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medical_aid_2005_largeNOTE:  If you are renewing a current membership, you may make a one-time payment by credit card  on this website or by calling 844-364-9966 (prepare to have your Customer and Account Number ready).  Service fees do apply when using credit or debit cards.

To sign up for the FireMed Program, use the below link!

FireMed Enrollment LinkFireMed, an official program of the Huntington Beach Fire Department, is a voluntary membership program that improves the quality of emergency medical responses and treatment right here in our own community.  As a FireMed member you receive:

  • No out-of-pocket cost for paramedic and emergency ambulance transportation provided by the Huntington Beach Fire Department if covered by medical insurance at the time of the emergency.  Your insurance payment will be accepted as payment in full, and you will not be billed for co-pays, deductibles and denials. 
  • Those FireMed members without insurance at the time of the emergency incident will be responsible for the Medicare or Medi-Cal allowed rate (whichever is greater). 
  • Coverage for your entire household, anywhere in the City of Huntington Beach (the incident must be in Huntington Beach, but we do transport to hospitals outside of the City).
  • Umbrella coverage for visitors who suffer an emergency medical incident at a FireMed household.
  • The Medical Information Program - a vital information resource used by paramedics in an emergency.
  • Free CPR Classes.
Since it began in 1990, the FireMed Program has provided funding for additional paramedics, advanced training, and emergency medical equipment. Funding from this program has placed paramedics in all eight Huntington Beach fire stations, and enhanced emergency transportation with the Ambulance Operator Program. Your membership helps firefighters and paramedics respond as quickly as possible to save lives.

All residents of Huntington Beach are eligible to join. Your $60 annual membership fee covers you and all the people who live at your residence. By joining FireMed, you and your entire household can save money while helping to improve the quality of our emergency medical system right here in Huntington Beach. Support a program that is saving the life of your neighbor, your loved one, or even your own!

For further information regarding the FireMed Program, call (714) 374-1598 or visit our FireMed Frequently Asked Questions page.  

To join FireMed, complete a membership application.  You can also e-mail us at FireMed Program.

Note: Medi-Cal plans may provide "payment in full" coverage for non-FireMed members if a share of the cost is not required. However, those covered by Medi-Cal may still wish to join the FireMed Program for coverage provided to others in their household or for other FireMed benefits.

FireMed Brochure

To sign up for the FireMed Program, please use this link:  FireMed Enrollment Link