HB Goes Green

HB Goes Green

By Mayor Jill Hardy

The environment has always been important to the residents and leaders of Huntington Beach. But recent environmental events, like water and power shortages in Southern California, have made it clear that we need to do more now to protect our local and global environment and restore our resources for future members of our community. That is why I am making the initiation of "Green Programs" a priority for the City of Huntington Beach.   Continue >>

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Virtual Servers?   October 24, 2008

Back in 2006 when the number of servers in Huntington Beach was nearing 90 and the air conditioners were struggling to keep the place cool enough, staff researched and deployed a cutting edge technology.

Server virtualization - in short allows 90 or more "servers" to be housed on just 7 physical machines.  The end users experienced no changes and the city got to sell to surplus the unneeded servers.

This operation saved the city about 233,000 KWh annually.  This translates into $26,795 in saved utility costs in addition to the maintenance savings of only having to maintain 7 machines instead of almost 100.

85 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions (ghg) aren't being emitted annually as a result of this project.  85 m-tons of avoided ghg emissions represents about 1.8% of Huntington Beach's ghg reduction target for 2020.


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