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Bids & Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Thank you very much for your interest in doing business with City of Huntington Beach. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises to participatein our purchasing and contracting activities.

The City of Huntington Beach purchases and contracts for a wide variety of supplies, services, equipment, and expert assistance to provide our community a full range of municipal services, and programs

The City's requests for bids and proposals, bid results, and notices of award can be obtained through the City of Huntington Beach Vendor Portal "Bid Opportunities" window.

city of huntington beach vendor portal

To begin the process, please visit our vendor portal where you can register as a bidder online by selecting the "New Vendor Registration" window. As a registered vendor you can search for bid requests, order and download documents, bid electronically (where applicable), and much more!

If you would like to look at or print the list of commodity codes currently used at the City of Huntington Beach, you can view a current list of codes here.

Both formal and informal solicitations may be processed through our online system. All responses are due at or before the time shown on each solicitation. Late responses cannot be accepted. It is the bidder's/proposer's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including addenda, has been downloaded.

Note: In order to access the BidsOnline system, you must install Adobe flash player 10.1 or higher. download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player

How to do Business with the City

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How to do Business with the
City of Huntington Beach

Local Vendor Preference

Local Business Preference shall extend a bidding advantage to a local business in the form of a five percent preference in the evaluation of bids or proposals from the procurement of goods and services. A Local Business means a vendor, contractor or consultant who has a valid physical business address located within the City of Huntington Beach and a valid City of Huntington Beach Business License issued at least six months prior to bid or proposal release.

The following contracts are exempt from the provisions of the local vendor ordinance: Public Works contracts under the Public contracting Code; Grant Funded contracts or purchases; Emergency procurements; Sole source contracts; and, Purchases made under a cooperative purchasing agreement.


The City of Huntington Beach will strive to take prompt payment discounts when offered. However, prompt payment discounts offered for less than fifteen days will not be considered in evaluation of bids. In the absence of stated terms, payment will be net 30 days.

Valid Purchases

No purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, or services is valid or binding unless authorized by Purchasing.

Surplus Disposal

Surplus equipment, materials and supplies may be sold at auction through our vendor, Ken Porter Auctions. Select the box below to view upcoming auctions on electronics and miscellaneous items.

City of Huntington Beach
Surplus Auction

Public Works Contracts

No purchase of equipment, materials, supplies, or services is valid or binding unless authorized by Purchasing.

Public Works
Construction Contract Bids

Did you know?

The city has over 1,000 parking spaces near the beach!  You can purchase the Annual Beach Parking pass that allows discounted parking prices near the City beach.  Learn more about this beach parking pass.

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