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Office of Communications

The Office of Communications is the vital communications link between the City of Huntington Beach and the community it serves. It initiates, coordinates, and sustains relationships with various constituencies, especially the general public, media, visitors, and businesses. The Office ensures a flow of information to and from city government regarding its policies and procedures, increases awareness of innovative city programs, services and recreational, and involvement opportunities. It supports development efforts and business and visitor retention.

Media & Press ReleasesMedia & Press Releases provides current press releases from the Public Information Office, Police Department and Fire Department-the three entities in the city of Huntington Beach that disseminate news. Media & Press Releases also provides a list of Public Information Officers from the three departments. Photo requests for valid published and electronic newspaper and magazine publications should be referred to those contacts listed  below. 

Media Contact

General Inquiries

Jennifer Carey
Public Affairs Manager
(714) 352-1690
[email protected]

Police Department
(After Hours)

Watch Commander

(714) 960-8800