Film Permits


Our goal in working with you is to make the film permit process as simple and efficient as possible to assure that your project is successful and your deadlines are met. To help you with your production, we've created a very helpful Film Permit Checklist. The Checklist contains much of the information you will need to get started, including links to each of the necessary forms, which are also available below.


Once the application is received, a determination can be made if your project requires a City film permit. If a permit is required, a City Representative will contact you to coordinate the permit process to assure that all City requirements are met and all fees are paid prior to filming. This will include providing the City with approved insurance and the City's temporary business license. Additional fees may be imposed if police, fire, lifeguard, and/or postings are needed.

The processing of your application requires payment in advance, which can be made via Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. Please provide the Credit Card Authorization Form along with your permit application.

Our preference is to receive applications 10 days prior to your project. For 5-day processing, the application, insurance, and business license must be approved and issued no later than Tuesday of any given week. We cannot guarantee approval of a rush application.

Please submit your application by email to or return it to the Film Permit Office located at 2000 Main Street, 5th Floor, Office of Business Development, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 or contact us at (714) 536-5547.

In addition to our Office, you may also contact the Huntington Beach Film Commissioner at Visit Huntington Beach by calling (714) 969-3492 for assistance with locations and/or accommodations. Visit Huntington Beach also maintains a helpful database of outstanding local production resources that are available to assist you in making your production in our City a successful one.



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