All of huntington Beach

Accomplishments & Goals

FY 2023/24 Accomplishments
  • Provided infrastructure support for multiple special events including the Air Show, 4th of July, Surf City Marathon, Darker Waves Concert and others. 
  • Maintained high-level services and support, and high availability of infrastructure and applications to all City departments, employees, and facilities. 
  • Continued the project to replace the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) for the Police Department. 
  • Successfully relocated the Police Department (PD) Dispatch to a different location as part of the dispatch remodeling project. 
  • Successfully completed upgrades to several City systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CCTV & Public Safety scheduling system. 
  • Successfully implemented state-of-the-art Jail Prisoner Management System. 
  • Completed modernization of Office 365 productivity applications. 
  • Completed migration of intranet website to the cloud. 
  • Upgraded citywide communications infrastructure and field employees’ mobile equipment. 
  • Initiated a library laptop loaner program. 
  • Modernized and upgraded existing storage connectivity infrastructure. 
  • Rolled out a continuous and recurring cyber security training awareness program across the City. 
  • Continued the expansion of City operated dark fiber and connected several additional City locations through the fiber network 
  • Continued the digital transformation of the City’s paper forms and workflow into digital forms. 
  • Replaced aging internal network cabling and added capacity. 
  • Replaced aging servers. 
  • Implemented enterprise volunteer management system. 
  • Replaced aging and end-of-life network equipment. 
  • Continued to implement updated versions of several aging desktop applications. 
FY 2024/25 Objectives
  • Deploy the replacement of the CAD/RMS for the Police Department. 
  • Modernize fleet of police officer mobile workstations. 
  • Continue development of the Enterprise Asset Management system. 
  • Replace network equipment that is reaching the end of its useful life. 
  • Modernize and upgrade Business License system. 
  • Continue scheduled replacement of computers in the organization to current hardware.  
  • Expand high-speed network connectivity to additional City facilities. 
  • Modernize and upgrade Fire Inspection system.  
  • Revamp PD mobile data workflow and retrofit police vehicles with modern technology. 
  • Continue enhancing the City’s cyber security through consolidating authentication and multifactor access systems. 
  • Migrate to the cloud time and attendance system. 
  • Formalize ISDR plan. 
  • Upgrade perimeter network security systems. 
  • Initiate a Fiber Master Plan. 
  • Migrate to the cloud enterprise land management system. 
  • Partner with Police Department to implement an integrated real-time crime center system. 
  • Working with various vendors and HBPD to relocate PD dispatch back to the newly remodeled state-of-the-art dispatch center. 
  • Modernize desktop management tools. 
  • Partner with Human Resources to deploy a modernized performance evaluation tool.