To build a community of heroes and survivors by improving recognition and action to cardiac arrest through prevention, preparation, response and recovery


Each year, over 350,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest in the United States. Nearly 70% of all sudden cardiac arrests occur out-of-hospital. Despite tremendous advancements in emergency medicine, survival rates from out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests remain very low (less than 10% survival rate).

Our goal is to rally our HB community to achieve the "HEARTSafe Community" designation for the city of Huntington Beach in order to improve our community's readiness for cardiac events. Through the HEARTSafe HB initiative, we intend to guide, empower and enable our community to:

  • Strengthen local stakeholder collaboration
  • Encourage data collection, analysis and dissemination
  • Facilitate implementation of lifesaving strategies
  • Promote public education and training
  • Improve delivery of high-quality resuscitation and post-arrest care


Designation as a HEARTSafe Community by the Citizen CPR Foundation represents a coordinated effort toward saving lives by the fire department, police department, emergency medical services, city officials, schools, hospitals, clubs, associations and businesses.

The HEARTSafe Community program is a set of criteria and guidelines designed to improve sudden cardiac arrest emergency outcomes through a specific set of community-wide training, preparation and response protocols. The aim is to help communities improve the chance of survival for anyone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest by strengthening each link in the American Heart Association's "chain of survival."  Activities include:

  • Widespread CPR instruction
  • Public Access Defibrillators
  • Aggressive resuscitation protocols for first responders and area hospitals
Learn how to do Hands Only CPR here!


To find out more about the HEARTSafe HB program and how you can get involved, contact Fire Captain Dane Morrissey at [email protected]

Consider getting involved as a HEARTSafe HB Ambassador to help us teach others. Learn more at the link below.