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The housing projects featured here have agreements with either the Redevelopment Agency or the City of Huntington Beach. As the Redevelopment Agency is required to use 20% of its Tax Increment Revenue for affordable housing projects and other revenue sources require income restrictions, the "affordable" housing projects usually have family income restriction requirements. These projects may be multi-family rental projects or be a "for sale" housing product. Some residential developments, such as the Waterfront Residential project, are at market without any income limitations.


Industrial companies contribute significantly to the Huntington Beach community by providing jobs and add to the city's economic base. The city encourages businesses to discover the benefits of being located in Huntington Beach.


These projects can be a variety of community planning efforts, such as the establishment of new redevelopment project, developing an Action Plan, or the creation of a Specific Plan that could provide certain design guidelines for a broader area. For a list of current major projects in the City of Huntington Beach, please click here.


In July of 1996, the City Council adopted a resolution that encourages the timely development of the City's few remaining key retail development sites. This action has been well received by the development community, and has spurred retail tenant interest

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The City maintains 124 traffic signals. Report malfunctions to (714) 960-8861(City) or Caltrans (PCH & Beach Blvd) (949) 936-3600. You can also report a malfunction online.

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