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staff photoServices provided by the Planning Division are as follows:

Advance Planning:

  • Maintain the Comprehensive General Plan
  • Process General Plan Amendments
  • Process Zoning Map Amendments
  • Process Zoning Text Amendments
  • Review Affordable Housing Compliance
  • Participation in Transportation Planning
  • Prepare Specific Plans and Special Studies
  • Process Environmental Documentation
    • Negative Declarations
    • Mitigated Negative Declarations
    • Environmental Impact Reports
    • NEPA Documentation
  • Floodplain Administration
  • Maintain Census/Demographics/Population Information
  • Process Local Coastal Program Amendments
  • Environmental Board Staffing
  • Design Review Board Staffing
  • Coordinate Zoning Map/General Plan Map maintenance and production
  • Zoning Counter Staffing
Current Planning:

houses5Processes applications for:

  • Coastal Development Permits
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Entitlement Plan Amendments
  • Preliminary Plan Reviews
  • Tentative Tract Maps
  • Variances (Including the Flood Plain Variance)
  • Annexation Requests
  • Administer Precise Plan of Street Alignments
  • Process Lot Line Adjustments 
  • Issue Sign Code Exceptions
  • Issue Temporary Use Permits 
  • Process Tentative Parcel Maps 
  • Issue Address Changes
  • CC&R Reviews
  • Process Certificate of Compliances
  • Process Final Maps
  • Issue Limited Sign Permits
  • Issue Temporary Sign Permits
  • Issue Temporary Sales/Event Permits
  • Issue Animal Permits
zoning_counterPlanning and Zoning Counter Public Hours:

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Closed Noon to 1:00 p.m.
(714) 536-5271

Advance Planning
bolsachica030The Advance Planning Division is responsible for maintaining:

  • The Comprehensive General Plan
  • Processing General Plan Amendments
  • Zone Map Amendments
  • Zoning Text Amendments
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Preparation of Various Special Studies of a Public Policy Nature
  • The City's certified Local Coastal Program
Advance Planning is typically involved in processing legislative and policy oriented projects to Public Judicial Bodies such as the  Planning Commission and City Council, and development projects that require environmental impact reports and/or legislative amendments.
Current Planning
The Current Planning Division is primarily responsible for reviewing and analyzing planning aspects of proposed development projects.

Minor projects such as conforming room additions, patio covers and fences are reviewed administratively by the Planning staff at the Planning Counter, provided the projects comply with the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance.

More complex projects are typically processed through the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission, with few projects being heard by the City Council, unless appealed. 

As applicants present projects, project planners review and analyze the applications. Meetings are then held between the applicant, the Planning staff, and other City departments to address pertinent issues.   By the time a project reaches the Zoning Administrator or the Planning Commission, the majority of issues have been resolved and the project may have been through several revisions. 

Current Planning processes applications consisting primarily of conditional use permits, tentative parcel and tract maps, variances, coastal development permits, sign code exceptions, planned sign programs, and other applications requiring approval of the Design Review Board.

Standard Conditions of Approval