Fire Safety Education

In 1980, the City of Huntington Beach had 1,232 fires.  By the year 2009, that number was drastically reduced to 407.  This dramatic decrease is due to a combination of fire safety education, a proactive approach to fire prevention, training, and improvements in fire protection technology. Fire Safety Programs, which are provided by the fire department, include:

  • Home Safety Visits
  • Fire Station Tours for schools and community groups
  • Educational intervention for juveniles up to age 12 involved in curiosity firesetting behavior
  • Information on smoke detector purchase, placement, installation, maintenance, and testing
  • Fire Prevention Week Open House
The Huntington Beach Fire Department recommends the following for additional fire safety education information:

Portable Fire Extinguisher Overview - Sparky the Fire Dog's website featuring fun games and safety information. - The U.S. Fire Administration works to reduce life & economic losses due to fire and other emergencies. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from serious injury or death from consumer products. - Interesting guide on understanding fire prevention and safety.

Information on CPR Training and Safety Tips may also be obtained from the Fire Department's website.