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Development Services

Private Development ProcessingDevelopment Services is responsible for the comments, conditions, processing, plan checking, permit and otherwise overseeing the entitlement and permitting of private development, utility installation and repair, harbor dock installation as well as external agency projects that involve the Public Works Department.  This area of Engineering also provides the Department’s public counter services as well as retains and maintains the department’s infrastructure record drawings and related public and private project information. 

Development Services is the liaison and coordinator between Public Works and other City Departments, as well as contractors, developers, private companies, and engineers, working on new development in the City.

Major Development Projects Interactive Map

The City of Huntington Beach’s new electronic permit processing system HB ACA (Accela Citizen Access) is now open for submittals!

HB ACAHB ACA provides 24/7 online services for citizens, including:

  • Permit, Planning, and Plan Check Applications
  • Payment Processing Online
  • Inspection Scheduling Instantly (including viewing inspection results)
  • Status of your project throughout the process
  • Record Research (for records from 1996-2021)
  • Searching Code Enforcement Records
Please read all instructions for setting up an account and submitting applications online through HB ACA before submitting a new application.

Please submit Grading permit plan check application or Encroachment permit application with each submittal.

If you have any questions on the submittal process after reading the instructions link below, please contact us at [email protected].

Online E-Permit Instructions

Online Payment Instructions

Online Payment Link 
Development Services
Bond Information
Are you the developer of a housing tract or major commercial/industrial project? If so, you will need several different types of bonds for your project. These four bonds are the most commonly used. 

For projects that include a subdivision of land, a Final Tract Map and a Subdivision Agreement, Improvement Securities (Faithful Performance, Labor & Material and Monument bonds) shall be submitted to the City to assure completion of the required public improvements by the developer. After the improvements have been completed, a Guarantee and Warranty bond (for guarantee and warranty of the associated public improvement for a period of one year) shall be submitted to the City and the public improvements will be formally accepted.

Curb Address Numbers FAQs
Fees and Encroachment Permits
Residential Dual Driveway Approach Layout (pdf)
Site requirements for residential driveway approach installation, expansion, or adding a second driveway approach to the same lot. Please see Public Works Standard Plans for complete construction methods.

Encroachment Permit Requirements (pdf)
Encroachment permits are required when any work is to be performed in the Public Right of Way. Ex: New water services, sewer lateral installation/repair, traffic control setup, constructing curb & gutter or sidewalk, etc.

Development Fee Schedule (pdf)
Public Works fee schedule as adopted by the City

Wireless Permit Application (pdf)
An application for a new or modified permit for a wireless site within the City of Huntington Beach.

Storage Bin/POD Permit Application Process (pdf)
Harbor Information
Links to helpful websites related to the City of Huntington Beach harbor and State boating regulations. Here you can find rules for operating water craft in the harbor and dock regulations for mooring your boat.

Dock Permit (pdf)
Permit for construction and repair of docks within the City of Huntington Beach harbor limits.

Municipal Code Chapters 13.36 and 13.32
Code sections relating to harbor rules and regulations.


Harbor LinksCalifornia Harbors and Navigation Code

Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol

CA.Gov ABCs of Boating

US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles

California State Lands Commission

California Coastal Commission
Links to Important Information
Have you ever wanted to know the dimensions of your property or located your sewer connection? How about finding Orange County documents for a project site? These links will help you out with those questions.

Records Request Form
Request record drawings for researching utilities and street improvements around a project location. Record Drawing Reproduction for a Compact Disc (CD) is $23/drawing + $3/each additional drawing. Record Drawing Reproduction for a Paper Copy is $25/drawing + $8/each additional drawing on large format sheet.

Development Assistance Team (DAT)
Items that the City looks at for proposed projects when they are in the planning stages. This in not an all inclusive list.

Orange County Surveyor (OCS)
Utility Contact InformationSo. California Edison    800 684-8123
So. California Gas Company    800 427-2200
Spectrum   877 463-0677
Plan Check Information
Documents that will help developers and engineers plan and submit drawings for their projects. From submitting a grading plan for a new house for the first time to planning for a whole new neighborhood, these documents will get you going in the right direction.

Traffic Control Plan General Notes (pdf)
General notes for large sheet traffic control plans.

Application for Plan Checking (pdf)  
Application for all plans submitted to Public Works for checking. Ex: Grading Plan, Street Improvement Plan, Landscape Plan, etc.

City of Huntington Beach Public Works Grading Manual
Manual for the preparation of grading plans.

Grading Plan Check List (pdf)
A list of items required to be a on a grading plan but are frequently missed at the time of first plan check submittal. This list must accompany the first plan check submittals or the plans will not be accepted.

Grading Plan General Notes (Word)
Notes that must be included on every grading plan.

Owner-Builder Verification Form (pdf)

Final Tract & Parcel Map Checklist (pdf)
Submittal requirements for final tract map and final parcel maps. The final tract map or final parcel map must be submitted concurrently to the Orange County Surveyor.

Lot Line Adjustment Information SEE ALSO Lot Line Adjustment Form (pdf)
Required when any proposed structure will extend over adjacent lot lines. Up to four lots maximum may be combined.

Plan Check Flow Chart (pdf)
Diagram illustrating the Public Works plan check process.

“As-Built” Plan Instructions (pdf)
Instructions to engineers for submittal of final drawings, reflecting all revisions applied to an approved plan.

Sample Grading Plan (AutoCAD Files)

Standard Title Sheet (AutoCAD File)

Download AutoCAD free web viewer
POD Permit - Storage Bins
Transportation Information
Traffic related forms for moving several trucks, or one truck with an oversize load. These forms include information you must provide when hauling dirt or other materials from a project site.

SCE Street Light Authorization Form (pdf)
Use for installation, removal or, relocation of any SCE owned street light. Applicant to fill out and return to Traffic Engineering for approval.

Haul Route Application (pdf)
Application for material and off-site hauling for major projects. Applicant to fill out and return to Traffic Engineering for approval.

Traffic Permit Information
Rules and regulations for the transportation of oversized or overweight objects on City streets.

Other Important Links

Water Information
Water Meter Upsize
Procedures to obtain an encroachment permit to up-size an existing water service and/or water meter.

Backflow Device Information (pdf)
Procedure to obtain an encroachment permit to install a backflow device on existing or new water service (domestic, irrigation, and fire).

Water Service Conversion from Private Water Systems to City Water Systems (pdf)
Procedures to obtain an encroachment permit to convert water service from a private water system to City's water system.

Cross Connection Control Program

Special Utility Easement Agreement (pdf)
Required when the developer/property owner constructs public water lines and/or appurtenances (meters, valves, etc.) within private property.

Fire Hydrant Flow Analysis (Word)
Hydraulic modeling for planning new fire sprinkler and fire hydrant systems. To run a hydraulic model requires a deposit of $825
Water Quality Management
Water Quality Management PlansInstructions on how to prepare an effective Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) in order to protect the storm drains of Huntington Beach as well as the Pacific Ocean.

WQMP Preparation Manual
Manual for the preparation of a WQMP. Explains why a WQMP is required for certain projects and what to look for when designing water quality features into a site.

WQMP Plan Check List
A list of items that a complete and uniform WQMP should contain prior to 1st plan check submittal.

WQMP Template (MS Word)
Standard template for a WQMP.

WQMP Operations and Maintenance (MS Word)
Guidelines for operating and maintaining a WQMP feature once it has been installed and approved.

Non-Priority Project Template
Standard template for non-priority projects