Park/Beach Bench Donation Information

Thank you for your interest in donating a name recognition or dedication bench to be placed on the Municipal Pier or along Blufftop Park or one of the City's parks. As you can appreciate, there is currently a waiting list for people to place a bench in these locations.

The City of Huntington Beach has an established policy for recognizing donations for park benches. Per the conditions of Resolution 2004-90 adopted by City Council, you may donate a park bench in memory of a relative or loved one, with the following options:

 1.The name only, including the year;

 2. In honor of (individuals name), including the year;

 3. In memory of (individuals name), including the year.

Your preferred option will be placed on a four-inch by ten-inch (4” x 10”) bronze plaque (accommodating up to 40 characters) affixed to the bench.

Please contact Scott Smith, Beach Maintenance at or (714) 536-5287 to place your name on the waiting list for the Municipal Pier. Please be advised the Pier has been full for some time and no benches are to be placed in the foreseeable future.

We also have this program in effect throughout the City’s parks, including Blufftop Park. Please contact Mr. David DeLaTorre, Landscape Maintenance Supervisor in the Park, Tree & Landscaping Division of the Public Works Department at (714) 375-5124 or Wording for plaques should be submitted to Mr. DeLaTorre. You can also discuss the bench location with him.

The City of Huntington Beach has approved a standard bench, which is available for purchase from Quick Crete Products. The contact number for Quick Crete Products is (951) 737-6240. The approximate cost of the bench is $1,400.00 including the bronze plaque cost of $246.00, administrative fee of $250.00, there is an additional fee for a concrete pad which is needed for mounting the bench. This service is provided by an outside contractor but, is coordinated by City staff. Currently, the fee is estimated at $775.00. Mr. DeLaTorre coordinates bench donations for the City and will make the necessary arrangements for ordering and delivery of the bench; however, the financial transaction will be between the individual donor and Quick Crete Products; and Contractor for the concrete pad.

Mr. DeLaTorre will approve your proposed wording based on the approved text noted above. Checks should be made directly to Quick Crete Products once a final cost is determined. Please keep in mind that this transaction is a one-time purchase. The City cannot be financially responsible for vandalism to the bench or plaque. Also in the event that the bench needs to be removed due to an unsafe condition, you will be contacted to determine if you would like to pay for replacement of the bench. Otherwise, the bench will be removed and a standard bench will be installed whenever funds become available. The City will try and accommodate specific location requests to the best of its ability, however, the City reserves the right to move benches as needed for operational needs; your bench donation does not guarantee a specific location on the park or pier.

Please contact Mr. Smith to place your name on the wait list or Mr. DeLaTorre to advise him of your desire to donate a park bench. Thank you, again, for your interest.


Did you know?

Huntington Beach has 75 parks and these parks have 754 acres!  You can find information about the City parks by viewing our City Parks Locator.

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