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Police Department Implements Plan to Respond to City Budget Reductions
posted on 06/12/2012.

Beginning June of 2012, the Huntington Beach Police Department will implement changes and modifications to more effectively manage the department with existing resources.  The changes and modifications were implemented in response to budget reductions and a reduction of almost fifty (50) employees during the last several years.  The modifications that will have the most visible impact on the service we provide to the public are listed below.

The police department will discontinue responding to traffic accidents where there are no injuries with the following exceptions:
• Traffic accidents with suspected impaired drivers
• Traffic accidents with uninsured or unlicensed drivers
• Traffic accidents with drivers refusing to exchange information (officers will respond to assist in the exchange of information
• Traffic accidents with vehicles blocking the roadway (officers will respond to assist with traffic control)

A report to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is required for traffic accidents with more than $750 in damage.  Information on the DMV report is available at the following website

The hours of the police department front desk and public counters will be reduced.  The new hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. seven days a week.  After hours, there is an emergency telephone near the front door that will allow visitors to speak with our dispatch center and watch commander.

The police department’s current twelve (12) beat plan will be revised to an eight (8) beat plan.  This means the city will be divided into eight areas instead of twelve areas for uniform patrol purposes.  This will allow the department to assign officers to provide patrol services to the entire city when only eight officers are available on a shift.

Victims of certain crimes will be encouraged to use the police department’s online crime reporting system in lieu of having a police officer respond to their residence.  Information concerning the online crime reporting system is available at the following website

The changes and modifications listed above are a result of the ongoing budget reductions in the City of Huntington Beach.  These reductions have impacted all city departments not just the police department.  It is our hope that these services can be restored when the budget situation in the city improves.

For more information, contact Lieutenant Mitchell O'Brien, Chief's Executive Officer, HB Police Department, 714 536-5588, [email protected]

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