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Mayor's SB54 Message - Sanctuary State Law
posted on 03/23/2018.

The City of Huntington Beach has been following the news of cities standing up to Sacramento in their rejection of Senate Bill 54, the Sanctuary State Law. As your Mayor, I have been following this bill and was in Sacramento while the bill was in its final debate and vote. Our Assemblyman, Travis Allen, made an impassioned speech in opposition that I had the privilege of witnessing. As we now know, Senate Bill 54 passed that day.

California, as a Sanctuary State, is in violation of federal law as witnessed by recent action by United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he announced on March 6, 2018, that the federal government would sue the State over SB54 and related bills, AB450 and AB103. The lawsuit seeks to block all three bills.

Your City Council has a priority of ensuring the safety for all of its residents. SB54, AB450, and AB103 all represent a threat to public safety. In order for the City to maintain our superior record of public safety, we have been exploring options to ensure your safety and maintain local control, while at the same time, fulfill our oath of upholding the Constitution.

To that end, Mayor Pro Tem Erik Peterson and I will introduce our agenda item directing the City Attorney to seek relief from SB54 mandates. The item will be introduced for discussion and vote at out next Council meeting scheduled for April 2, 2018.


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