Orange County Recycling Market Development Zone (OCRMDZ)

How can YOU join this amazing program?

Is my business eligible? To be eligible for the program, your company must:


1. Be located within the Orange County RMDZ (List of participating areas)


2. Use an eligible material in manufacturing a recycled-content product or process materials for recycling.
The following materials are eligible and are a priority of CalRecycle to develop sustainable markets:

3. Ineligible Materials

Is my project eligible? It likely qualifies if it is similar to these projects:


Waste Prevention Projects

1. Modifying equipment or a process to manufacture a product using less raw material
2. Purchasing equipment in order to reduce waste generation

Reuse Projects
1. Architectural salvage
2. Preparing reclaimed lumber for resale

Recycling Projects
1. Manufacture a product with recycled-content
2. Produce feedstock from recycled-content (examples include plastic flake and crumb rubber)

Conversion Technology and Biomass Projects
1. Conversion technology (thermal, chemical, or biological)
2. Biomass (biomass fuels such wood or agricultural waste)

You can learn more at CalRecycle and get involved with the OCRMDZ by contacting Brittany Mello at (714) 536-5537 or [email protected]

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Did you know?

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