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Digital Storytelling Workshop
posted on 03/09/2017.

The Huntington Beach Public Library invites you to come share your story, and learn the basics of Digital Storytelling, at a special two day workshop: Tuesday & Wednesday, April 25-26, 9 am – 5 pm at the Central Library.

The workshop is part of California Listens, a summer long program at select public libraries throughout the state sponsored by the California State Library.  The workshops will be led by Berkeley’s StoryCenter, the inventors of the Digital Storytelling method now used by schools and community organizations around the world.  In the workshop, you will make your own short video on a computer.


You will learn:

1) How to Make a Great Video Story

2) How to Write a Narration Script and Record It

3) How to Prepare a Visual Treatment for your Story

4) The Basics of Video Editing in WeVideo


The stories will become part of a state archive of stories about what it means to be Californian.  Powerful and fun regardless of your creative experience or technical level!


The workshop is free, but requires you to apply and register.  Participants must commit to preparation time, attendance during the entire two days, and be available after the workshop for follow-up participation.  The workshop is limited to 10 participants.


To apply, please call: 510-292-6513


To apply online, please visit:


For questions or more information, please send an email:

To see an example of one of the stories made at a Digital Storytelling Workshop: Click Here

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