HB Goes Green

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HB Goes Green

By Mayor Jill Hardy

The environment has always been important to the residents and leaders of Huntington Beach. But recent environmental events, like water and power shortages in Southern California, have made it clear that we need to do more now to protect our local and global environment and restore our resources for future members of our community. That is why I am making the initiation of "Green Programs" a priority for the City of Huntington Beach.   Continue >>

Reusable Bag Ordinance Overview

Control Your Junk Mail Information

HB Energy Action Plan

City and Chamber of Commerce to hold Annual Green Expo

Watch the City's Participation in Earth Hour

Topic Departments

SONGS Decommissioning Community Engagement Panel - Meeting March   March 19, 2014

Download meeting Flyer

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Bike Smart, Confident, Safe & Legal   October 25, 2012

Bicycling Street Skills class is being held on Thursday Nov. 15th from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday Nov. 17th from 9am to 12pm.

The class is for all cyclists age 14 and up.

In this class you will learn how to identify risks and avoid them and increase your confidence and efficiency.

The class includes on-bike coaching on topics like street cycyling, intersections, bike lanes, bike paths, emergency maneuvers, basic bike checks and bike fit.

The fee is only $39.

Bike and helmet required.

Sign up at www.hbsands.org or any HB Community Center.

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Magic of Composting   September 06, 2012

Magic of Composting Seminar on Saturday, September 15 at Shipley Nature Center

Saturday, September 15 at 9:00 a.m. Shipley Nature Center is hosting a seminar on backyard composting and food composting with worms. Approximately 90 minutes in length, the lecture covers the various techniques for reducing waste and creating rich compost for gardens, flowerbeds, and lawns.

The cost is $10 per person. Register in advance to reserve your seat at www.shipleynature.org. The seminar is held at Shipley Nature Center, 17851 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach 92647 (in Huntington Central Park). Huntington Beach residents attending the lecture will receive a $50 voucher that can be used toward the purchase of a composting unit or complete worm composting kit.

This lecture series is
sponsored by the Department of Public Works, Rainbow Environmental Services, Enrecos, and Friends of Shipley Nature. For more information visit www.shipleynature.org.

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Save Energy & Money - Summer Readiness   July 09, 2012

Summer is here, which often means higher energy use and costs to your family and business.  With state officials indicating tight power supplies for the Orange County region, the City of Huntington Beach is encouraging residents to conserve electricity during hot summer days to help maintain service reliability and minimize emergency outages.

Southern California Edison offers some smart choices to conserve energy, reduce consumption and save money, including rebates, programs, services and educational tools.  Click on the link provided to learn more http://www.sce.com/summerreadiness

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Summer Energy Saving programs   June 11, 2012

SCE is two programs to different customer types for Summer Savings.

If you are a residential or small business customer, check out the Summer Discount Plan.

SCE's Summer Discount Plan rewards you for helping reduce demand on the electricity system when it’s needed most. Enrolling means you agree to allow your A/C to be remotely shut off during select energy events that affect your area. You choose how frequently your A/C may be shut off, and for how long. In exchange, you can earn up to $200* each summer in bill credits. The credits are yours to keep, even if your A/C is rarely cycled off.


Time of Use (generally larger) customers can enroll in SCE's 10 for 10 program.

This program is only for Orange County customers of SCE.

Check out the information and details here:  http://asset.sce.com/Documents/Shared/SR_10-10_Mailing_Bro_r7_1_short.pdf


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Earth Day Fair & Green Expo   April 09, 2012

Goldenwest College (GWC) is celebrating Earth Day on April 25, 2012 from 11am to 2pm

The GWC Central Quad in front of the Humanities Building.

Activities include: home composting demonstration, reuse fashion show and hear interesting speakers on what HB is doing year round to protect the Environment.

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Plug-in Electric Vehicles: innovation, incentives and infrastruct   February 28, 2012

The city of  Huntington Beach is working to install 10-12 plug in electric vehicle chargers at strategic locations around the city to support residents that purchase plug in electric vehicles.

This charging infrastructure is 100% paid for by grants.

The Cleantech OC, the CA Center for Sustainable Energy and Irvine are conducting a free workshop on Plug-in Electric Vehicles on Saturday March 10th, 2012 from 10:30 am to 1 pm.  The workshop will be at Irvine's City Hall at 1 Civic Center Plaza in Irvine.

Registration is free!  Click here to register.

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Innovative surf-centric recycling   January 27, 2012

Non-profit Sustainable Surf has an innovative Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam recycling program that creates new surfboard blanks.

Check out their program here:  http://wastetowaves.org/

For those residents of SurfCity who don't want to make special trips to surf shops to recycle, don't worry.

Rainbow Environmental Services, HB's waste management firm, recycles EPS for all residents and businesses of Surf City USA.


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Put the sun's power to work for you at night   July 14, 2011

Free evening Homeowner Solar Class.  

Register today at www.sce.com/solartraining or call 866-970-9221 to register by phone.

Discover how you can benefit from a solar energy system on your home during the day and at night.

Saturday morning on August 20, 2011 at 8333 Bolsa Ave in Westminster. 

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HB "Tree City USA"   May 10, 2011

Arbor Day Foundation Names Huntington Beach “Tree City USA” Community

Huntington Beach was recognized by the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA community for its commitment to urban forestry.  Huntington Beach has earned this national designation for 9 years.


The Tree City USA program is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service. Huntington Beach has met the four standards to become a Tree City USA community. Tree City USA communities must have a tree board or department, a tree-care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and an Arbor Day observance and proclamation.


The Arbor Day Foundation commends Huntington Beach’s elected officials, volunteers, and its citizens for providing vital care for its urban forest.  Trees provide numerous environmental, economical and health benefits to millions of people each day, and they applaud communities that make planting and caring for trees a top priority.

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Composting Seminars   May 10, 2011

Shipley Nature Center

Composting Seminars - Learn all about Composting and Vermicomposting (worm composting) and how to turn kitchen scraps and backyard cuttings into "black gold” for your garden.   Mark your calendars for 9:00am on May 21 or June 18.  Registration is $10 per attendee.  Register online at www.shipleynature.org.  HB residents get a $50 voucher toward the purchase of either type of composting bin.  See www.shipleynature.org for all event details. 

17851 Goldenwest St.,  714-842-4772. Open Monday – Saturday, 9 am-1 pm.  

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Beach-Edinger Corridor wins award   May 10, 2011

Beach and Edinger Corridors Specific Plan Wins Outstanding Planning Project Award

At their annual award ceremony held on May 4, 2011, at the Lutron Experience Center in Irvine, the Orange County Section of the American Planning Association (APA) awarded the Beach and Edinger Corridors Specific Plan the “Outstanding Planning Project” award.  A panel of five judges from various Planning and Design backgrounds selected the Specific Plan because the Specific Plan embraces environmental sustainability through Smart Growth design principles, employs Form Based Code to ensure the desired built environment, and as a planning tool adhering to the highest standards in planning, the Specific Plan serves as a comprehensive, transferable, and user-friendly set of design guidelines and development standards that provide a framework for enhancing economic performance, functionality and beauty in accordance with the forces of the free market and the community’s vision for its primary commercial corridors. 

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City and Chmaber of Commerce to hold Annual Green Expo   April 21, 2011

The 4th annual Huntington Beach Green Expo is scheduled for September 17, 2011
at Pier Plaza.

For more information go to:

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Earth Day - Beach cleanup   April 20, 2011

Beach Maintenance

The City will once again host the Earth Day Beach Cleanup this Saturday morning April 23, 2011 from 9am -12pm. We will be meeting on the sand in front of Lifeguard Headquarters located at 103 Pacific Coast Highway.  The City will provide bags and gloves to all participants.  So come down and join us for a fun day on the beach and don’t forget the sunscreen. For more information please call 714 536 5614.

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Landscape Irrigation Tips   April 20, 2011


Landscape Irrigation Tips

Spring is good time to perform an inspection of your home irrigation system, especially after a relatively wet winter where your system was (hopefully) used less than normal.  Checking for leaks and replacing sprinkler heads on a regular basis is essential to efficient landscape water use.

For information on the City’s water conservation program and lots of tips, suggestions and links visit the City’s main website page at http://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov  and click on the water conservation button on the left.  Also, check out the Huntington Beach Water Facebook page.

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New additional Farmer's Market   April 20, 2011

New Farmer’s Market Coming

The Oakview Renewal Partnership will be launching the new Oakview Certified Farmers Market (OVCM) at Ocean View High School beginning Saturday, May 21 from 9:00AM to 1:00PM.  The Farmers Market will offer fresh produce, live entertainment, community resources, crafts and nutritional workshops.  The Renewal Partnership is looking for local residents to become market vendors so that it will be a true locally run and produced event.   If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Iosefa Alofaituli at 714.596.7063.   The City of Huntington Beach Economic Development Department assisted with the Farmers Market.

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Spring Festival   April 20, 2011


Shipley Nature Center Spring Festival

Come join in the fun at the Shipley Nature Center and enjoy the essence of nature in an urban setting.  The Shipley Nature Center Spring Festival, Saturday, April 30 from 9:00am – 2:00pm, includes entertainment, the California Native Plant Sale, and a nature friendly Information Fair.  Children are invited to participate in the Maypole dance and parade.  Guided tours through the California Native Plant Gardens and habitats will also be available.  Relax and enjoy this natural environment right in our own backyard….the benefits are endless!  Visit www.shipleynature.org for more information.

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So Cal Cities Paving   February 09, 2011

City has diverted more than 200,000 waste tires.


Huntington Beach – Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley are collaborating to pave “green roads” that are good for the environment, more durable, and save the cities money.   With help from a Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) grant, Garfield Avenue repairs will use a pavement that contains ground waste tires laid over recycled pavement. 


“Huntington Beach is pleased to work with the City of Fountain Valley to keep its streets in good repair using a material that has so many other benefits to the community,” said Travis Hopkins, the Director of Public Works for the City of Huntington Beach


Rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) is a paving material composed of ground tire rubber, asphalt, and other aggregates.   RAC is more durable, up to 85 percent quieter than traditional asphalt roads, and uses thousands of waste tires per paved mile.  It is also safer with better skid resistance in wet weather, and excellent color contrast that lasts, making it easier to see lines and turn lanes at night or during bad weather.


The joint repair project on Garfield Avenue stretches from Newland to Magnolia Streets, and borders the two cities.  Failed road sections will be removed; the old pavement will be ground and replaced, then covered with an overlay of RAC.  The project includes limited replacement of concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk. Access ramps will be installed where needed. 


This project will use more than 3,000 waste tires that would otherwise end up in the dump.   In the past 6 years, Huntington Beach has diverted more than 200,000 waste tires by using RAC for street repair.


The total project cost is estimated to be $900,000.  Under a cooperative agreement, the City of Fountain Valley will reimburse Huntington Beach an estimated $80,000.  More than $600,000 of the Project’s funding will come from the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) for highway infrastructure investment.  The remainder will come from the Huntington Beach Gas Tax Arterial Rehabilitation Account and CalRecycle RAC funds.  The city received its $250,000 CalRecycle RAC Grant for seven separate rubberized pavement projects.   


Following a competitive bid process, the Huntington Beach City Council awarded the construction contract to Bannaoun Engineers Constructors Corp. of Chatsworth.  Construction will begin February 14th



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Shipley Nature Center   February 03, 2011

Environmental Board report on touring the Shipley Nature Center.

Saturday, January 22, 2011, 10am

This tour was enjoyed by Jim Brown, his son, Sue Marquez, Bob Smith, and  Robert Schaaf were met by Kay Goddard and Juana Mueller (recently retired volunteer Habitat Manager), our guide.

Kay was pleased with the EB Environmental Award they just received, and was eager to share some historical links between our two organizations.

1.      Some history: The Shipley Nature Center’s 18 acre site was initially created in the late 1970’s in recognition of Prof. and Mayor Donald Shipley’s efforts. Development of a lookout, paths, and other facilities went well for a few years. But funding of “Ranger Dave’s” salary and the annual maintenance of the Center fell on hard times. About 2001 a local resident called the City about how bad the trees were looking. The City turned the problem over to the Environmental Board’s Shirley Dettloff, Jean Nagy, Debbie Cook, and others toured the site and prepared a Report to Council. Basically, they were aghast at the conditions, and were afraid that Shipley Nature Center would be closed forever if volunteer action was not taken. A volunteer “Friends of Shipley Nature Center” was created soon after a Founders Meeting was held. Stephanie Pacheco helped organize the group with incorporation as a 501 (c3), bylaws, fund raising, committees, and outreach.  Significant in kind and cash contributions were made between 2001 and 2003 preparing for the 2004 “Celebration of Progress” event, the first time the new center was opened to the public. Juana has served twice as President and 5 years as Habitat Manager. So our tour completes a cycle, and this story was unknown to current Board members.

2.      Juana then led us around the 16 Key Points trail, pointing out the innovations made recently (Water harvesting – fountain; Natural Drought Tolerant landscaping; the dynamics of the lake’s water levels; butterfly habitats; demonstration gardens; the native plant nursery; vermiculture-composting area; and my favorite – the Coastal Redwood Groove.

3.      At the conclusion of the tour we enjoyed talking about the importance of this Center as a sustainability demonstration site, and how the Environmental Board’s interest in expanding the HBVMB’s “Steps towards a Sustainable Huntington Beach”.




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Energy Efficient loans   November 10, 2010

Many homeowners particularly recent purchasers of homes can struggle to finance the purchase and then upgrade the energy systems of older homes.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) created a program to assist with thee types of challenges.

The Department of Energy's website provides an excellent summary of energy efficient mortgages for homeowners and future homeowners to consider.

More information on financing energy efficient is available from the energy savers website: http://www.energysavers.gov/financial/index.cfm/mytopic=70030  

A partnership between LA County and the CEC is rolling out Energy Upgrade California that will provide a streamlined way for homeowners to updgrade the energy systems in their homes.


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Time to Adjust Irrigation controllers   September 21, 2010

 With the cooler fall months around the corner, residents are encouraged to adjust their irrigation schedules accordingly. Be Water Wise!

August 2009 HB used 1,028 million gallons of water.
August 2010 HB used 945 million gallons of water.

This is a year over year reduction of over 9% in water consumption.

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Surf City achieves national recognition as bike friendly communit   September 21, 2010

Congratulations were extended from the League of American Bicyclists by designating a Bronze level award to the City of Huntington Beach as a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC). This decision was made after a careful review of the application submitted by staff along with an assessment of local cyclists. The league’s application process sets a high criterion for community bicycle developments in the areas of engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and planning, and enforcement.

The Bicycle Friendly Community award is presented only to communities with remarkable commitments to bicycling. Bicycle Friendly Communities are places with a high quality of life, where people want to live, work, and visit. Nationwide, the League of American Bicyclists has awarded only 158 such communities since its inception in 1996. Huntington Beach was one of only four California cities to receive this recognition this fall and the only Southern California city. The City will receive a BFC road sign and award certificate to proudly display this special distinction.

The application cited several instances of the City’s promotion of bicycle use and programs that promote bike safety. A few examples include: a successful Bike Valet program launched this summer to provide secure bike parking Downtown; the City’s maintenance of several miles of bike lanes on major roads; and the police department and community services bike safety classes.

Feedback from the league indicates Huntington Beach is in a very good position for turning our high level bronze ranking into a silver award in the future. The ultimate goal is to reach the platinum award level alongside Davis, CA, Boulder, CO, and Portland, OR.

For further information, contact Noreen Swiontek at 714-374-5351.


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HB Citizens lead   August 27, 2010

HB citizens Russell and Susan Kadota are building green.

Read all about it:


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2010 Environmental Awards   August 23, 2010

The Environmental Board is now accepting nominations for efforts to preserve, protect, and conserve our community’s environmental resources.  All community businesses, community groups, schools and individuals are encouraged to submit candidates for the awards.


Of particular interest this year are businesses, residents, and non-profit organizations that have implemented energy efficiency or conservation measures such as solar power and green building methods.


Just complete the attached application and attach a description of what the nominee did and the benefits to the community and environment. Successful entries will receive recognition at a City Council meeting.


The deadline for nominations is October 29, 2010, so submit your nominations now!


For further information contact:

Aaron Klemm (714) 536-5537 (City of Huntington Beach, Environmental Board Liaison)

Environmental Board Award 2010

Award Announcement 2010

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HB recognized by NRDC as a Smarter City   July 27, 2010

HB recognized by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as a smarter city, based on the results achieved through the retro-commissioning projects and upcoming energy efficiency and conservation block grant (EECBG) projects.

Read all about it here:


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HB Keeps on Conserving   July 20, 2010


The Huntington Beach Public Works Utilities Division announced today that water demand in the City has hit yet another new low.  Water demand for the City and Sunset Beach, which the utility also serves, came in at 29,463 acre-feet (9.6 billion gallons) for water year (July to June) 2009-2010. 

This represents a 14% reduction compared to usage 10 years ago and a 25% reduction over 20 years ago; and this is with an ever increasing population.  In fact, this is the lowest total water demand Huntington Beach has realized since 1978-79.  

Anyone with questions, comments or suggestions on water conservation can call the Utilities Division at 714-536-5921 or visit our web page at
www.huntingtonbeachca.gov and click the “Water Conservation” button on the left.


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Plug-in electric vehicles are coming!   June 29, 2010

HB staff and SCE staff are meeting to plan for plug-in electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt or Toyota Prius Plug-in.

Plans for charging stations in residences and community wide are necessary to support these new technologies in transportation.

For more information go to SCE's website: 


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Community Garden one step closer   June 24, 2010

At the June 21st City Council meeting a Memorandum of Understanding with HB Community Garden non-profit was approved by Council.

The HB Community Garden non-profit is negotiating with SCE for a license to use a 2.5 acre parcel at Atlanta Avenue and the Santa Ana River as a community garden where individual gardening plots.

 A copy of the MOU and agenda item are available here:<

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SCE rate shift   June 03, 2010


In Southern California, it costs more to produce electricity in the summer, when energy demand is at its peak, and less to produce electricity in the winter, during periods of lower demand. To address this reality, SCE recently shifted rates for small business customers with demands of 20 kilowatts or less and who are on the company’s GS-1 rate.  This shift in rates is not an increase for impacted customers.  In fact, customers who take advantage of available programs and manage their energy usage may even experience a decrease in their electric bills. 

 The rate shift, which was implemented last October, lowers rates during an eight-month “winter” period (October–May) and increases them during a four-month “summer” period (June–September).  This rate shift is designed to allow you to pay for electricity when you use it and will promote greater energy awareness and conservation across the region.

 Customers impacted by the rate shift have seen a 14 percent decrease in rates beginning in October which will continue through May.  When the four-month summer period begins in June, these customers will see rates increase approximately 17 percent.  These changes are in comparison to September 2009 rates.

 SCE recognizes that this change may be difficult for some customers and is available to help them with information about the change and offer solutions to help manage energy bills.  Understanding your energy usage is the first step to managing your bill.  Learn how your business can benefit from SCE programs by taking our free online energy survey at www.sce.com/smartbiz.

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SCE offers classes - "Go Solar"   June 03, 2010

 SCE will help its residential customers "follow the sun" with free classes on the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program and the incentives it offers to homeowners who decide to install solar systems on their homes.

Customers will learn about:

Solar energy basics
Benefits of installing a solar energy system
Tax credits and other financial models that can help reduce upfront costs
Financial incentives through CSI program

Call 866-970-9221 or visit www.sce.com/solartraining to register.

The class is from 6:30pm to 8pm at SCE's Orange Coast Service Center
7333 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92683<

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Slater Ave rehabilitation project   June 03, 2010

The Slater Avenue Rehabilitation project is substantially complete. The objective was to replace the worn pavement on Slater Avenue from Graham Street to Goldenwest Street and overlay the entire street with rubberized asphalt.

The project utilized rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) which contains crumb rubber derived from scrap tires.  A two-inch layer of RAC uses over 2,000 waste tires per lane mile.  This project diverted more than 10,000 waste tires, that otherwise would end up in a landfill.  Including this project, the use of RAC in the rehabilitation of the City’s arterial streets has resulted in the diversion of over 193,000 waste tires.

The project was completed ahead of the anticipated schedule due to good weather conditions and a competent contractor.  All funding for this project was provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.  Total costs were approximately $1.3 million. 


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Pacific Court Apartments - Lean energy use and Green   April 23, 2010

Pacific Court Apartments was recently rehabilitated with Energy efficient and Green features such as: 

  • The installation of new R-30 insulation throughout all attic spaces.
  • Use of fluorescent light fixtures for at least 75% of light fixtures.
  • Use of water-saving flow restrictors in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Use of low-VOC interior paint.
  • Use of bathroom fans in all bathrooms that exhaust to the outdoors and are equipped with a humidistat sensor or timer.
  • Use of CRI Green-label, low-VOC carpeting and pad and low-VOC adhesives 25 g/l or less.
  • Installation of energy star labeled refrigerators.
  • Installation of high performance dual pane windows with a U-Factor of .35 or less and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .32 or less (Low-E Glass).
  • Photocells to turn exterior lights on and off.
  • Drought tolerant landscape and landscape design that minimizes water usage.
  • Photovoltaic Solar System for common area electricity.

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SCE Smart Connect   April 21, 2010

SCE is rolling out Smart Connect the program that will install advanced meters and infromation to enable citizens to save energy and money.

SCE has hired Corix utilities to replace the meters for smaller commercial and residential energy users.

The new meters support wireless home area networking with smart appliances and devices, solar installations and energy use information systems.

For more information see the video below:

HB installations are scheduled to be complete by June 2010.

If you have questions you can call: 877-407-2317.<

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Mow Down Air Pollution   April 21, 2010

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) opens up their lawnmower incentive program today!

AQMD provides large discounts for trading in your old, loud and polluting gas mower for a cordless lawnmower.

Register today!

The pick up days are scheduled for May 8th in Long Beach and June 19th in Anaheim.

Upgrade your quality of life for less.

A more sustainable option would be to engage in a Swan Song for the Lawn as shown here: http://www.earthflow.com/swansong.php 

Or use California native plants to provide local beauty, habitat and water savings.

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Up to $1,500 in tax credits!   April 21, 2010

Taxpayers are eligible for up to $1,500 in tax credits for a range of home energy efficiency improvements—such as adding insulation, installing energy efficient windows, or replacing water heaters.

The Recovery Act expanded residential efficiency tax credits for some energy-efficiency improvements, including replacing doors and windows; upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment; adding insulation; or replacing a water heater. Through 2010, homeowners can receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost of the improvements, up to $1,500.

For more information follow the link below:

http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/news/progress_alerts.cfm/pa_id=310  <

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So Cal Gas - Municipal Green Building conference   April 21, 2010

So Cal Gas recently held their annual "Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo at their energy resource center in Downey.


HB staff were selected to present a case study on the retro-commissioning project successes and lessons learned with our Civic Center project.

The project saved about 1,000,000 KWh annually and almost 20,000 therms of natural gas.

The morning keynote speak was Bill Reed, AIA, LEED AP, Hon. FIGP.  A version of the presentation he gave can be viewed at: http://vimeo.com/9051621


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Bolsa Chica Earth Day   April 21, 2010

earth day 2010
April 17th 10:00am – 12:00pm

Celebrate earth day 2010 with
The Bolsa Chica Land Trust as we celebrate our
Jr. Stewards Program

Children of all ages are invited to learn about our amazing wildlife, plant on the Mesa, play games and have eco-fun! Inside The Outdoors will be here!
Help our local environment – Bolsa Chica is it!!

We will gather at the North Reserve Parking Lot, Pacific Coast Highway and Warner Avenue.



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Earth Day Celebrations   April 21, 2010

 The HB Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center hosted a successful Earth Day celebration on Saturday Arpil 17th.

The Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy and NOAA are sponsoring an Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 10am-4pm at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach. This event coincides with the grand opening of the recently restored Magnolia Marsh in Huntington Beach.  NOAA granted $3.3M in Recovery Act Stimulus Funds to the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy to restore the 41-acre marsh that was cut off from ocean water over a hundred years ago.  This effort created jobs locally and provides many benefits to the surrounding community.

The event plans to be an educational and exciting experience for families and individuals wanting more information about how wetlands affect their lives.  Highlights of the day will include the release of rehabilitated pelicans from the Wildlife Care Center, a grand opening ceremony for a new observation deck that the public can enjoy, and guided tours of the wetland by biologists.  Event participants can visit interactive booths, create their own fish prints, explore a touch tank, watch a short film about wetland restoration, interact with a live underwater “fishcam,” and help in our native plant nursery. 


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HB student a finalist in greenest schools competition   March 26, 2010

Huntinton Beach is proud to note that Jake Laine, a student at Talbert Middle School, is a finalist for "America's Greenest School" contest.

Please consider voting for Jake and Talber Middle School in the contest.


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HB Hyatt achieves Highest Award in Green Lodging Program   March 11, 2010

The Hyatt Regency has been awarded the Leadership level (the highest) in the California Green Lodging Program.

The program provides recognition for reducing environmental impacts.  Specifically through eliminating waste of energy and water resources and reducing any waste products.

Congratulations to the HB Hyatt in achieving this award.

View Green Lodging Certificate


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HB & SCE partnership   March 04, 2010

SCE has hired a contractor (CRI) to provide no cost energy audits and energy efficiency improvements in small business in Huntington Beach throughout March 2010.

HB is a partner in SCE's Orange County Cities Energy Leader partnership.  One result of this program is when HB citizens and businesses use SCE's programs to save energy and money, SCE increases their support of the city's Environmental Programs in saving energy in HB city facilities as well.

Overall it is a win-win proposition, HB's small businesses get free energy efficiency upgrades and HB's government facilities get additional support to save energy as well.

If you are a small business and get a visit from a CRI/SCE staff person, your cooperation with them will save your business money and create a successful partnership between HB, HB's citizens and businesses and SCE.

If you have any questions about this program you can email Aaron Klemm - HB's Energy Project Manager at Aaron.Klemm@surfcity-hb.org


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2009 Environmental Award   January 27, 2010


The Environmental Board 2009 Award will consist of three categories - Individual Achievement, Project Achievement and Municipal Achievement.  There are cash prizes of $500.00 each for Individual Achievement and Project Achievement winners.  Prizes are sponsored by Southern California Edison.       

The Individual Achievement Award will be given to the resident of Huntington Beach who best meets the criteria given for personal effort and service related the environment.  This effort or service does not have to be necessarily done in the year 2009, but it should be continued throughout the year.

            The Project Achievement Award will be given to the completed residential or non-residential project in the City of Huntington Beach which best meets the criteria given for project achievement and benefit to the environment.  This project should have been completed in the year 2009.  Projects may require field verification by a member of the Environmental Board.

            Lastly, the Municipal Award will be given to any city employee or city project that meets the criteria given for personal effort and service or project achievement and service related to the environment.  This effort, service or project should have been done primarily or completed in the year 2009.  There is no monetary award associated with this Award.


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An Improved Urban Forest   January 27, 2010

The following powerpoint presentation addresses the urban heat island effect through the planting of large-canopy trees. In addition to environmental and social benefits, large-canopy trees can also save money in cooling energy savings. Although capital and maintenance costs can be significant, the return on investment is still far greater in the quality of life for Huntington Beach civilians.

Powerpoint Presentation and Blog submitted by

Julie An, LEED AP

Landscape Architecture Intern

City of Huntington Beach

Office: (714) 536-5265.

Email: Julie.An@surfcity-hb.org


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Electronics Recycling Event   December 21, 2009

Huntington Beach's Public Works department is sponsoring a free electronics recycling event.

January 8th and 9th, 2010 from 9am to 4pm in the Central Library parking lot at
7111 Talbert Ave.

Bring your old computers, TVs, cell phones, MP3 players, printers, cables & wires and microwaves.

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Final Few LED Holiday lights   November 30, 2009

The LED Holiday light trade-in program at Surfcity Nights was a big sucess with 2 carloads of old inefficient lights turned in.

For those of you who could not make it to Surfcity Nights to make the light exchange, the Building & Safety Plan Check counter is distributing the final boxes.

Bring your old inefficient holiday lights in to the 3rd floor of HB's Civic Center at 2000 Main St. and get brand new LED holiday lights.

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Maps tell the solar story of your zip code   October 27, 2009

Go to the link below and check out how your zip code is doing with this interactive map.  You can find out about price trends, installations and capacity by zip code.


For more information on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Open PV mapping project click here:


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Energy Efficient Holiday lights   October 23, 2009

Bring you old inefficient holiday lights to Surfcity Nights on November 3rd and 10th to exchange them for new energy efficient LED holiday lights.

See page 7 of the November Community Connection.


Environmental Board staff members will have a booth with staff to help you upgrade your holiday lights to the latest in energy efficient techonology.

SCE has provided the lights under the auspices of the Public Utility Commission to increase energy efficiency in Huntington Beach.<

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SCE offering lamp exchange   September 09, 2009

September 19th & 20th from 8am to 1pm at the Westminster Mall.

www.scelampexchange.com or 800-865-6483


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Learn about Permaculture   September 02, 2009

Councilwoman Jill Hardy and Debbie Cook

invite you to hear

Larry Santoyo on


You are invited to a presentation by Larry Santoyo, Director,

Earthflow Design Works, on Permaculture Principles, what is

it and how is it being adapted to all systems and disciplines

that human settlement requires. Architects, planners,

farmers, economists, social scientists, as well as students,

homeowners and gardeners can all utilize the Principles of

Permaculture Design.

Where: Huntington Beach Library, Room C/D

Time: 7 p.m.

When: Friday, September 4


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Rainwater Harvesting   August 28, 2009

A recent LA Times article highlights a new solution for harvesting non-potable water to irrigate your landscape.

These types of projects have 2 major benefits, ensure water is available for irrigation and reducing stormwater runoff keeping our beaches slightly cleaner. <

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More Affordable solar   August 14, 2009

Solar industry publications are reporting the significant price declines in Silicon for solar panel are durable and welcome developments that make now a great time to purchase solar. 

The article states "...the single most important barrier is price." and falling silicon prices are lowering those barriers.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting on this trend.

Now is a great time to go solar, if you live in Huntington Beach sign up with Sharp Solar for an extra rebate on your residential solar system.


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2009 Green Expo   August 06, 2009

Save the Date - September 26th, 2009

The Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce is organizing the 2009 Green Expo.  The event will be held at Central Library from 10am to 4pm on September, 26th, 2009.

For more information see the following websites.

If you would like to display your green product or service complete and return an application.<

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Report: Now is a good time to go solar   August 06, 2009

The LA Times reported recently,

"If you're searching for a bright spot in a dismal economic climate, look no farther than your roof. The downturn is helping to make solar panels more affordable.

Manufacturers are cutting prices to move inventory. Uncle Sam is helping too. As part of the economic stimulus package, the federal government this year boosted tax credits to homeowners who switch to solar power. Together with state incentives, those subsidies could slash the cost of some systems in California by 50% or more. Some homeowners are banding together into buying groups for even bigger savings."

Read the full article here.

Click here to go to Sharp's Website and have someone contact you about the HB Surf & Sun program.

Click here for HB's Surf & Sun Program.<

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Paper vs. Plastic, now what?   August 06, 2009

Is the decade old question of paper or plastic still relevant?

A number of resources suggest the answer is neither

The best solution is to use durable, reusable items such as grocery store bags and food service items.

A concise summary of the issue can be found at Loyola University New Orleans website.

The technical paper comparing the full lifecycle costs of paper or plastic disposable material to use can be found here. 

Nearly all grocery stores sell reusable bags and food service items.  Using those those instead of disposable items is always the more sustainable approach.

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HB & Sharp Solar launch Hometown solar rebate   July 06, 2009

Today the City of Huntington Beach and Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group announced the ‘Huntington Beach Hometown Solar Rebate’, an integral component of a program to accelerate the use of solar power in the City. This residential solar incentive program was developed through a unique collaboration between the City of Huntington Beach and Sharp, and will commence following Mayor Keith Bohr’s formal announcement at the City Council meeting of July 6th. New homeowner solar rebate applications will help spur the installation of scores of residential solar power systems in Huntington Beach, where Sharp’s Solar Energy Solutions Group is based.

Over the years, thanks to the City’s ocean, sun and surf-loving residents, Huntington Beach has become one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the nation.

“Huntington Beach has set a goal of having 8.5MW of solar deployed in under 5 years,” said Huntington Beach Mayor Keith Bohr. “We are thrilled that our stellar hometown solar powerhouse, Sharp, has created this terrific rebate program in conjunction with Huntington Beach and its participating solar installers — in an effort to site clean, reliable, emissions-free solar power systems here.”

“Sharp has a long tradition of being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where it has a presence; we’re proud to be facilitating Huntington Beach’s greater use of solar power,” said Ron Kenedi, vice president of Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group. “Solar is a perfect fit for a community with a strong commitment to the environment and resource protection. These new solar projects will be generating clean electricity for decades to come — achieving tremendous overall utility savings for customers. They’ll help provide our City and our region with emissions-free renewable power, while helping to reduce pressure on the electrical grid.”

Program details

Several Sharp installers will offer a rebate on the purchase of a Sharp solar system – both OnEnergyTM systems and other Sharp modules. Here’s how the program will work:

Through the HB Goes Green website: http://surfcity-hb.org/Residents/green_city/solar/ a prospective Huntington Beach solar customer can request to be contacted by a Sharp pre-approved installer.

The installer confirms that the home address is within the City of Huntington Beach during the follow-up call or site evaluation. Residents living in the following zip codes are eligible for the program: 92647, 92648, 92649, and 92646.

The rebate will be incorporated into the installer’s system installation proposal, reducing the up-front cost of the system.

The rebate will be $150/kW, up to a maximum of 10 kW.

Huntington Beach’s goal of 8.5 MW of new solar deployment by 2012 is broken into three categories: 4 MW of residential (1,000 systems), 2.5 MW of municipal, and 2 MW of commercial solar.

Since 2007, a total of 47 residential and small commercial systems have been installed in Huntington Beach, for a total of 227 kW (4.8 kW average system size); one large (approximately 30kW) commercial system has been installed.

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SCE helps residents go solar   June 25, 2009

Become Solar Savvy

Saturday July 11th, 2009 SCE is holding a workshop that helps residents go solar.

To attend one of the sessions listed below, please click here to register online or call (866) 970-9221.

The meeting is in Westminster from 10am to 11:20 am.

SCE’s Orange Coast Service Center
Assembly Room
7333 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92683

Free parking.


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2007 Edition NEW Home Construction, Green Building Guidelines   May 11, 2009

These New Home Construction Green Building Guidelines were developed by Build It Green, a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote healthy, durable, energy- and resource-efficient buildings in California.

Build It Green defines Green Building as quality design and construction achieved through:
1.  Conserve natural resources
2,  Use energy wisely
3.  Improve indoor air quality
4.  Plan for livalbe communities

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2007 Edition Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines   May 11, 2009

These Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines were developed by Build It Green, a professional non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote healthy, durable, energy and resource-efficient buildings in California.

The Guidelines were developed:

  • To present a range of voluntary green measures for building professionals and homeowners to choose from when remodeling a home in California
  • To provide local governments with an educational tool for city staff, building professionals and homeowners interested in green residential remodeling.


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City Implements Stage 1 of Water Management Program   May 08, 2009

City Administrator Fred Wilson and Director of Public Works Travis Hopkins announced on March 23rd, that the City is implementing Stage 1 of its Water Management Program.  This action was taken in anticipation of regional water supply curtailments expected to take place as early as this summer.  Stage 1 of the program consists of voluntary water conservation measures and is implemented when water supply shortages of 10% or less are imminent.


Water supply for the City is a mixture of groundwater, provided by wells located throughout the City, and “imported” water, provided by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).  Imported water is a mixture of Colorado River and State Water Project deliveries from Northern and Central California.  The Colorado River basin watershed has experienced drought conditions for seven of the last eight years, and Northern California runoff has been below average for the last three years.  In addition to the dry conditions impacting the entire state of California, a court imposed restriction has been implemented to reduce water deliveries from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to protect the Delta smelt.

Water Conservation is an increasingly important part of the Water Management Program.  Water Conservation is considered the least expensive “new” source of potable water.  Residents and businesses are urged to reduce interior and exterior uses of water whenever possible to prevent water waste. 

For specific measures requested during Stage 1, water saving tips and further information, please visit www.surfcity-hb.org/WaterConservation.  Any questions regarding the Water Management Program can be directed to the Public Works Utilities Division at 714-536-5921.

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Water Pollution Makes the Ocean Unsafe   May 08, 2009



Water pollution makes our beaches unsafe.   Untreated runoff from many common summer activities enters the storm drains before entering our waterways. You can help keep our beaches open all summer long.


Prevent excess water from over-saturated lawns from flowing into streets by:

  • Planting native plants.
  • Checking if it is dry below the surface.
  • Water before 9 am or after 4 pm.
  • Shortening the timer cycle and adjusting the schedule –go to www.bewaterwise.com.
  • Don’t water if rain is predicted.


Commercial car washes use less water and recycle washwater. If you wash your car at home, divert all water to the landscape and use a nozzle.


Keep fertilizers, pesticides and yard trimmings from waterways.


Other tips include:


Remember, the Ocean Begins At Your Front Door. For more information and tips, contact the Orange County Stormwater Program at 714-567-6363 or visit www.ocwatersheds.com.


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Traffic Signals   May 08, 2009

In 2001 the Public Works: Transportation department switched over all Huntington Beach owned traffic signals to LED lamps.

This project saved over 50% of the energy that was normally consumed by the streetlights.

If you see a traffic signal with an incadescent bulb in it, you can be sure that it is a traffic signal that isn't owned or controlled by Huntington Beach.


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Shipley Nature Center presents The Magic of Composting   May 08, 2009

Learn about those decomposers that make the best organic compost for our gardens.  Transform those kitchen scraps and backyard cuttings into “black gold.”  Preregistration is required.  $10 per seminar or attend both on the same day for $15.*  Each seminar is limited to the first 50 registrants.  Register now at www.shipleynature.org. 


May 16  ·  June 20  ·  July 11

Vermiculture (Worms) at  9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Traditional Backyard at 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


Huntington Beach Residents receive a $50 voucher towards the purchase of their choice of Composting Bin or Vermiculture Kit. **  Proof of residency required.

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Local Employees & Bicycling to Work   May 05, 2009

Huntington Beach's employees can use alternative transportation to reduce traffic and air pollution.

According to a 2006 study, 67% of HB's employees live closer than 10 miles to work.

Amazingly, 53.9 of employees live within 5 miles of their work.

Local employees are encourage to bike to work to reduce traffic & pollution.

Bike to Work Week is May 11-15, 2009


You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to bike to work.  Bicycle commuting helps improve the “livability” of communities by reducing traffic noise and congestion  Commuting by bicycle, saves money, provides a good workout, and cuts auto emissions.  Sixty percent of the pollution created by automobile emissions happens in the first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can work effectively. Since "cold starts" create high levels of emissions, shorter car trips are more polluting on a per-mile basis than longer trips. When bicycling is substituted for short auto trips, 3.6 pounds of pollutants per mile are not emitted into the atmosphere. (League of American Bicyclists)


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Cleaner Air & Better lawnmower   April 20, 2009

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is offering a lawn mower exchange program.

The program provides a discount of up to $340 dollars on a cordless rechargeable lawnmower in exchange for your gasoline lawnmower.


Registration opens on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2009.


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City Clerk and Police Department Co-Host Earth Day Event   April 20, 2009

On April 19, 2009, the City Clerk’s office, in partnership with the Police Department, hosted a booth at the Rainbow Disposal facility.  The focus of our participation, as part of the city’s Centennial Earth Day event, was to educate the public on identify theft, ways to protect their vital documents, personal records management methods and suggested retention periods to store those documents.  The free-to-the-public outreach event featured a 10,000 pound-capacity GoGreen Mobile Shredding truck, giving citizens the opportunity to safely dispose of as many personal documents as they wished, and as they watched.  Feedback from those citizens who participated indicated the shredding event was a huge success.  During the five hours of operation, citizens dropped off the equivalent of 1400 boxes of documents, equaling 27,740 pounds of finely shredded paper, which was then recycled via Rainbow Disposal.


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Beach Clean Up - Earth Day   April 16, 2009

April 18th from 9 am to 12 pm Beach cleanup at Bolsa Chica.

More information available here:


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MWDOC PRESS RELEASE APRIL 15, 2009   April 15, 2009


Fountain Valley
, CA (April 15, 2009) – The Municipal Water District of Orange County’s (MWDOC) Board of Directors voted unanimously

today to call for implementation of MWDOC’s Water Supply Allocation Plan. In conjunction with the water supply allocation plan, the MWDOC Board officially declared a regional water shortage. The water supply allocation plan is being implemented at Stage 2 - a ten percent reduction in available imported water supply – and will be effective July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. MWDOC’s Board took action as a result of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (Metropolitan) Board of Directors calling for a Stage 2, or ten percent reduction, on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009. For the last three years, Metropolitan has pulled water out of storage to meet regional demands as a result of the below average rainfall and the water supply from the Delta in Northern California being restricted. These restrictions, referred to as a regulatory drought, can cut water to 25 million Californians in southern California by as much as 30-50%. As a result, mandatory conservation is now being required.


“The Family of Orange County Water Agencies is committed to safe and reliable service for our residents and businesses,” said Wayne

Clark, MWDOC Board President. “We need to eliminate water waste, use water as efficiently as possible and work together to find a

solution to the environmental problems in the Sacramento-Bay Delta that will restore our water supply.”


MWDOC and the Family of Orange County Water Agencies are asking everyone to check with their local water agency for specific

water conservation measures that may be in effect. Orange County has a diverse water portfolio and as a result each local water agency

is managing the reduced amount of import water appropriately. Imported water comprises more than half of Orange County’s total

water requirements and 95 percent of south Orange County’s potable needs. For information on water saving tips, visit www.mwdoc.com

or www.bewaterwise.com.



# # #



The Municipal Water District of Orange County is a water resource management and planning agency, dedicated to ensuring supply and system reliability for the 2.3 million residents we serve through our 28 member agencies.





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HB Green Map   April 13, 2009

Check out a map of the green resources in Huntington Beach here:


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Traffic Signal Coordination   April 07, 2009

Traffic Signal Coordination Implemented on Five Major Huntington Beach Streets

The City of Huntington Beach Public Works Department has been implementing new traffic signal coordination plans over the past week along Edinger Avenue, Warner Avenue, Garfield Avenue, Goldenwest Street, and Brookhurst Street.  The project utilized a computer simulation program designed to minimize stops and delays along these roadways and improve overall traffic flow.  This project will help to reduce fuel consumption and automotive pollutants.  The City will continue to evaluate and fine tune the traffic signal operations along these routes over the next two weeks to best fit the actual conditions on the roadway.   Residents and motorists can expect to see changes in how some of the intersections are operating with the new operations including new patterns to the timing of some left turn arrows.  The arterial coordination project was 90% funded by an OCTA grant from the Signal Improvement Program. 


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April is Environmental Month   April 07, 2009

April's theme is ENVIRONMENT

Join us on the following days in April for the following exciting environmental activities.

11. Saturday, April 11th - 8:00 am

Bird walk in Harriett Weider Regional Park
We should see a variety of shorebirds and ducks along with some upland species. Meet in the parking lot off Seapoint in Huntington Beach. The parking lot is between Pacific Coast Highway and Garfield on the west side of the street. If the parking lot is full, try to park on the street. Look for a group wearing binoculars and you will have found us! Bring binoculars and a scope if you have one.

14 16 Environmental Authors’ Talk Series to be held in the evenings
(Wetlands/Wildlife Care Center)

14, 15 and 16 - 7:30 PM   Environmental Talks at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center
21900 Pacific Coast Hwy (at Newland)

14 -     Topic is “Living with Urban Wildlife.”
Learn how to live with our native wildlife like coyotes and raccoons.

15 -      Kim Kolpin is speaking on “California Friendly Plants for our Gardens.”
A timely topic given the Governor's recent declaration of a water emergency in the state. Come learn how to make your garden beautiful and drought tolerant

16 -      Former Mayor Debbie Cook is speaking on “Our Energy Future”

Walk to 100 Species”

The Centennial month of April celebrates Huntington Beach’s unique and incredible environment. As part of the environmental celebration there will be several Bird Walks around the city. All attendees are encouraged to bring their own binoculars or scopes, wear comfortable shoes and layers. Each birding trip will be limited to 15 people and advance reservations are needed. RSVP to Nancy Kenyon at 949-786-3160.

17. Friday April 17th- 8:00 am

Bird Walk in Central Park and see a variety of birds attracted to its ponds and trees. Be prepared to walk a couple of miles around the park. Meet in the Slater Street Parking lot.

18 - Central Park Tree Planting
Join the Tree Society and the Centennial Committee as we start the planting of 100 trees in our parks in recognition of the City's 100th birthday.

Meet at 8:30 AM in Central Park near the Shipley Nature Center. Park on Central Park Drive off of Edwards Street

Additional dates for tree plantings: March 21 - Seely Park and March 28 - Lebard Park

  • -Special Earth Day Celebration at Rainbow Disposal

Rainbow Disposal is hosting a FREE Earth Day Celebration on April 19, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at its newly modernized facility, located at 17121 Nichols Street (off Warner between Gothard and Beach Blvd.), in Huntington Beach.  This FAMILY EVENT promises to be fun and educational with GAMES, PRIZES, food, big trucks, fuel efficient vehicle displays, and MORE!

The Earth Day Celebration will include:

  • A Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event - Bring your old paint, pesticides, batteries, fluorescent bulbs and tubes, electronic waste, and more for safe disposal and/or recycling
  • Free shred-while-you-watch event.  There will be no per-person limit to the number of personal documents you can bring for shredding.  In addition to paper documents, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes can also be shredded, but because the process is done with different equipment, it is done off site.  You won’t be able to watch the destruction of your CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes. Any questions about the shredding please call Caren Ferrera in the City Clerk’s office at 714/374-1559.
  • Centennial Merchandise will be on sale at the Earth Day event. T-Shirts, sweatshirts, cups, decals and much more will be on sale at the Centennial Celebration booth.
  • The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Experience - Kids and their parents find out firsthand “What Goes Where”
  • Environmental booths – Learn about our local environmental resources and organizations
  • Public Works Departments of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley – A camera truck, vactor truck, loader, and tree lift vehicles will be on display as well as exhibits
  • Fuel efficient vehicles and energy conservation displays from Utility and Water companies
  • Entertainment by the Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts
  • Tasty food and drinks

There will be free convenient parking across from Rainbow Disposal on Nichols Street.  This event is open to all residents of Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster and surrounding communities.  It will be a great educational opportunity for all family members.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Gordon at Rainbow Disposal (714) 847-3581.

“Walk to 100 Species”

The Centennial month of April celebrates Huntington Beach’s unique and incredible environment. As part of the environmental celebration there will be several Bird Walks around the city. All attendees are encouraged to bring their own binoculars or scopes, wear comfortable shoes and layers. Each birding trip will be limited to 15 people and advance reservations are needed. RSVP to Nancy Kenyon at 949-786-3160.

20. Monday April 20th- 8:00 am

Bird walk in the Talbert Marsh. This is a great opportunity to go birding in an area not usually open to the public. Will walk 2 miles on uneven surfaces. Meet at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center on PCH and Newland.

25 - Open House Spring Festival    Shipley Nature Center   This event has drawn large crowds in past years, and features Native plant displays in full bloom, nature exhibits, walking tours, planting water wise yards.  900AM to 200pm.

30 – Book signing for the historic book all about the Bolsa Chica – “Bolsa Chica, Its History from Prehistoric Times to the Present, and What Citizen Involvement and Perseverance Can Achieve” By David Carlberg. The book signing will be at the Huntington Beach Central Library from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The book is available for $20 through the website www.amigosdebolsachica.org

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Indoor Air Quality and Finishes   April 01, 2009

Using low or no-VOC paints and finishes and materials with reduced formaldehyde improves indoor air quality for installers and residents. 

To maintain good indoor air quality in your home, please consider the following:

  1. high efficiency pleated media air filters;
  2. No-VOC paints (250 grams/liter is already required by law – ask for no more than 150 grams/liter)
  3. super low-VOC wood finishes
  4. super low VOC construction adhesives
  5. cabinet and shelving materials with reduced formaldehyde
  6. a sealed combustion furnace and water heater
  7. a whole house vacuum system
  8. hard surface flooring like tile, natural linoleum, bamboo, and stained concrete



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City Clerk's Office Reduces Paper Production   April 01, 2009

In 2007 the City Clerk’s office was awarded an Environmental Award by reducing its paper production by 340,000 pages annually.  It was able to accomplish this by:


¨      Significantly reducing the number of Council agenda packets it produces twice each month by posting the agendas, along with all staff reports, on the City’s Website

¨      Sending agenda and minute subscriptions to citizens in an electronic format

¨      Updating Municipal and Zoning Code revisions directly on the City’s Website

¨      Electronically distributing nearly 700 multi-page documents that were requested through the Public Records Act


Also, several years of Council Meetings, archived in live-feed video, are on line and easily accessible from the comfort of one’s home.  And, in an effort to continue specific technology aimed at reducing paper production, coming soon to the City Clerk’s office is Agenda Plus ™, which will provide the means to streamline the agenda-creation process as it follows a paperless electronic workflow throughout the organization.


In addition to the on-going savings in numbers of pieces of paper, having the ability for citizens to electronically access agendas, minutes and live-video of Council meetings, means fewer car trips to City Hall to obtain these same documents.

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Phase 1 Energy Efficiency Projects   April 01, 2009

Huntington Beach is working with SCE and So Cal Gas to save additional energy in a number of areas.  The measures the city has proposed to SCE and So Cal Gas are:

Retro-commissioning - a type of whole building tune-up
Computer Room Air Conditioning unit - replacing a inefficient computer room Air Conditioning unit and eliminating the need for a second air conditioning unit.
Computer network energy savings - Installing software that allows computer administrators manage power use on the networked computers city-wide.
Additional Server Virtualization - Adding more applications to the virtual servers, further reducing energy consumed and heat generated in the city's computer rooms.

These projects are projected to save over $330,000 dollars annually and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,108 m-tons annually. 

The return on investment from these measures is estimated at 192%.


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Featured Project in Huntington Beach   March 31, 2009

Take a look at a second story addition above the garage of a single family home in Huntington Beach.  From start to finish, the construction of this room addition used many “green building” aspects.  Here is a look into the steps taken throughout the green building construction.


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Building Green   March 31, 2009

Building Green is one way private buildings, such as residential homes and businesses, can contribute to energy conservation. Green building is a design and construction practice that promotes reducing energy, water, and materials consumption, while also reducing building impacts on human health and the community. Effective green building can lead to reduced operating costs by increasing productivity and using less energy and water, improved public and occupant health due to improved indoor air quality, and reduced environmental impacts by, for example, lessening storm water runoff.

City adopts energy efficient fee waiver program to encourage conservation

The City of Huntington Beach adopted an Energy Efficient Permit Fee Waiver Program which began on November 5, 2007. This fee waiver program applies to Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Solar permits issued for systems that either produce energy or save natural resources. This program is for systems that substantially exceed the current State and Federal minimum standards. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • photovoltaic (solar) systems
  • solar water heating systems
  • tank less water heaters - Energy Factor 0.80
  • high efficiency furnaces - AFUE greater than 90
  • high efficiency air conditioners - SEER 14 or higher

These types of systems are further identified by various State and Federal Programs for rebates or tax credits.

For more information about the Energy Efficient Permit Fee Waiver Program, contact the City’s Building and Safety Department at (714) 536-5241

Click here for Green Building Tips.


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Pest Management   March 31, 2009

The Public Works: Maintenance division maintains an integrated pest management (IPM) plan that works to use pesticides as a last resort.

Setting Action Thresholds
Carefully monitoring and identifying pests
Then Control

The steps identified above are the basics of an integrated pest management plan.  Huntington Beach follows the best management practices when it comes to pest management.

For more information on IPM click here.


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Tankless Water Heaters - How they work   March 31, 2009

Demand (tankless or instantaneous) water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. They don't produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters, which can save you money.

Proper installation depends on many factors. These factors include fuel type, climate, local building code requirements, and safety issues, especially concerning the combustion of gas-fired water heaters. Therefore, it's best to have a qualified plumbing and heating contractor install your demand water heater


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Residential Artificial Turf   March 30, 2009

Synthetic or artificial turf as it is commonly called, is considered acceptable landscaping and is allowed in all residential districts of Huntington Beach. Relatively maintenance free, artificial turf requires no watering to maintain a healthy lawn appearance. Recently California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a drought emergency and the City of Huntington Beach encourages the use of artificial turf for its water conservation aspects.

The Planning Department requests that residents interested in an artificial turf installation bring a sample or samples of the product to the City for consideration. Building permits are not required for installation; however, homeowners should be aware that in Residential districts throughout the City, a minimum of 40% of the front yard setback area must be landscaped.

Please contact the Planning Department at 714-536-5271 if you have any further questions.


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Commercial and Industrial Solar Installations   March 30, 2009

Similar to residential installations, the City of Huntington Beach grants commercial and industrial solar panel arrays an additional 10’ in maximum overall height for solar arrays designed to be installed atop existing commercial and industrial buildings.


However, commercial and industrial rooftop mechanical equipment installations are subject to a minimum 15’ setback from the building exterior to minimize visual impacts on surrounding areas at grade level. Additionally, if an installation is designed to project above the existing roof line, it must be adequately screened from view on all sides.


For questions regarding a commercial or industrial solar installation, please call the Planning Department at 714-536-5271.


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Residential Solar Installations   March 30, 2009

Homeowners interested in installing a solar array to capitalize on the sun's renewable energy resources should consider the type of installation prior to purchasing a unit and obtaining a permit from the City to install. One area of concern is the maximum allowed height in certain zoning districts.

The Huntington Beach Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance (HBZSO) establishes maximum height restrictions for structures in residential districts. Maximum allowable height is the highest dimension to which a home can be constructed. Chapter 230.72: Exceptions to Height Limits grants a solar panel installation an additional 10' above the maximum permitted height limit by the zone in which the property is located.

Solar arrays should be installed in a way that exposes the photovoltaic cells to the highest amount of sun, which requires a south-facing surface for placement. Homes with a north-south orientation can take advantage of this common consideration, but homes with a different orientation are often faced with having to elevate and angle solar panels to take advantage of southern exposure. Some residents have expressed concern for their installations since they will be mounted above the roof and elevated up several feet in order to be placed correctly. The Planning Department has interpreted the Exceptions to Height Limits section to include solar panel installations, so as to allow homeowners greater flexibility when considering placement of a solar panel system on their house.

If you have any questions about this provision or would like to know more about how to obtain a permit for a solar panel installation, please contact the Planning Department at 714-536-5271 or the Building & Safety Department at 714-536-5241.


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Earth Hour   March 28, 2009

Huntington Beach is participating in Earth Hour on March 28th, 2009.

Huntington Beach will turn off all non-essential lights at the Civic Center to raise awareness of the need to use energy wisely.

See the map of participating US cities here:


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Neighborhood Preservation Workshops   March 26, 2009

For the past 8 months, the Code Enforcement Division of the Planning Department has hosted monthly meetings in the evening throughout the City's neighborhoods in an effort to provide outreach and education about the processes of neighborhood preservation, enforcement of applicable state and local codes, and mitigation of community issues. These meetings are scheduled to continue each month through 2010.

A portion of the meeting is devoted to a staff member of the Planning Department speaking directly to citizens about green building, energy conservation, and sustainability in ways that would benefit the average home owner in Huntington Beach.

The presentation covers utilizing recyclable materials for both large and small construction projects, implementing new energy saving appliances, guiding principles of sustainability as well as what the City of Huntington Beach is doing to lead its citizens into a more environmentally-conscious era.

Staff provides citizens with handouts of information regarding sustainable implementations, as well as additional information regarding the many different ways sustainability can be integrated into an existing home, not matter how large or small the project.

For more information regarding the Neighborhood Preservation Workshops, please contact the Planning Department at 714-536-5271.


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Compact Flourescent (CFL) light bulbs   March 25, 2009

More Bulb for Your Buck. A Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulb uses just a fraction of the energy regular light bulb uses. When your current bulbs burn out, swap them with CFLs, and start calculating your savings. General Electric has an online calculator that shows you just how much money you can save by making the switch.


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What is MERV Value?   March 24, 2009

HVAC filters remove particulates from the air. MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is a metric used to measure an air filter’s efficiency. The MERV scale ranges from 1 to 20. The higher the MERV number, the more efficient the filter is at removing particles. Changing your air filter is an easy way to improve air flow, and reduce the amount of energy expended in running your heating and air system.  In addition to the reduction in expended energy, clean air filters help avoid costly maintenance due to dust and dirt build-up. It is best to change out your air filter at least once every three months, but preferably every month.


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Residential - Heating and Air Conditioning   March 24, 2009

Energy Efficient HVAC systems play a vital role in the green building process.  Heating and cooling in your home can comprise as much as 50% of your home’s energy use.  Improving the energy efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system can provide dramatic cost savings throughout the year. 

There are several changes that can help reduce your heating and cooling bills.


  1. Change your air filter
  2. Properly installed heating and cooling system
  3. Perform yearly tune-ups on your system
  4. Sealing your heating and cooling ducts
  5. Install a programmable thermostat
  6. When purchasing new heating and cooling system, look for a new energy efficient unit


Energy Star Website:

US Department of Energy: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/consumer/your_home/space_heating_cooling/index.cfm/mytopic=12530

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy:



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Residential - Heating and Air Conditioning Rebates   March 24, 2009

HVAC Tax Credits:


Flex Your Power (HVAC system):



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Free Residential Water Use Audits   March 24, 2009

Over the course of the next several weeks, the Public Works Utilities Division will be targeting the top 500 residential water users in the City via postcard to offer a free water use audit.  The audit includes a review of historical water use and checks for water leaks, irrigation efficiency and retrofit possibilities for fixtures.  While this group is being contacted directly, the Utilities Division wants to remind all residents that they may request an audit at any time.  Water conservation saves not only water, but energy and money.


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Fix a Leak Week   March 24, 2009

Fix a Leak Week

Because minor water leaks account for more than 1 trillion gallons of water wasted each year in U.S. homes, EPA is launching its first "Fix a Leak Week" to remind Americans of the environmental and economic benefits to fixing leaks from household plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems. In most cases, fixture replacement parts can be installed by do-it-yourself-ers and pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Remember to look for the WaterSense label if you have to replace a bathroom fixture.

Here are a few water-saving tips:

  • Reduce faucet leaks by checking faucet washers and gaskets for wear and, if necessary, replace the faucet with a WaterSense labeled model.
  • Leaky toilets are most often the result of a worn toilet flapper. Replacing the rubber flapper is a quick fix that could save a home up to 200 gallons of water per day.
  • For a leaky garden hose, replace the nylon or rubber hose washer and ensure a tight connection to the spigot using pipe tape and a wrench.
  • Landscape irrigation systems should be checked each spring before use to make sure they are not damaged by frost or freezing.

More information about WaterSense: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/fixaleak/


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Certified Farmer's Market   March 24, 2009

Weekly Art-A-Faire and Certified Farmer’s Market


As the weather changes from winter to spring, now is a great time to pay a visit to the Weekly Art-A-Faire and Certified Farmer’s Market taking place every Friday at Pier Plaza just north of the pier.  The weekly arts and crafts event showcases 50 vendors selling unique handmade gifts and crafts.  From jewelry to surf-related items - there’s something for everyone.  This popular Friday event runs from 10 am to 7 pm and occasionally is held on weekends when no other events are scheduled.


The Huntington Beach Certified Farmer’s Market is operated by the OC Farm Bureau and takes place every Friday from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the same location.  The Market offers a wide selection of locally grown fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fresh flowers. Farmers selling at the market are inspected by the County Agricultural Commissioner to certify they actually grow the products they sell.  For an updated schedule of Art-A-Faire events visit www.hbartafaire.com.


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Cleaner Air   March 24, 2009

Beach Operations


Beach Operations has installed Huss Diesel particulate matter filters on four of the tractors that are used during cleaning operations at night.  The filters reduce the amount of diesel particulate matter (soot) that these machines produce by a minimum of 85% and in most cases, 99% of the particulate matter produced is retained within the filter body.  The filters were purchased in order to comply with the California Air Resources Board ruling approved on July 26, 2007, regarding use of road diesel equipment.  The ruling requires fleets to modernize their equipment and install filtration devices on existing equipment.  Installation of these filters before Jan 1, 2010, qualified the city for early compliance credit with the California Air Resources Board and will allow the city to have latitude in funding further installations of these devices in compliance with the ruling.


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High Performance Windows   March 19, 2009

What Makes A Window Energy Efficient?
Read more on Energy Star™ qualified Windows<

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Residential - Landscaping   March 19, 2009

According to the US Department of Energy, Huntington Beach is located in the “Hot-Arid” climate sector of the United States.  A well designed landscape not only can add beauty to your home and reduce water consumption, it also can also reduce your heating and cooling costs.  Learn more on the use of “Shade”


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Energy Star - Light Bulb Disposal   March 19, 2009

Find out where to dispose of your CFL's properly in the City of Huntington Beach


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Residential - Making your own Electricity   March 19, 2009

Solar- electric renewable energy system (also called a photovoltaic (PV) system can be used to supply some or all of your electricity needs.  You can connect your system to the grid and use it to reduce the amount of conventional power supplied to your home through the grid.  To learn more on how to reduce your electrical energy bill see Make Your Own Electricity.


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Residential - Building Material Rebates   March 18, 2009

Flex Your Power (Insulation Rebates): http://www.fypower.org/res/tools/rgl_results.html?z=92648&s=res&c=Building%20Envelope#2


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Residential - Building Materials, Insulation   March 18, 2009


Checking your home's insulation is one of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways to implement a whole-house method to minimize energy waste and make the most of your energy dollars. In recent years, green building products have emerged and developed tremendously.  Materials such as cellulose or recycled cotton insulation contain up to 80% post-industrial or post-consumer recycled materials.  Post-consumer recycled insulation is created by reprocessing used material into new raw material.  Post-industrial recycled insulation takes the waste material derived from a manufacturing process, and creates a new product.  High recycled content reduces reliance on virgin raw materials and helps minimize landfill deposits. 


Many traditional insulation products emit formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air of a home.  There are now insulation products available which have low emissions.  Insulation that is completely free of formaldehyde is now available.   By choosing these low emissions insulation products, indoor air quality can be improved.  The insulation in attics, roofs, and exterior walls and floors can help minimize energy use for air conditioning and heating, providing enhanced comfort throughout the home.  Insulation should also be carefully installed, to ensure the greatest results.  It is important to avoid gaps or voids, which allow air to transfer through.  By omitting gaps during installation, indoor air quality can be improved while providing a more quiet home environment.  With just a few steps, a residential home can achieve improved indoor air quality and lowered utility bills with drastically lowered effects on the environment.


HB Goes Green Effective Insulation Handout




US Department of Energy: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/consumer/tips/insulation_sealing.html


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Residential - Water Rebates   March 18, 2009

Flex Your Power (Toilet Rebates): http://www.fypower.org/res/tools/rgl_results.html?z=92648&s=res&c=Water%20Efficiency


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Residential - Water Systems   March 18, 2009

Ultra Low Flush Toilets

As of January 1, 1994, Federal regulations have mandated all toilets manufactured to meet the high efficiency guideline of 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) or less.  This is considerably less than the 3.5 to 7 gpf commonly seen in previous models.  Ultra low flush toilets are as efficient as previous models, yet they use much less water.  The two common types of low-flush toilets use a gravity flow or pressurized tank system.  ULF toilets boast efficient designs while using minimal amounts of water.  ULF toilets are available in the same colors and styles as conventional toilets, and can easily be found at your local home improvement store. By switching a standard 5-gpf toilet to a ULF toilet, a household of four can save almost 60 gallons per day.  That’s about 22,000 gallons per year in just one household!  The savings can be enormous, if we all take the time to make simple changes within our existing homes.



Build It Green (High Efficiency Toilets): 

US Environmental Protection Agency (WaterSense Toilets):

Flex Your Power (Toilets):

Water Use it Wisely (Toilets):


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Residential - Energy Rebates   March 18, 2009

Energy Star Offer/Rebate Finder: 

Energy Star Federal Tax Credits: 

Federal Tax Credits Summary: 

Flex Your Power Rebates:


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Residential - Energy Efficiency   March 18, 2009

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of every green home. Improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources are effective ways to reduce the potential of energy supply interruptions, improve air quality, reduce the impacts of global warming, and slow the rate at which we need to build new power plants.


Energy efficiency also makes good sense for homeowners: an energy-efficient house saves money by reducing utility bills year after year, and provides other valuable benefits. Better insulation, for example, reduces uncomfortable drafts, and double-pane windows make for a quieter home.



-Passive solar heating, overhangs on south windows, deciduous trees on west and south

-Upgraded insulation, SIPs, advanced air infiltration reduction practices (air sealing), Low-E double-pane windows

-Compact fluorescent lighting, low energy-using major appliances

-High-efficiency furnace or zoned, hydronic radiant heat; Tankless water heater

-Whole house fan, solar attic fan

-Solar water heating, photovoltaic system (solar panels), wind turbines


Energy Star Products: 

US Department of Energy:                       http://www.energy.gov/energyefficiency/energystar.htm

Build It Green Energy Efficient Appliances:  http://www.builditgreen.org/taxonomy_menu/3/4/31/45


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HB Green Score Card PILOT   March 10, 2009

Huntington Beach's Environmental Board has worked to develop a Green Scorecard program to aid and promote development of an environmentally friendly community. As part of this program the City has developed a draft green scorecard for citizens.  The Green Scorecard is an easy and simplified way to go green in HB, in the most convenient and efficient manner possible. This program is designed to elevate the public’s awareness of future state and city initiatives.

Going Green is creating environmentally sensitive, energy conscious and healthy communities. This process aims to improve Quality of Life, Economy and Environment through:

» Energy efficiency
» Water conservation and reduction of runoff
» Indoor environmental quality
» Waste reduction
» Smart growth and sustainable development
» Environmentally friendly services, materials and products

The documents associated with the HB Green scorecard can be found below:

HB Green Scorecard Checklist

HB Green Scorecard Program Introduction

HB Green Scorecard Application



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HB Citizen's bright green minds   March 02, 2009

Huntington Beach residents Daryl G. Pelc and Michael Siersema are among a panel of Orange County’s brightest “green” minds, read more here.


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Energy Efficiency for your Home pt. 1   February 27, 2009

Increasing energy costs are in the news lately and a proposed 16% increase in electric rates in 2009 will make paying that electricity bill even more costly.  Californians have been leading the nation in energy efficiency for many years and to keep utility bills affordable we will need to extend that leadership.  The graph below demonstrates California’s leadership in electricity use per person.

The good news is that Huntington Beach is also taking a leadership role in implementing best practices for local government energy management and helping the community to do the same.


The first priority to minimize energy expenses is to understand the Southern California Edison (SCE) bill and the five residential usage tiers set by the PUC.  Residential utility bills are priced based on the quantity used, the more power that your home uses the more you pay for each additional billing unit known as a Kilowatt-hour (KWh).  For example, in the summer the tier 1 energy cost is roughly 12 cents per KWh.  Compare that rate to the Tier 5 rate of 31 cents per KWh and you can quickly see that using more than the recommended level of electricity in your home is almost 3 times more expensive. 


The next step is to examine your utility bill and determine how much energy you need to reduce to remain in the more reasonably priced Tiers 2 or 3.  Eliminating the need to purchase those high priced KWh will produce the largest savings on your utility bills.


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Energy Efficiency for your Home pt. 2   February 26, 2009

Low-cost actions that will reduce your bills:

Turn off and unplug any unnecessary devices.  If you want to go the extra mile, purchase a smart power strip that automatically stops electricity use if devices like cell phones and ipods aren’t actively being charged. 


SCE will pay you $50 to get rid of your 2nd or 3rd refrigerator or freezer, and it will save the expensive tiers of energy, environment and your bank account balance every month.  If your primary refrigerator/freezer was made prior to 2001, you could save money by upgrading to a current energy star model.  If you are considering replacing your primary refrigerator/freezer (SCE offers incentives) then consider Energy Star units that save energy when compared to standard refrigerators.

Install Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) that are available at any lighting and hardware retailers and many drug stores.  Regular incandescent light bulbs use electricity and create 95% heat (waste) and 5% light.  CFLs produce the same amount and quality of light using 75% less electricity.  Replace all of your lights, except lighting circuits with dimmers or where the bulbs are in enclosed spaces.  Rainbow Disposal collects used CFLs at their facility located at 17121 Nichols St. in Huntington Beach.


Change air filters in your home’s Heating and/or Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.  The fan will not work as hard and use less energy.


Set water heater temperature down to 120 degrees.


Set computer sleep settings Start>Control Panel>Power Options.  Turn off power to computers at night.


Test for air leaks by holding a lit incense stick next to windows, doors, electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, attic hatches and other locations where there is a possible air path to the outside. If the smoke stream travels horizontally, you have located an air leak that may need caulking, sealing or weather stripping.


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Energy Efficiency for your Home pt. 3   February 26, 2009

Investments that pay energy saving dividends:

Anything that connects to your home’s electrical system should be Energy Star rated.  Go to www.energystar.gov for a list of products that have better energy performance than the minimum required Federal standards.


When major home systems need to be replaced such as roofs, furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes washers & dryers, refrigerators, windows and skylights make “energy efficiency performance” one of the criteria in your purchase decision.  The utility websites and the Energy Star website linked to above provide a tremendous amount of information to help make energy-wise purchases.


Finally, if you have eliminated all of the unnecessary and wasteful uses of energy in your home and still end up purchasing the most expensive tiers of energy, consider a solar electric or solar hot water system.


The capital costs of these systems can be significant, but they protect you and your family against rising energy costs for the next 40+ years.  It helps to think of an investment in solar as an up-front fixed-price purchase of the next 40 years of electricity for your household.  The price per unit of energy (KWh) from a solar system will not go up like normal utility rates since there are no fuel costs.  In most instances, before rebates, the cost per watt is in the $6-8 range depending on the specifics of the installation.  Some solar contractors offer multiple system discounts if several neighbors purchase at the same time.  This strategy helps to achieve the lower end of the range of capital costs.  The California Energy Commission has a consumer’s guide to purchasing a photovoltaic system. 


The city of Huntington Beach is extending its leadership in stewardship of energy resources and citizens can look for updates on the city’s efforts to reduce energy waste on the HB Goes Green section of the city’s website.

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Water   February 15, 2009

Huntington Beach operates a water utility that is eligible for 13 of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) and meets or will be meeting a number of the 13 BMPs established by the California Urban Water Conservation Council.

Some examples of BMPs and HB's performance are:

Water Use Surveys - HB's water conservation coordinator does strategic water use surveys when cost effective savings are likely.
Leak Detection and Repair - HB's water loss has averaged 6% over the last 5 years and easily meets the 9% standard.
Water Account Metering - 100% of HB's water accounts are metered.
Water rebates programs - HB participates in regional water efficiency rebate programs http://www.mwdoc.com/Water_Use_Efficiency.html
HB has a water conservation coordinator

Overall HB used less potable water in 2008 (31,857 acre-feet) than in 1991 (35,241 acre-feet).  That is a remarkable achievement.  Huntington Beach is larger and greener than in 1991 and reduced water consumption by 10%.


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Huntington Beach tops in California   February 02, 2009

Huntington Beach tops in state in recycling

Surf City and Fresno tied as the top recycling cities, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Read more here:


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Local Government Energy Partnership   February 02, 2009

HB & SCE form Energy Efficiency Partnership

On February 2, 2009 Huntington Beach's City Council Approved a resolution and contract to join SCE's local government energy partnership.

The resolution commits Huntington Beach to support a commitment to sustainable practices through energy efficiency in promoting, facilitating and instituting such practices in the community.


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Pharmaceutrical Drug Disposal Program   January 15, 2009

Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal Program


The City of Huntington Beach has installed a Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal box in the Lobby of the Huntington Beach Police Department. The Pharmaceutical Disposal program is being implemented so citizens can properly dispose of their old prescription medications, instead of placing them in the trash or flushing them down the toilet.


Improperly disposing of unused medications can harm others and the environment.


Medications which are flushed down the toilet are not completely removed by the sewage treatment facilities. These medications can enter the soil, surface water, and ground water. Research studies have shown that exposure to drugs found in waterways are having a serious impact on fish and other aquatic life.


The Huntington Beach Police Department front lobby is open from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm, seven days a week.


For further information about this program, contact Sergeant Guy Dove at (714) 536-5949.


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Huntington Beach Tree City USA   January 15, 2009

Tree City USA Designation


Huntington Beach has been named a Tree City USA community by the National Arbor Day Foundation to honor the city's commitment to community forestry. It is the seventh year Huntington Beach has received this national recognition. There are four standards to becoming a Tree City USA community: a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and an Arbor Day observance.


Properly placed trees can increase property values, and promote healthier communities.   The Tree City USA designation recognizes the work of elected officials, staff, and citizens who plan and care for the community forest. Huntington Beach is fortunate to have an active Tree Society that has supplied hundreds of trees and planting materials over the past years. 



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To Flush or not to flush...   January 07, 2009

Do you know what to do with expired medicine? Most people don't. We've been told to flush them to prevent harm to children or animals, but now we are being told not to flush. Scientists are warning about possible health problems associated with pharmaceuticals that are flushed down into the sewer. Some research has indicated that surface waters have tested positive for pharmaceuticals resulting from wastewater discharges. The long term health effects on marine life or human's is still not certain, but risks do exist.

The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) teamed up with the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and the City of Los Angeles to develop a public education campaign in partnership with the California Pharmacists Association and the California Poison Control System. The purpose of the campaign is to reduce the improper disposal of pharmaceuticals. The campaign's tagline "No Drugs Down the Drain" is meant to encourage Southern California residents to dispose of their unused or expired medicine in ways other than flushing them down the toilet.

In the past, residents were advised to flush unwanted medicines down the toilet; however, sewage treatment facilities are not designed to remove or destroy all chemicals present in pharmaceuticals. Therefore, pharmaceuticals present in wastewater can get into surface water and may cause a negative impact to the environment.

So what do we do with the expired medications we have at home? Trashing medicine is always better than flushing, the only precaution is to assure children or animals don't get into it. It is recommended that capsules and tablets be made unusable and unattractive by wetting, breaking, crushing, and putting remains in original child proof container and sealing them with tape before trashing them. Another option is to mix the medication with unpleasant trash and put out with the regular household trash.

A third and more desirable alternative is to visit a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center that can take your over the counter as well as prescribed medication that is either expired or no longer needed. In Orange County, the Integrated Waste Management Department has four centers that could assist with discarding medication; the center in Huntington Beach is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. located at 17121 Nichols St., Huntington Beach, CA.

This center not only takes medication but various hazardous materials, for a complete list please visit their website at www.oclandfills.com or call them at 714.834.4000. Remember, "Say no to flushing."


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HR green computers   January 02, 2009


Human Resources is helping lead the way in Green Computing for the City. In September 2008, Human Resources began using a PC of thin client design for job applicants to complete the NeoGov online job applications outside the Human Resources offices.

Thin client PCs run their applications from network shared drives and do not need their own hard drives or cooling fans. This significantly decreases their operational energy consumption and reduces the amount of electronic landfill waste (e-waste) when the units reach their end of life.

As these thin client PCs are less than half the purchase price of our City standard PCs, Information Services is researching where they can be used when new PCs are purchased or replacement.

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Landscaping - Water   November 26, 2008

Smart landscaping saves California’s water supply

It’s no secret that California experiences frequent and sometimes prolonged droughts like the one we find ourselves in now. The dry weather, together with an ever-increasing demand, puts water at a premium and makes the need for us to use water more efficiently ever more crucial.

In California, the largest use of all urban water is landscape.

However, living with water conservation doesn’t mean we have to give up our gardens. We can use water more efficiently and still have colorful, aesthetically pleasing landscapes, including some turf areas for recreation.

When a landscape or irrigation system is poorly designed or poorly maintained, or the landscape consists of plants not suited to the dry and often hot California climate, water demand increases as a result of excessive evaporation, leaks and runoff.

Water consumption can be greatly reduced with careful planning, good plant selection, efficient irrigation systems and good water management and maintenance practices.

Since too much water causes many problems with plants, it makes sense to be water wise. It will save money and time, as well as give the gardener the satisfaction of doing his or her part in solving California’s real water challenge.

For more information on outdoor landscaping, please visit www.bewaterwise.com.


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Free used motor oil disposal   November 26, 2008

Free residential used oil disposal

The Huntington Beach Fire Department, in coordination with the California Integrated Waste Management Board, has developed a residential used oil disposal program that gives “do-it-yourself” home mechanics a convenient and free way to properly dispose of their used oil and oil filters. The service has proven to be a cost effective method to prevent used oil from being illegally disposed into trash cans, curb drains, or directly onto the ground where it can be washed down to our local beaches and wetlands. In 2008, the program will collect over 1,000 gallons of used oil through a door-to-door “curbside” collection service, and 20,000 gallons through the “Certified Collection Center” program (auto parts stores and auto service businesses) as well as the Household Hazardous Waste Center at Rainbow Disposal. For moreinformation, please call 714-536-5469 or 714-536-5676.


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Police Department Greening   November 25, 2008

Effective November 17, 2008, the Police Department changed their shredding provider to Landmark Services, Inc. – Goodwill of Orange County.  Goodwill provides jobs to individuals with disabilities, thus assisting them in obtaining productive and valuable training and employment.  The department wants to contribute to and participate in that goal.


Goodwill’s document destruction service uses locked bins and requires federal background checks for every employee.  Their shredding facility is access controlled and under 24-hour surveillance.  Shredding containers are locked and secured at the department, during transport and while at the Goodwill facility waiting to be shredded.


In support of a greener environment, Goodwill Clients sort through paper documents, separating the white paper from the colored paper, preparing them for shredding and eventual recycling.  This process allows for a faster turnaround of the shredded paper back into useable everyday items. 


Goodwill also provides a program to collect, re-use and recycle electronic items. Their e-waste program offers a safe and easy way for both consumers and businesses to dispose of their electronics free of charge.       


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Recycling Centers in HB   November 15, 2008

The United States leads the world in municipal waste production and the waste volume is growing faster than the U.S. population. Every year, residents, businesses, and institutions produced more than 251 million tons of waste, which is approximately 4.6 pounds of waste per person per day. In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage. This means that each adult will leave a legacy of 90,000 lbs. of trash for his or her children. 

In this decade, it is projected that Americans will throw away over 1 million tons of aluminum cans and foil, more than 11 million tons of glass bottles and jars, over 4 and a half million tons of office paper and nearly 10 million tons of newspaper. Almost all of this material could be recycled, which would conserve resources, energy and money.

At this time, less than one-quarter of American waste is recycled; the rest is incinerated or buried in landfills. With a little forethought, we could reuse or recycle more than 70 percent of the landfilled waste, which includes valuable materials such as glass, metal, and paper. This would reduce the demand on virgin sources of these materials and eliminate potentially severe environmental, economic, and public health problems.

Did You Know:

  • Recycling a four-foot stack of newspapers saves the equivalent of one 40-foot fir tree.
  • Every glass bottle recycled saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for 4 hours.
  • Making cans from recycled aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to produce cans from virgin material.
  • Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire commercial airline fleet every three months.
  • Recycling all of your home’s waste newsprint, cardboard, glass, and metal can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 850 pounds a year.
  • One tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year.

Recycling Websites:

This site allows visitors to search for recycling locations and events by material type, by city & state, or by zip.

This is the state’s Dept. of Conservation official beverage container recycling site.

CRV recycling centers in Huntington Beach:

Huntington Beach Tomra Pacific, Inc. Albertson’s #6124
19640 Beach Blvd., HB 92648

Navarro Bros. Recycling Bill’s Liquor
19351 Beach Blvd., HB 92648

Beachside Recycling
8601 Edison Ave., Ste. B, HB 92646

Huntington Beach Tomra Pacific, Inc. Ralphs #650
19081 Goldenwest St., HB 92648

Huntington Beach Recycling
7632 Slater Ave., HB 92647

Huntington Beach Tomra Pacific, Inc. Ralphs #69
6942 Warner Ave., HB 92647

Huntington Beach Tomra Pacific, Inc. Ralphs #131
5241 Warner Ave., HB 92649

Huntington Beach Tomra Pacific, Inc. Ralphs #746
16821 Algonquin St., HB 92649


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Learn more about Water   November 15, 2008

Water Links:

Be Water Wise

California Coastal Commission

California State Government Department of Water Resources

California Water Association

California’s Water Crisis

Orange County Watershed and Coastal Resources Division



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Rainbow Disposal   November 15, 2008

Rainbow Disposal provides residential trash service to Huntington Beach residents. In April 2007, Rainbow launched its automated waste collection system, making proper waste disposal and recycling more convenient for our community. Find out more about Rainbow Disposal’s services and answers to your recycling questions here (Rainbow Disposal Newsletter Winter 2008—both pages 1 and 2). Here are some of the recent Rainbow Disposal actions:

  • Residential Franchise Agreement, 3 can program
  • Recycle batteries
  • Commercial waste process at materials recovery
  • Construction debris separated at their facility
  • One of four facilities/locations in the county for household hazardous waste drop off of Automotive fuels, Paints, Prescriptions, Batteries, E-waste, Household Chemical, Tires
  • Waste management vehicle fleet that serves the City is currently being updated with the purchase of new vehicles that operate on compressed natural gas (CNG). 10% fleet converted, with a target completion date late 2008/early 2009.
  • Currently all vehicles are equipped with smog and particulate reducing scrubbers integrated into the exhaust systems.

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Paint, Batteries, automotive fluids   November 15, 2008

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Disposing of hazardous household waste can be an issue if you do not know the proper procedures. Improper disposal of paints, antifreeze, and car fluids, for example, can lead to ground and water contamination. Click here to learn how to dispose of all of your hazardous household waste (Household Waste Disposal Information).


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HB Recycling activities   November 15, 2008

Recent City Actions

The City of Huntington Beach acknowledges that proper waste disposal and recycling is an important priority. Here are some of the recent City actions:

  • Contract Administration uses a computer recycling program through Dell, Inc.
  • All printer cartridges are recycled
  • Double-sided copying is encouraged for all forms of reprographics
  • Asphalt and concrete spoils are ground up and used for street and trench base materials on other projects.
  • Use recycled tire rubber asphalt for our streets. This limits the amount of tires that end up in the landfills and provides numerous benefits such as sound control, and stays black longer which slows oxidation resulting in a longer lasting street.
  • During the design of all infrastructure projects, staff evaluates the use of efficient products and designs. This includes using recycled rubber asphalt, efficient pumps, reduced grading and hauling, and recycling materials demolished and removed from the site.
  • The City implements rubberized playgrounds at community parks
  • Administering a State grant, the City Fire Dept. offers curbside pickup of used motor oil.
  • Abandoned hazardous material that is collected from the streets is disposed of by incineration, recycling or fuel blend techniques.
  • Hazardous material that is generated by the processes performed here in City functions is disposed of by recycling, fuel blending or incineration.
  • Landfills are used as a last recourse, meaning that other processes are not available.
  • City Vehicle Fleet (non-safety) Eliminating gross polluters from fleet. Sizing vehicles down to maximum size needed to do the job. Transitioning to hybrids vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles where possible.
  • Recycling: Administered through Rainbow Disposal
  • Recycled paint use for graffiti abatement
  • Recycler PET - plastic lumber used on all site furnishings (park benches, tables, signage at City Hall, bicycle racks)
  • Recycle annually two tons scrap metal from vehicle maintenance
  • Municipal Tree Trimming Program
  • Private Cuttings go to a certified green waste handler
  • Hold in house cuttings converted to mulch, and reused on city property to assist in water retention which results in less water needed.

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Transportation   November 15, 2008

Most forms of transportation involve the combustion of fossil fuels, which adds to the problem of air pollution. Air pollution problems and carbon dioxide emissions are most intense where the traffic is most dense, around cities and airports, for example. Carpooling, keeping your tires adequately inflated, changing your car’s air filter, driving a fuel efficient or hybrid car, taking public transportation, and not idling your car are all important steps you can take to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions, cut down on air pollution and save money.

 In addition to the pollution issues, traffic (especially road traffic) and associated construction work also contributes to issues such as congestion, noise pollution and the disruption of ecosystems.  City transportation planning and project development reflects the desires of the community, while accounting for the impacts on both the natural and human environments. Transportation projects are closely looked at to see how they might impact the community, the natural environment, and our health and welfare.

City Ride Share Program

In order to mitigate the pollution caused by employees commuting to the Civic Center, the Public Works Department is encouraging employees to carpool or ride Orange County Transportation Authority buses. If you are a city employee interested in forming or joining a carpool, please contact the Public Works Department. We will enter your name, work phone number, & city department, as well as your city of residence and zip code into the Rideshare Matching database. You will then receive a printout. The Public Works Department also administers the Guaranteed Ride Home Program for the benefit of carpool participants working at the Civic Center. If you are stranded at work due to car problems, or if you or your driver must go home early due to illness or emergency, we will loan you a city vehicle or reimburse taxi fare if no vehicle is available. You must be a permanent employee, and you must register your carpool with Public Works to be eligible for this program. For more information on how to register for these programs, please call Stachelski, Bob at (714) 536-5523.

Look through the links below to find more ways to cut your carbon dioxide emissions, find public transportation, and State transportation initiatives.


California Clean Cars Campaign  

California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)

California Hydrogen Highway  

CalStart Clean Transportation Solutions

Orange County (District 12) CalTrans

Orange County Transportation Authority

SUV Solutions

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HB water backgrounder   November 15, 2008

Covering about 70% of the earth’s surface, the oceans are a highly productive system which continuously recycles chemicals, nutrients and water through the "hydrological cycle", which powers climate and weather, and which regulates global temperature by acting as a giant heat reservoir from the sun. The benefits from oceans and seas granted to humans have been underestimated, and are vulnerable because of the degree of pollution, degradation and overexploitation, which can ultimately threaten coastal communities, like Huntington Beach, their economy and society in general.

Foremost, care, management and use of oceans and seas and their natural resources is a common responsibility, demanding the maximum effort from all countries in order for it to be achieved sustainably.

Water is essential to Huntington Beach’s and all of California’s quality of life. Unfortunately, California’s water system is in a crisis. For the first time in the state’s history, the water supply and delivery system may not be able to meet our growing needs. The City of Huntington Beach is actively working on a water conservation program.


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Water Conservation   November 15, 2008

Water Conservation

Water Saving Tips

Fix leaky faucets, plumbing joints and your sprinkler system.  Saves
20 gallons a day for every leak stopped.

Use a broom to clean driveways and sidewalks.  Saves 150 gallons or more
each time.

Shorten your showers.  Even a one- or two- minute reduction can save up to
375 gallons per month.

Adjust your sprinklers so that water lands on your lawn or garden - where it belongs.  Saves 500 gallons a month.

Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket.  Saves up to 200 gallons a month.

Run only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher. 
Saves 300 - 800 gallons a month.

Use only as much water on your lawn as you need.  Step on your grass.  If it springs back when you lift your foot, it doesn't need water.  Use the watering
calculator and watering index found at www.bewaterwise.com to learn how much
water your lawn really needs.  Saves 750 - 1,500 gallons a month.

Replace your old washing machine with a new, high efficiency model.
Saves 20 - 30 gallons per load.  Rebates are available, please contact Bill Crisp,
the City's Water Conservation Coordinator, at 714.374.1796 for further information.

Your Water Consumption

Your water bill shows usage in units of 100 cubic feet of water. An average household in Huntington Beach uses 12 units per one-month reading period. To convert this to gallons, multiply by 748. This will give you approximately the number of gallons you used during that reading period. If you divide the number of days in the reading period (approximately 30 days) you will have the number of gallons you use per day. For example, if your bill indicates you used 15 units of water and the reading period is 30 days, you would multiply 15 units times 748 gallons for a total usage of 11,220 gallons. If you divide this by the 30 days in the reading period, your average daily usage is 374 gallons. If you need additional information, call (714) 536-5921 during our regular telephone hour's 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, and a representative from the Water Division will assist you.

Examples of City Water Conservation


  • Central Park - all irrigation served by non-potable water from our own well.
  • Sports Complex, Green and Pattinson Parks are equipped with digital controllers and moisture sensing devices that sense the ground moisture, so that irrigation is delivered only as needed.
  • As older equipment is replaced, we are using the same type system. Water
  • Agency recognized as leader for outstanding efforts to reduce electricity use during times of critical demand. Run pumping off peak.
  • Constructed dual-fuel capabilities at reservoir booster stations that allow the flexibility to participate in Demand Bidding Programs with SCE that lowers the City’s cost of operation and allows the switch from electric driven equipment to natural gas/propane driven equipment.
  • Installed Variable frequency drives at two large water well locations that have saved an est. 12% in electrical usage.
  • We participate in SCE’s “savings by design programs” and have been awarded rebates for our efforts.
  • Continue to replace old natural gas engines with new low emission engines.
  • Have installed emission control equipment on all water pumping units that are larger than 50 hp.
  • We subscribe to SCE’s Energy Manager Program that allows the City access to energy usage data, consumption and “what-if” analyses to insure efficient operations for all our larger electric pumping equipment in both water and wastewater.
  • Recycled Water - The Utilities Division is nearing completion of a project that will utilize colored water from one of the City's groundwater wells to irrigate Central Park. Colored water is of high quality, but because of the high color (the water resembles a weak tea) is not suitable for potable use.


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Urban Runoff   November 15, 2008

Urban Runoff

  • HB is making conintued efforts to replace 1960’s and 1970’s era storm water pumps and motors with current more efficient and cleaner running machinery.
  • Staff continues to seek to reduce water runoff (both dry and wet weather flows) into the City drainage system that then needs to be pumped out of our drainage channels. In reducing the quantity of water, the cost and energy needed to run these pumps is reduced. During the development review process, the amount of runoff from developing sites is reduced to mitigate impacts to the storm drain system. Water Quality officers identify illegal runoff and educate businesses and the general public on how to conserve water and reduce runoff.

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Mayor's Greeting   November 15, 2008

HB Goes Green
By Mayor Keith Bohr

The environment has always been important to the residents and leaders of Huntington Beach. But recent environmental events, like water and power shortages in Southern California, have made it clear that we need to do more now to protect our local and global environment and restore our resources for future members of our community. That is why I am making the initiation of "Green Programs" a priority for the City of Huntington Beach.

With the multi-focus on conservation, reduction in waste and emissions, and health and safety, "Green Programs" have recently evolved to encompass a broad range of components, including Facilities-Energy Conservation, Waste Management and Recycling, and Water Quality and Conservation. These three categories will be the focus of the City's new environmental measures. These measures will decrease amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy and resources, reduce waste, promote energy efficiency and green construction methods, protect the health and safety of its citizens, and preserve economic stability.

One example of our initiatives at work is the installation of more energy efficient equipment and upgrades throughout the City's facilities that will save money and further protect the environment. More specifically, these modifications will provide an estimated savings of 1,380,638 KWh and $177,884 in costs annually. After rebates this would pay back the initial investment in just 3 years.

I am most certainly not alone in my efforts to build a 'green' community. Earlier this year, the City Council approved the formation of an Ad-Hoc Committee to identify priority threats to the environment and community. This committee will further our goal of becoming an energy-efficient, waste reducing, environmentally safe and healthy community. At this time, we are also in process of hiring an Energy Project Manager to guarantee the success of these new environmental efforts. This person will create and administer an energy management program; create methods to implement initiatives; act as an advocate for change at the local and State levels; and act as the expert and lead resource for all energy, sustainable and green design issues.

The Huntington Beach Planning Committee has expressed a strong interest in the topic of sustainability as well, leading to the formation of a Planning Commission Green Subcommittee. This subcommittee has assembled a significant amount of information to assist in developing a green building program in HB, and offers green building advice to both homeowners and building professionals.

The City also takes recommendations from the Environmental Board. The Environmental Board is a volunteer board that studies the environment of HB and investigates all actual and potential threats to a clean environment and then reports its recommendations to the City Council and other departments and commissions.

Energy consumption, transportation needs, urban development, and health and safety are just a few municipal issues that are connected to our ability to create a sustainable future. As mayor and as a member of the community, I am committed to continuing to develop specific programs aimed at addressing these municipal issues and preserving the natural environment.

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Bike Paths   November 15, 2008

Huntington Beach has extensive bike paths including significant off-road but paved bike paths.

Primarily the beachfront service road and the Santa Ana River Trail terminus at the South end of HB.

Check out the map to plan your bike route.


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US & California Environmental Programs   November 01, 2008

Follow any of the links to learn more about California and US Environmental Programs.

California Climate Choices

California Department of Conservation

California Environmental Protection Agency

California Resources Agency

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES)

Global Green

Natural Resources Defense Council

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency Kids Site


NRDC - The Green Squad


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Adopt a Beach   November 01, 2008

Simple Green Adopt-A-Beach Program

Simple Green, makers of environmentally-friendly cleaning products have teamed up with the City of Huntington Beach in a joint venture, which has proven to be one of the best partnerships that each company has ever endeavored. During the winter when Beach Maintenance staff is at a minimum, 19 nonprofit organizations come out weekly to clean a section of the city beach. The five-month Simple Green Adopt-A-Beach Program begins in November, and the teams cover the area from Beach Boulevard to  Goldenwest Street as well as four Huntington Harbor beaches. At the end of the program, which is the last week in March, Simple Green awards each group with a check for $750. In return, the City displays the Simple Green mascot, EGBAR, on the back of city lifeguard towers, which are seen by millions of beach visitors year round. Tim Turner and Tim Dugan, who helped develop the Adopt-A-Beach Program say that they don't get too much turnover in the groups, but that the volunteers are changing all the time. They say that they are now seeing the third generation of Simple Green Adopt-A-Beach volunteers, and the environmental awareness being passed on from generation to generation is priceless. <

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Historic City Gym gets modern lights   October 24, 2008

The historic and beautiful depression era City Gym building got a big boost in lighting efficiency in the middle of 2007.

The city's Public Works: Maintenance department removed 15 fixtures that were consuming 400 watts each and replaced them with 206 watts each for a 51% reduction in lighting energy.

This saved 41,870 KWh or about $2,200 per year.  The project cost $5,200, SCE paid for $1,500 of the project and the energy savings paid for the rest of the project in about 18 months.

As a result of this project the city avoided emitting 15 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually.


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City Warehouse   October 24, 2008

Have you ever been in a poorly lit warehouse?  Now imagine spending your entire workday in that area. 

What if you could get better light quality and save money and energy at the same time?

That is a win-win. 

In mid 2007 the city's Public Works: Maintenance department installed significantly more efficient and higher quality lamps that saved the city $13,043 annually, earned a $10,500 SCE rebate and reduced the cities greenhouse gas emissions by almost 34 metric tons (just under 1% of the city's 2020 reduction goal).

Public Works: Maintenance is doing their part in the effort to make HB Green.


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A greener parking garage?   October 24, 2008

Greening a parking structure can be a pretty difficult task.  In 2007, the Public Works maintenance department did just that.

Removing inefficient lighting and replacing with with more efficient and standard lights, the light quality and levels were improved in the garage, maintenance costs were reduced and 188,000 KWh were saved.

This saved over $28,000 in utility costs annually and avoided emitting over 68 metric tons of greenhouse gases, (1.5% of HB's 2020 reduction goal).

Additional, measures identified as part of this project to improve lighting levels are to paint white the remaining bare concrete areas in the garage to reflect more light into the parking structure.


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Virtual Servers?   October 24, 2008

Back in 2006 when the number of servers in Huntington Beach was nearing 90 and the air conditioners were struggling to keep the place cool enough, staff researched and deployed a cutting edge technology.

Server virtualization - in short allows 90 or more "servers" to be housed on just 7 physical machines.  The end users experienced no changes and the city got to sell to surplus the unneeded servers.

This operation saved the city about 233,000 KWh annually.  This translates into $26,795 in saved utility costs in addition to the maintenance savings of only having to maintain 7 machines instead of almost 100.

85 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions (ghg) aren't being emitted annually as a result of this project.  85 m-tons of avoided ghg emissions represents about 1.8% of Huntington Beach's ghg reduction target for 2020.


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Treasurer Saves Trees   October 24, 2008

The City Treasurer redesigned the municipal services invoicing system to use 6,600 pounds less paper through condensing the standard utility bill language and printing on both sides of the paper.  Additionally, electronic payment options were added that reduced the paper and fuel consumed by mailing checks.  According to the Environmental Defense Fund's paper calculator, this phase of the project reduced CO2 emissions by 10 metric tons annually, saved the need to cut 94 trees annually and elminated 75,000 gallons of water used to process the trees into paper. Over 40% of municipal services payments are now received electronically by the City Treasurer.
On top of the environmental benefits of this project it also saves the city $33,000 annually.  The simple payback on this project was just over 3 months and the return on investment from this project is over 350% annually.

The City Treasurer received the 2008 Environment Award from the Enviroment Board of the City of Huntington Beach in November 2008.  This award is presented annually to one commercial applicant that demonstrates a project or achievement that is of benefit to the environment and the community.

Phase 2 of the project is pending which will allow customer to "Go Green" Electronically and eliminate paper bills.  To sign up for eBill and ePay services, click here.


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Sports Field Lighting   October 24, 2008

The parks in Huntington Beach (Murdy, Worthy, Sports Complex, Edison, etc.) have been upgraded or are in the planning process to be upgraded to the most efficient version of ball field lighting.

Parks and Sports Field lighting use a tremendous amount of energy.

Huntington Beach has proactively invested in more efficient sports field lighting and advanced scheduling capacity to ensure that the lights only operate when needed by the community.


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Green Police Department   October 24, 2008

Huntington Beach's Police Department is doing their part to green the city.

The department has tested green cleaning supplies, found products that meet the needs and switched all cleaning supplies to greenseal certified green cleaners.  This includes the motor pool garage cleaners, aviation cleaners and custodial supplies.

The mensrooms in the Police departments all use waterless urinals, saving about 45,000 gallons of water each annually.

The department is also diligent in working to ensure that the gasoline consumed by the police cars is used efficiently.  Tire inflation is checked twice daily.  Proper tire inflation is the most cost-effective way to improve mileage.  The Police Department has ordered hybrid vehicles for the parking enforcement fleet and is waiting for delivery of the hybrid vehicles.

The department is also studying the LED (Light Emitting Diode) lightbars.  The lightbars are much more efficient and do not drain the car's battery as quickly which would enable officiers to reduce the idling time at accidnet and crime scenes.  This will significantly increase the miles per gallon of the vehicles.

The department has an extensive recycling program with high utilization rates.  The department recycles old vehicle tires locally through Ecology Tire Company.


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Cleaner Air Leaf Blowers   October 24, 2008

The Huntington Beach Public Works: Maintenance department has worked diligently over 4 years to replace all 2-stroke back pack style leaf blowers to new state of the art less polluting 4-stroke back pack style leaf blowers.

The department worked with the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to affordably upgrade the leaf blowers to more efficient and less polluting models.  SCAQMD provided some clean air grant funding to defray the cost of the purchases.

Public Works: Maintenance department is doing their part to cause HB to go Green.


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Green Printing Initiative.   October 24, 2008

The City of Huntington Beach has adopted a Green Printing Initiative to reduce printing costs, improve utilization of existing equipment features, and help the environment. The initiative is a result of a cost study of toner cartridge usage for local desktop printers. The study found that the cost of local printers can be up to 7 times greater than that of workgroup or multi-function printer/copiers. This is due to the high cost of printer cartridges for these machines. Disposal of these cartridges also adds to the landfill.

This project when complete will reduce energy consumption by 25,000 KWh annually.  This results in $3,000 electric bill savings.  The reduction in energy used will translate into 9 metric tons of avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually.  Huntington Beach's GHG reduction goal is 4,500 m-tons saved annually by 2020.

The project provides honor roll recognition for those employees who agree to turn in personal printers and use the more efficient network printers.  Click here to see the honor roll. 

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Mens Rooms   October 01, 2008

Waterless urinals have been installed in most major city facilities.  Each unit saves about 45,000 gallons of water annually.


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