Options for Staying Informed

City Website

The city's website is www.huntingtonbeachca.gov. Specific information regarding the services provided by city departments may be found here. In addition to information pertaining to the city's departments, the website also includes links to related agencies including Orange County Animal Control, Chamber of Commerce, Conference and Visitor's Bureau, and the Surf City Store.

City documents of interest which may be downloaded from the website are listed below:

  • City Charter
  • Municipal Code
  • City Zoning Code
  • City Council Agendas & Minutes
  • Biographies of City Council Members, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Treasurer
  • City Administrator's Weekly Report
  • Strategic Plan
  • Budget documents and annual financial reports
  • Sands Bulletin
  • Monthly calendar of events
  • Community Connection Newsletter
  • Board & Commission Openings & Application

City Intranet

The City also has an intranet that can be accessed by city employees when logged on to the city's network by using: http://surfnet

It includes:

  • General city resources
  • The employee directory
  • Forms and templates used by the city
  • City Benefits
  • Links to city publications
  • Policies and procedures
  • Human resources Information, and
  • The city clerk's SIRE records search system.

Administration staff will be happy to assist you in utilizing this valuable tool.

HBTV-Channel 3 Cable TV

Channel 3 broadcasts the Community Bulletin Board scroll various hours during the day, seven days a week. The channel also shows various information programs and the classic arts station. Also available on HBTV-3 are:

  • Live and Archived Broadcasts of City Council and Planning Commission Meetings - All regularly scheduled City Council and Planning Commission meetings are broadcast live. City Council meetings are replayed on Tuesday mornings (10:00 am) and Wednesday evenings (7:00 pm) following the live broadcast. Planning Commission meetings are replayed on Thursday evenings (7:00 pm) following the live cablecast of the Planning Commission.

Community Bulletin Board

  • City departments and non-profit organizations can submit a printed message regarding an upcoming event or activities to be shown on the Community Bulletin Board that runs between programs on Channel 3. Messages are to be 25 words or less and sent to the Community Relations Officer.


The Public Information Office produces two publications for the general public.

The Sands: Mailed directly to all households in Huntington Beach (approximately 60,000). This bulletin can also be accessed on the city's website.

Status Meetings with City Administrator

As described in Chapter 1, the City Administrator schedules regular status meetings with City Council Members. City Council Members may also wish to schedule updates with specific department heads on an ongoing basis.

City Administrator's Report at City Council Meetings

At every City Council Meeting, the City Administrator provides the City Council a briefing regarding various projects and/or accomplishments. Often the report includes a summary of various public works projects or grant applications approved.

City Administrator's Weekly Report

The City Administrator's Weekly report is posted on the City's Website and distributed by email to all City Council Members and all city employees. The report provides short briefings on the status of various projects and activities throughout the community.

Action Agendas

Action Agendas summarize the votes taken at all City Council meetings and document specific requests made by City Council Members. Preliminary copies are provided to all City Council Members the day following the meeting. Final Action Agendas are also distributed shortly thereafter with copies available on the website.

Related Resource Material:

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