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    Huntington Beach Public Library members have free access to a wealth of subscription databases containing a wide range of information from respected authors and journals. Remote library users must login to access the sites.

    For a list of our databases, look at our onsite database menu.

    The library's materials budget continues to be reduced during this economic downturn. As a result, we are not able to purchase as many books, magazines and database subscriptions as we have had previously.

    How to Login

    To access HBPL databases, login with your library card number and PIN number.

    Your library card number is 14 digits, no spaces (normally begins with 2111900xxxxxxx). Your PIN# is the last four numbers of your phone number when you registered for your library card. A listing of databases will appear on the left side. Simply click on the database name to access.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Databases


    Consumer ReportsHow do I access Consumer Reports from home?

    Help What’s the problem?

    Trouble with remote access due to Pop-up Blockers | Firewalls

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    What are research databases?
    Research databases are electronic resources that contain an organized body of related information from a wide range of well-known, authoritative sources. Although they are distributed via the Web, traditional search engines such as Google or Yahoo cannot easily retrieve the content (magazine and newspaper articles, reference books, television and radio broadcast transcripts, maps, photographs, pamphlets, etc.) in these resources. The scope of coverage varies—some databases such as EbscoHost are very broad, others such as the Mango Languages or Heritage Quest are more specialized.

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    What is the difference between using a database and doing a search on Google?
    The information in databases has been reviewed and edited and comes from reliable, authoritative sources. Google returns results from public websites. Although there is an enormous volume of information on the Web, no oversight exists to guarantee the information retrieved is accurate, objective, and current.

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    Is there any charge for using them?

    No. The Library has purchased subscriptions to these databases, so they can be provided free of charge to our patrons. Anyone can use them for free in the library and Library cardholders can also access the majority of the databases from home.

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    How do I access them from home?

    Above there is a link to use databases remotely from home. You must have your Library card number and PIN to access these resources from your home, office, or school. Your Library card number is the 14 digit number below the barcode on the back of your Library card (starts with 21119...). Your PIN is the last 4 digits of the phone number that you gave us when you applied for your card.

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    Which browser and settings do I need to access the databases?
    You should be able to use the resource databases with any reasonably modern browser. If you are using a browser that is more than a couple of years old, you might want to consider upgrading to a newer version. Many of the databases use cookies and/or Javascript, so you’ll probably want to have those enabled. If you are using Internet privacy software, be aware that one of the things it can do is block referring URLs. If you are having trouble accessing a database from home, you may need to configure your privacy software to allow these.

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    How do I print articles?
    Although you can use the print button on your browser, most of the databases have a print function on their interface that reformats the text of the article to reduce the number of printed pages.

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    Can I email articles or citations to myself?
    Yes, the majority of the databases give you the option of emailing the article or saving it to disk.

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    How do I access Consumer Reports from home?

    Consumer Reports

    1. To access HBPL databases, login with your library card number and PIN number.

    Your library card number is 14 digits, no spaces (normally begins with 2111900xxxxxxx). Your PIN# is the last four numbers of your phone number when you registered for your library card.

    2. Once logged in, you will see a listing of databases on the left. Click on the link "Ebsco (Magazines|Journals)"

    3. A new window will open up, click on the link "General, Health, Business and Newspaper Databases"

    4. Click on the "Continue" button. A search screen will appear.

    5. Type in your search term and type "Consumer Reports" in the Publication box.

    6. You can sort the results by most recent date by click on the Sort by drop-down box and selecting "Date Descending"

    7. You can also browse Consumer Reports issues by clicking on the Publications link located on the top left and then search for Consumer Reports. Watch Watch Video how-to video.

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    What’s the problem? Help
    If the error message is about your Library card number or PIN, call Circulation Services at 714-842-4481. If your card number and PIN are accepted, but the database asks you for another username and password, see our troubleshooting section below.

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    Pop-up Blockers

    Our remote database site uses pop-up windows, and if you are using utility software that blocks such windows, these functions will not work. Please temporarily disable such software while accessing our databases.

    To turn off Internet Explorer pop-up blocker:

    Click on Tools, Pop-Up Blocker, Turn Off pop-up blocker

    If you don't want to turn off Internet Explorer's pop-up blocker, you may try adding website exceptions to pop-up blocker:







    Click on Tools, Pop-Up Blocker, Pop-up blocker settings, type in the list of sites above and click Add after each one.

    If turning off your pop-up blocker doesn't work, try adding the list of sites to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

    Click on Tools, Internet Options, Security Tab, Trusted Sites icon (green checkmark circle 3rd one across)

    Click on Sites.. button and type in the list of sites above and click Add button after each one.

    Uncheck the box that says "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.

    If turning off the pop-up blocker and adding the trusted sites doesn't work you should try adding the list of above sites to the firewall exceptions or turn off/disable your firewall while accessing the databases. 

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    Some Firewall settings can secure your computer so well that certain features of our databases will not work. If you experience problems, try configuring your firewall to allow you to verify blocking manually, then permit access from our web site as you access these features.

    Other programs that may cause the message of authentication failed for Heritage Quest would be Zone Alarm Firewall, Google Web Accelerator, and other Firewall programs. Temporarily exit out of these programs by right-clicking on the program icon located next to the time in the lower right hand corner of the screen. When you are finished using the databases, you can resume using those protective utilities.

    Instructions to disable Norton Internet Security

    Locate the Norton Internet Security icon in the system tray located next to the time clock in the lower right corner of your screen. This is also how you can disable it temporarily. You may need to disable it temporarily to discover if it is a source of your problem.

    To disable it:

    Right click on the icon
    Choose Disable from the menu
    Choose 30 minutes or however long you need to use Heritage Quest.
    Go back to www.hbpl.org and access Heritage Quest again

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