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City Response to Republic Labor Disputes
posted on 12/10/2021.

The current labor conflict at Republic Services has the potential to create significant trash service disruptions for Huntington Beach.  Here at the City, we wanted to provide the community with an overview of what we know, and what our residents and businesses can expect with regard to solid waste services moving ahead.

The City was first informed yesterday, on December 9, that the labor situation at Republic Services had escalated and that Republic Services employees were on strike.  Since the situation first developed, the City made numerous attempts to gather additional information from Republic about the impacts residents and businesses could expect due to the ongoing labor dispute.  We were initially told that the strike should have no material impact on services and that the dispute should be resolved fairly quickly.  However, as the day unfolded, and after numerous attempts to gather additional details as to what was happening, it became clear that the City was not being provided with timely information, and the details that we were provided were, at best, inaccurate.

In particular, the information we have been receiving from Republic has been absolutely unacceptable.  The City has only been provided vague, noncommittal and generic information, which is unacceptable for any vendor with whom the City contracts for services.

We’ve only received limited information from Republic, and the most current information we have is as follows:

  • Residents and businesses who normally have their trash picked-up this week on either Thursday or Friday are impacted. 
  • All commercial and industrial routes for solid waste, recycling and organics have been delayed and will be rerouted for collection next week.
  • Republic is planning to operate limited residential trash collection services throughout this weekend in an attempt to service customers who were impacted on Thursday and Friday.
  • Republic has not provided a timeline as to when regular trash services will resume.
  • Republic is working to have increased crews by Monday in an attempt to provide service.

Moving ahead, given the lack of information from Republic, the City is currently in the process of finalizing contingency plans for trash services.  Those contingency plans will be deployed next week, if Republic cannot resolve their current inability to deliver trash pickup services. 

Among the options being developed by the City include the following:

  • Hiring another company to come in and perform trash collection services for Huntington Beach residents and businesses.  Residents, customers, and the City will not be responsible for the cost to hire another company.  Per the City’s existing agreement with Republic, these costs must be paid for by Republic.
  • Starting Monday, December 13, the City will have two large roll-off bins available for public use at the City’s Corporate Yard (17371 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647).  Staff will be onsite to assist with unloading heavy items.
  • The City is currently developing plans to identify and locate other locations throughout the community where large trash bins can be placed for the public’s use.

We appreciate our community’s patience throughout this frustrating ordeal and the City is committed to providing everyone with whatever information we receive from Republic, while also developing alternative options for Huntington Beach moving ahead.  We anticipate that by Monday, December 13, 2021, we will have additional information to share.  In the meantime, for the latest information being sent to the City see

Attachment: Republic Services Response.pdf

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