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Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, hundreds of dedicated volunteers support various City programs, services, and events with over 70,000 hours of volunteerism. Without the in-kind donation of dedicated volunteer service, many activities provided to the Huntington Beach community would not be possible. The City offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. One-time volunteers are welcome. Group volunteers are welcome. Scout volunteers are welcome. Corporate volunteers are welcome. Intern volunteers are welcome.


The City of HB's Department of Public works aims to enhance quality of life, promote economic growth, ensure public health, and safeguard the environment to benefit the citizens off Huntington Beach.

Public works encompasses acquiring, leasing, maintaining, and disposing of city-owned immovable assets. Its broad scope includes critical infrastructure and public services maintenance, covering areas such as transportation, sanitation, utilities, and city engineering.

Responsibilities of the Department of Public Works include engineering, construction, designing, and operating various projects like beach, nature, parks and environment, wastewater treatment plants, trash and recycling and managing services like curbside collection and street maintenance. Select the link below to learn about the department's volunteer programs.

The Department provides various services and facilities catering to residents and visitors of Huntington Beach. These include Senior Services, recreation classes, camps, facility reservations, aquatics, youth and adult sports, as well as leisure and art programs suitable for all ages. Additionally, the Department offers beach camping through the Huntington Beach RV Campground, providing an opportunity for outdoor recreation in a scenic coastal setting. Select the link below to learn about the department's volunteer programs.

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS (Learn more)The Fire Department serves the City of Huntington Beach through multiple divisions. Each division provides comprehensive emergency response and prevention services. The Fire Administration Division manages the department's administrative functions, including strategy development, policy implementation, and program administration. The Emergency Response Division ensures rapid and effective emergency assistance through strategically located fire stations equipped with paramedic engine companies and specialized units. The Fire Prevention Division enforces codes and regulations to mitigate fire risks, conducts inspections, and oversees hazardous materials management. Lastly, the Marine Safety Division focuses on beach and open water safety, providing lifeguard services, managing programs like the Junior Lifeguard Program, and coordinating emergency response efforts. Select the link below to learn about the department's volunteer program. 

POLICE & HOMELESS SERVICES (Learn more)The HB Police department's values underscore our commitment to serving the community with integrity, respect, and accountability. These values guide our interactions with the community and each other, aiming to enhance the quality of our service and morale. We prioritize and commit to collaboration with the residents of Huntington Beach to preserve and enhance the quality of life in our city. Our mission emphasizes not only serving and protecting but also ensuring high-quality performance, accountability, respect, trust, teamwork, integrity and innovation. Our dedicated employees, past, present, and future, are our most valuable asset, dedicated to serving the community while ensuring the highest level of public safety. Select the link below to learn about the department's volunteer programs.

CITY GOVERNMENTCitizen-led City Boards, Commissions, and Committees
Serve on a City advisory board, commission, or committee (BCC), which provides specific input and expertise to the City Council on various aspects of the City, such as recreation and parks, infrastructure, finance, investment, historic resources, Independent Day parade, etc.  Please note that some Boards and Commissions are directly appointed by individual Council members. 

Contact the City Manager’s Office at (714) 536-5553 or email [email protected].

To learn more about the operation and other services provided by Boards, Commissions, and committees: Visit our BCC webpage.

City Manager Volunteer Internship Program

This program provides college students/graduates or graduate-level students with advanced and unique opportunities to learn about the inner workings of a full-service city and directly interact with the City Manager’s Office team and seasoned professionals.  Apply your academic skills and passion for public service to various “real world” assignments within the City. This is a volunteer, unpaid opportunity but school credits can be offered.  A time commitment of up to 20 hours per week for 6 months is required. 

To apply, email your cover letter, resume and two references to [email protected].

To learn more about the operation and other services provided by  the City Manager's Office: Visit our Government webpage.