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Michael E Rodgers
Seniors' Center

(714) 536-9387

FAX: (714) 374-1620

1706 Orange Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Recreation Supervisor
Michael E. Rodgers Seniors' Center
Kristin Martinez

Seniors' Outreach

(714) 960-2478

FAX: (714) 374-1620

1718 Orange Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Senior Supervisor
Human Services
Randy Pesqueira

The Michael E. Rodgers Seniors' Center is a focal point for an array of active aging programs and services important to the quality of life for the seniors in our community.  The center is a multi-purpose facility and offers opportunities for community involvement and companionship with a wide range of social, recreational, and educational programs promoting wellness.  In addition, Senior Serv provides a hot lunch Monday – Friday at 11:30 am with a recommended donation of $3.00 for those over 60 and a cost of $5.00 for those under 60.

Seniors Outreach Center facilitates independent living and developing a plan for facing late-life transitions. The Seniors Outreach Center provides services that assist elders in the city with their physical, emotional and nutritional needs through professionally trained staff and volunteers.  The Outreach Center, adjacent to the Seniors Center, focuses on programs and services for frail. at-risk or homebound seniors to promote safety, self-sufficiency and independence.


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