase II Associates, LLC
Summary: On August 24, 2010, the Planning Commission approved General Plan Amendment (GPA) No. 10-001, Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) No. 10-001, and Site Plan Review (SPR) No. 10-001 for The Village at Bella Terra and Costco Wholesale, facilitating the development of a regional commercial and mixed-use retail and residential project. Costco Wholesale, a 154,113 square foot store with tire sales/installation center and 16-pump gas station, received final inspection and opened for business on May 2, 2012. The project also includes 467 multi-family residential units within a four-story building along with approximately 13,500 square feet of residential amenities such as a clubhouse room, fitness center, leasing office, and lobby areas; an approximately 700-space five-level residential parking garage; approximately 17,500 square feet of mixed-use retail and restaurant uses on the ground floor of the residential building; an additional 12,000 square feet of freestanding retail and restaurants as well as a 1,920 square foot pavilion building within a landscaped greenbelt area. The number of parking spaces required for the entire mixed use project (warehouse and sales outlet, retail, office, restaurant, outdoor dining) was based on a shared parking analysis. The 467 apartment units and ground floor retail are nearing completion and leasing of the first residential units began in April 2013.
: Construction Nearing Completion
Next Steps: Costco opened May 2012; Mixed Use Residential is nearing completion with final phase anticipated in August 2013; Construction of retail pad buildings on Edinger anticipated for completion in Fall 2013.

(Updated June 19, 2013)


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