Employment Assistance/Employee Training

Employment assistance and employee training information is intended to assist employers find and train employees and to assist the workers find employment and training opportunities. The various agencies listed below are invaluable resources for employers, employees, and those seeking employment.


The Employment Training Panel (ETP), a California state agency, assists businesses in acquiring and retraining the highly skilled front-line workers and staff needed to increase competitiveness and productivity. ETP provides up to $80 million in job training funds annually to employers throughout the state. A performance-based contract is developed and a cost reimbursement per trainee is negotiated. The average training reimbursement is $1,200 per trainee. Companies decide which type of training is needed, who needs training, and whether the training will be done in-house or by a training vendor. To access ETP funds first attend a a FREE ETP orientation held each month at the local field office.


The Orange County Workforce Investment Board is a one stop system for adminstering workforce programs throughout the county. It coordinates the efforts of community colleges, the Orange County Business Council, local Chambers of Commerce, and many other agencies to work together to support the success of the One Stop Centers.

One Stop Centers are located in various places throughout the county where job seekers can find a tremendous amount of employment resources. The two centers that serve Huntington Beach are the Orange County One Stop - Coastal and the Orange County One Stop West. For more information about the One Stop Centers, please visit www.oconestop.com.


An important resource for California employers is at this EDD webpage: Employers Information. The EDD provides recruitment assistance either on-site or at an EDD office and will assist with grand openings and seasonal hirings. The EDD also provides reception service, will interview and pre-screen applications for completion and job qualifications. The EDD will attend employer orientation sessions to review and process those applications that meet the Job Tax Credit program criteria.


CalJobs is EDD's automated job match system where employers may submit their job openings and job seekers can submit their resumes. CalJobs customer service can be reached at by calling 800.758.0398.



Regional Occupational Programs of Orange County offer business the opportunity to upgrade employee skills or hire trained personnel. Personnel placement is a free service to businesses and individuals. ROP skills training is available in Business/Marketing; Business Office; Agriculture/Floriculture; Construction Technology; Diversified Occupations; Electronics, Technology; Health Careers; Home Economics Related Occupations; Manufacturing Technology; Power, Energy and Transportation Technology; and Visual Communications/Graphics/Drafting. Call for information about upgrading employee skills through ROP, or to hire professionally trained personnel. A small course registration fee may be charged by various ROP's for adults.

ROP Offices in Orange County include:

Central County Regional Occupational Program
2333 North Broadway, Suite 260
Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 541-5537
FAX (714) 541-5214

Coastline Regional Occupational Program
Professional Development Institute
1001 Presidio Square
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 979-1955
FAX (714) 557-6812


The eight Community Colleges in Orange County are involved in a cooperative effort to deliver more educational and training resources to the state's business community through a variety of education program initiatives including Workplace Learning, Applied Competitive Technologies, Contract Education, Small Business Programs, and International Trade.

The Community Colleges have established programs geared toward providing businesses with various training options for their employees. These programs range from comprehensive training to short-term workshops to consulting services. The goal is to devise customized training programs that will address specific company needs.

Coast Community College District Office of Worksite Education/BusinessLink

1370 Adams Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 438-4698 contact Mr. Ron Berggren

FAX 714) 438-4873

The Coast Community College District has a variety of business training programs available through the three Coast Community Colleges: Coastline, Golden West, and Orange Coast.

Custom training programs cover a wide range of topics, from English as a Second Language to technical training such as welding. Representatives of BusinessLink will work with companies to assess training needs and design cost-effective programs.

Programs vary in length from as short as eight hours, to college credit if they meet college standards for content and length. All training is done at the company site and training schedules are set by the company. Companies pay an hourly fee for training provided by BusinessLink, or can be assisted in obtaining state funding, such as Employment Training Panel funds, to support training costs.

California Supplier Improvement Program (CalSIP)

Coast Community College is a certified site for CalSIP. CalSIP is targeted at aerospace suppliers for comprehensive training to streamline manufacturing processes and adopt new management techniques.

The training provided by CalSIP covers the following topics: TQM philosophy, statistical process control, cycle time management, teamwork, leadership and communications skills. The structure of the training program includes seminars, and worksite on-the-job training. The on-site program is customized to meet each supplier's individual training needs. Much of the cost may be funded through the state.

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