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Updated September 2014

CC1424 Yorktown Avenue Rehabilitation, Argosy Drive Rehabilitation, Sixth Street Rehabilitation
Project Location: Argosy Drive from Bolsa Chica Street to Graham Street, Yorktown Avenue from Goldenwest Street to Main Street, Sixth Street from Walnut Avenue to Orange Avenue
Project Need: To rehabilitate the failed asphalt concrete roadway

Project Scope: Deep lift and pave roadway, Expand roadway to the ultimate limit add street lighting and paint lines.
Schedule: Tentative start date July 2014 – 105 working days
Traffic Control / Street Closures: Lane Closure on aforementioned street during Construction. Most work will occur during the daytime normal working hours 9am to 4pm.
Cost: $1,667,000
Funding Source Measure M & General Fund


CC1461 First Street Storm to Sewer Diversion
Project Location: First Street on the beach
Project Need: To divert low flow storm water to the sewer.

Project Scope: Build a storm water bypass to divert low flow into the sewer.
Schedule: Tentative start date June 2014 – 60 working days
Traffic Control / Street Closures: There should be not traffic impact with this project as it is located on the beach. Most work will occur during the daytime normal working hours 9am to 4pm.

Cost: $178,000
Funding Source: Sewer Fund


CC1477 Residential Overlay of Maintenance Zone 11including Rehabilitations of Tree Petition Streets Craig Lane and Edmonds Circle
Project Location: Various Residential Streets including the rehabilitation of Edmond Circle and Craig Lane
Project Need: Residential street maintenance and tree petition street rehabilitation.

Project Scope: Asphalt overlay of designated residential streets.
Complete reconstruction of two tree petition streets to include new curb & gutter, driveway approaches, sidewalks, trees in City parkways and the asphalt overlay of these streets
Schedule: Start date August 2014 through January 2015
Traffic Control / Street Closures: Minimal traffic impact to the residential streets and local collectors. Work will occur during the daytime normal working hours 9am to 4pm.
Cost: $2,500,000
Funding Source: Gas Tax and Prop 42
Contractor Name: All American Asphalt


Project Name: CC-1370 Warner Avenue Gravity Sewer / Pump Station ‘C’ Project

Location: Warner Avenue, between Brightwater Drive and Pacific Coast Highway AND Pacific Coast Highway between Warner Avenue and Coral Cay.

Project Need: Four existing pump stations will be taken out of service and the sewage will be gravity fed to the new pump station located near the intersection of Brightwater Drive and Warner Avenue. The new line will also increase the capacity for the residents and businesses in the area.

Contractor Name: Artukovich & Sons

Scope: Construct 4,000 feet of new gravity sewer main along Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway. The gravity line will be installed using the “open trench� method in which 10 separate traffic control phases will be utilized for the installed to minimize traffic impacts. The new gravity line will allow for the abandonment of 4 existing, problematic pump stations. The new underground pump station ‘C’ will be constructed in the Huntington Beach Yacht Club parking lot. The landscaping for the project will be performed by the Bolsa Chica Conservancy who is uniquely qualified to provide native plant restoration within the City right of way adjacent to the Conservancy lands. The Conservancy has access to native seed stock, and experience salvaging and reestablishing native plants in disturbed areas.

Traffic Control / Street Closures: Mostly lane closures along Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway.
Start Date: November 2013 Estimated Completion Date: Late Fall 2014
Cost: $11,000,000
Funding Source: Local sewer funds

Current Phase of Work In Progress: Go to…


CC 1432 Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Project
Project Locations: Four alley’s in the downtown area
Bounded by 9th Street, 10th Street, Walnut Ave. and P.C.H.
Bounded by 8th Street, 9th Street, Olive Ave. and Orange Ave.
Bounded by Chicago Ave., Baltimore Ave., East of Alabama Street
Bounded by Lincoln Ave., Memphis Ave., England Street and Florida Street
Project Need: Replacement of old cast iron water piping with new plastic water piping
Project Scope: Replacement of approximately 1600 lineal feet of old cast iron existing water mains, new service connection lines, water meters and the reconstruction of these alleys
Schedule: Anticipated start date of late September 2014 through early February 2015
Note: Construction of the alleys shall be prohibited from November 26, 2014 through January 5, 2015
Traffic Control / Street Closures: Limited alley access throughout this project, while contractors are working.
Cost: $780,000
Funding Source: Water Master Plan Fund
Contractor Name: Paulus Engineering, Inc.



CC-1426 Stacy, Clegg, Safe Routes to School
Project Location: Various residential streets in the vicinity of Stacey Middle School and Clegg Elementary School.
Project Need: Under the federal Safe Routes to School program, the City staff, working in conjunction with the Westminster School District, applied for traffic safety improvements.
Project Scope: New curb ramps, signing and striping improvements in various residential streets in the vicinity of Stacey Middle School and Clegg Elementary School including a new traffic signal on Springdale Street.
Schedule: Construction duration is 50 working days beginning late August 2014.
Traffic Control / Street Closures: Minimal traffic impact to the residential streets and local collectors. Work will occur during the daytime normal working hours 9a.m. to 4p.m.
Project Cost: $267,960.50
Funding Source: Federal Safe Routes to School Grant
Contractor Name: California Professional Engineering


CC-1356 Warner Avenue Bridge Preventative Maintenance
Project Location: Warner channel next to the Bolsa Chica Conservancy

Project Need: The Warner Ave. Bridge was constructed in 1981. Parts of the bridge have deteriorated due to vehicular traffic and from tidal flux over the last three decades.

Project Scope: This preventive maintenance project will remove and replace: 1) the concrete barrier and chain link railing on both sides of the bridge; 2) the asphalt pavement and seal the underlying bridge deck; 3) unsound concrete at the bridge bents and columns; and 4) replace missing rock slope protection to prevent further embankment erosion.
Schedule: Construction duration is 130 working days beginning November 2014.
Traffic Control / Lane closures will be limited to a single lane at various times in both directions during the different phases of the project.
Project Cost: $684,853
Funding Source: Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program (BPMP) grant funds
Contractor Name: John S. Meek Company, Inc.




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