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AdministrationAdministration oversees a spectrum of vital functions including HR management, financial/budget operations, project coordination and ensuring seamless execution of administrative tasks.

Infrastructure Systems
Infrastructure Systems maintains and secures the data, voice and wireless network infrastructure.

Essential functions include:

  • Maintain the City's shared server hardware and provide support for servers, physical and virtual data centers, storage devices, uninterruptible power supplies, and LAN/WAN network.
  • Manage a complex mesh of networking infrastructure that connects all City facilities.
  • Manage various wired and wireless telecommunication systems encompassing phones, voice, and data.
  • Manage an advanced hybrid cloud and physical platforms.
  • Manage backup, recovery of data and offsite storage.
  • Coordinate, procure and process billing for all phones, cellular phones and broadband wireless.

Technology Engagement and Support
Technology Engagement & Support provides helpdesk and technical support for a wide variety of software and hardware appliances deployed to all City employees. 

Essential functions include:

  • Provide technical support for all City end-user appliances.
  • Conduct helpdesk troubleshooting services for internal users.
  • Manage lifecycle replacement of City desktops, laptops, cell phones and other devices.
  • Support computer operations for all City facilities.
  • Support Citywide special and spontaneous events.

Business Applications 
Business Applications is responsible for all facets of the City's enterprise applications, database administration, process automation and programming, web services, application delivery platforms, GIS mapping services and electronic messaging applications.

Essential functions include:

  • Streamline business processes through the use of technology and automation.
  • Support all City enterprise applications such as financial, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, utility billing, permit, land management, document imaging, and library systems.
  • Manage the software development life cycle of all citywide applications.
  • Provide development, programming, and automation for all departments.
  • Develop and conduct computer application training classes for City employees.
  • Develop and support intranet and internet websites and online applications.
  • Administer and manage all citywide databases.
  • Implement and support application delivery platforms.
  • Manage electronic messaging infrastructure and applications.
  • Geodatabase and GIS data portal administration.
  • Maintain geographic data, products, and services.
  • Support desktop and mobile users of GIS applications.
  • Data research and input map-related content.
  • Partner with departments on special projects to visualize data.
  • Spatial and mapping application development and deployment.
  • Mapping products such as maps, charts, graphs, and other graphic needs.
Some GIS products are made for public use. Choose from the currently available mapping applications in the gallery below.