Water Conservation

California Emergency Drought Declared January 17th, 2014, by Governor Brown.

After two years of record dry conditions, Governor Brown officially declared a state drought emergency on January 17th. Governor Brown is asking all California institutions, residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 20%.

Interesting and illustrative infographic showing ten dry years in California (2003-2014)

Huell Howser's award winning series on Californias water

As residents in beautiful Southern California, we need to be aware that we live in a coastal desert where precipitation patterns are highly unpredictable. Our local water resources are limited and we rely upon water imported from the Colorado River and Northern California, hundreds of miles away. It is always important to use water wisely and be efficient with our precious water resources, and it is even more important during a drought.

Shasta Lake 2014

Lake Shasta, the state's largest water reservoir is only at 45% capacity, March 2014.

If we cut water waste and use water more efficiently, our existing supplies will go further. That’s why water conservation and the promotion of water use efficiency are significant components of City of Huntington Beach’s Water Supply and Management Program.

For more information or questions, please call the Utilities Division at (714) 536-5921

* * * The Turf Removal Program has increased to $2 per sq.ft. to help alleviate water demand due to the severe and exceptional drought conditions in California. Please Use Water Wisely! * * *

News & Resources

$2 per square foot Turf Removal Program

If you are thinking of replacing boring and thirsty turf grass with beautiful and climate appropriate plants, we encourage you to apply to the highly successful Turf Removal program. Receive $2 for every square foot of turf grass you replace with low water use plants and other permeable surfaces.

Turf Removal program; Before and After pictures



The first class in our popular three-part series starts June 14th. To register and to learn more, please go to the Workshops & Events tab. You choose if you want to attend all three classes or only one.

Huntington Beach home with a beautiful low water use yard.

Check out our Huntington Beach Water Wise Gardening website for inspiration, photos of amazing gardens, great tips and incredible resources to help you get started! This is a an excellent resource to learn about great looking water wise plants you may want to include in your own garden.

* * *


* * *

The Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach is well worth a visit as it showcases California Native plants, nature trails and local wildlife. Shipley is a tranquil and natural garden sanctuary!

The California Native Garden at the Golden West College is an award winning beautiful native garden where butterflies and hummingbirds dance and feast and humans enjoy, learn and smile.

Two Huntington Beach residents have created a great website describing their journey from a lawn to conscientious and passionate owners of a fabulous Water and Ocean Friendly Garden

Dry Garden Resources

Inspirational and educational places and events all over Southern California

Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capistrano offers great quality events as usual.

Check their website for their free on-going expert guest speaker series!


If you have a high water bill or suspect a leak, or if you are interested in learning more about water conservation, the Water Use Efficiency team offers free home indoor and outdoor water surveys. Please call (714) 374-1503 to schedule an appointment!


Water is wasted by watering the street

More than 50% of our potable water is used for irrigation. If we cut water waste like watering asphalt, we can save a lot of water with very little effort!


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