This 68-acre subarea is predominantely developed with older multifamily housing occupied by lower income families of diverse ethnicity. The Agency's emphasis here has been to improve housing conditions and provide public services to the area's residents, such as the establishment of the Oakview Branch Library through the use of the Community Development Block Grant Program. The project area was created in 1982 with a base year value of approximately $23 million. Now the taxable property values are nearly $76 million for 2000/01. Oakview

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The Plaza at Huntington Beach
This development occupies a prominent corner at Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue. It contains a 14-story office building, a health spa, shops, two restaurants, a five-plex movie theater and structured parking. It generates about $220,000 in property tax and about $51,000 in sales tax each year.

Housing Rehabilitation
Elsewhere in the subarea, 163 units of lower income housing have been substantially rehabilitated using federal Community Development Block Grant, Redevelopment housing set-aside, and HOME funds. The Agency has worked with several non-profit housing sponsors to acquire properties and rehabilitate them. Occupancy is strictly controlled to avoid overcrowding and rents are restricted to levels affordable by very low-income families.
Social and Recreational Service Providers in Oakview
Oakview Recreation Center
17261 Oak Lane
Oakview Day Care Center
17341 Jacquelyn Lane
Oakview Branch Library
17251 Oak Lane

Did you know?

Did you know the Historic ResourcesĀ Board has organized a Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Huntington Beach? Pick up your walking tour brochure today on the 3rd floor of City Hall! Check out the Historic Huntington Beach webpage for more information!

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