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Fix up your home or rental unit with a little help from the City of Huntington Beach.

Sometimes what would be a nice home or rental unit can fall into disrepair. This may be due to age, weather, or other causes. Now, thanks to the City of Huntington Beach, homeowners and landlords can get affordable home improvement financing.

Make needed repairs and spruce things up a bit around your home with a City of Huntington Beach low interest loan. Funds can be used to correct code problems and for general property improvements.

The City offers two loan programs:

  • Single Family Home Improvement Loans
  • Multifamily Rental Housing Rehab Loans (duplex, triplex and four-plex only)

Single Family Home Improvement Loans

If you own your home in the City of Huntington Beach, and you meet the City's designated income and rent limits for the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program, you may be eligible for a low-interest home improvement loan.

The City will lend up to $75,000 to pay for rehabilitation costs for a single family home, townhouse, or condominium. Grants are also available to low income households whose estimated repair costs do not exceed $10,000 for single family dwellings and mobile homes. Grants and loans cannot be combined.

All loans are deferred payment loans with no monthly payments; all loan principal and interest will be due when the title to your home is sold, assigned or transferred. The annual interest rate for all loans is 3%. All borrowers have to pay a $500 processing fee for title search, recording, and other costs; this fee may be included in your loan.


Multifamily Rental Housing Rehab Loans

If you own rental units, you may qualify for a Multifamily Rental Housing Rehab Loan. The City provides up to $75,000 for repairs to duplex, triplex or four-plex units. The loan provided will be a deferred payment loan with an annual interest rate of 3%.

To qualify, you must, after combining all existing mortgages and the City's loan, have a minimum of 20% equity investment in the property. After repairs are completed, the City will require the following during the term of the loan:

  • No more than one household may occupy a single apartment.
  • The amount charged for rent must fall within certain affordability guidelines.
  • The property must be well maintained.
  • A portion of residents must be low income.

Before your application will be considered, you will have to pay a $500 processing fee. Please click on the following link to review other important requirements pertaining to Multifamily Rental Housing Rehabilitation Loans:

Appendix A: Additional Loan Requirements for Duplexes, Triplexes and Four-plexes

Application Process

1. Contact the City of Huntington Beach for an application.
2. If you are determined to be eligible, an inspector will schedule a visit to your home or rental unit to check for code problems and other home improvement needs.
3. Contractors will be invited to bid on the work for your home — the lowest priced, qualified contractor(s) will be selected.
4. Loan documents will be prepared for an amount to cover the approved work.
5. Contractors will be given approval to begin construction after loan documents are signed. Invoices will be sent to the City for payment.


Homeowner and Tenant Income Limits (2015)

Household Size Very-Low Income Low Income
1 $32,800 $52,500
2 $37,500 $60,000
3 $42,200 $67,500
4 $46,850 $74,950
5 $50,600 $80,950

Income levels are based on the median household income for Orange County and are subject to change.

Eligibility Factors

  • Your income must meet the above eligibility guidelines.
  • You must own your home, and it must be in Huntington Beach.
  • Your property must be in need of repair to meet City Codes.
  • You must have acceptable credit worthiness.

Maximum Loan Amounts

  • Single Family Home /Condominium / Duplex / Triplex / Four-plex $75,000

For more information, contact our rehabilitation loan consultants:

GRC Associates, Inc.
858 S. Oak Park Rd.
Covina, CA
714/536-5585 or 626/331-6373

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