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Public Works is responsible for maintenance of city streets, street lights, signs and striping, beaches, parks, trees, graffiti removal, traffic signals, and the street sweeping program. 

You can report issues online 24/7 or call Public Works Operations during business hours at 714-960-8861. For any after-hours emergency (trees down, signs down, or similar issues), please call the Police Department at (714) 960-8825 to dispatch the appropriate stand-by crew.

The dedicated staff in our Beach Maintenance program work the graveyard shift year-round, 7 days per week to keep our 3.5 miles of city beaches clean while most are asleep. This includes cleaning the Pier, raking sand for litter and debris, sweeping bike paths and parking lots, emptying trash containers, and cleaning hundreds of fire rings. Contractors maintain Pier Plaza and Huntington Harbour waterways under city supervision.

Report issues online 24/7 or call Operations during business hours at (714) 960-8861.
Report graffiti on city property or public rights-of-way online 24/7 or call Operations during business hours at (714) 960-8861. Please provide a detailed location when reporting. Most graffiti on city property is covered or removed within 3 to 5 days of reporting.

Report tagging in progress to the Huntington Beach Police Department.
City staff works with a team of contractors to keep all city landscaped areas planted, trimmed and maintained. This includes nearly 80 parks, City Hall and all city facilities, miles of medians and roadsides, plus 40,000 city-owned trees. Report an issue online 24/7 or call Operations during business hours at (714) 536-5480.

Interested in park reservations, events and activities? Please call Community and Library Services at (714) 536-5486.

Parkways and Trees
Parkway is the term for the area between the sidewalk and curb found in many residential neighborhoods. Trees may not be planted, trimmed, or removed from parkways, or any public rights-of-way, without prior written authorization from Public Works Operations. Damaging and/or unauthorized removal of city trees is a misdemeanor per the Huntington Beach Municipal Code Ch. 9.52.

Review the city's Parkway Design Guidelines for more information about planting in the parkway.
Street signs, street and curb markings, and road striping provide important information to drivers and pedestrians. Report issues online 24/7 or call Operations during business hours at (714) 960-8861

After Hours Emergency
For after hours emergencies such as downed or damaged signs, contact the Police Department at (714) 960-8825 for standby response.
Street Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of 1,121 lane miles of city streets, 1,054 miles of concrete sidewalks, 33 miles of alleys, rights-of-way, concrete bike paths and city parking lots.

Potholes, Repairs & Sidewalk Maintenance
Report potholes, street/pavement issues, and broken or displaced sidewalks online 24/7  or call the office during business hours at (714) 960-8861. Please provide a detailed location when reporting. 

Beach Boulevard & Pacific Coast Highway
Beach Boulevard (SR-39) and Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) are maintained by CalTrans. Please report potholes and sidewalk issues on these highways directly to CalTrans.

Residential Slurry Seal
Slurry seal maintenance  is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt streets.  This beautifies and extends pavement life by slowing down the normal deterioration that occurs with weather and vehicular traffic. Residential streets in Huntington Beach are currently sealed on a 12-year cycle.
Street sweeping is performed twice per month citywide. This is required for compliance with Federal and State Clean Water regulations and helps prevent harmful runoff into the ocean. Parking restrictions are enforced during scheduled sweeping so please observe the signs in your area. 

Find the street sweeping schedule for a specific address in the Surf City Services Map. Scroll down for holiday information.

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The city partners with Allied Universal Security Services to perform street sweeping parking enforcement overseen by the HB Police Department. Vehicles may return to the street once the sweeper and enforcement vehicles have passed through.

Street sweeping enforcement happens RAIN or SHINE, regardless of weather conditions, when the street sweepers are operating. Parking restrictions are marked "NO PARKING" in accordance with CVC 22507.6. Signage is typically placed at block/tract entrances. Mid-block signs are not required. 

For service concerns regarding Allied Universal Security contact the HBPD Traffic Bureau at (714) 536-5663.

Street sweeping parking violations carry a $46 fine and are issued per the Huntington Beach Municipal Code Ch. 10.40.050(G). Fines are payable online or by calling the Citation Processing Center at (800) 989-2058. More information is found on the reverse side of the citation. 

Exceptions from street sweeping parking restrictions may be allowed for vehicles related to Building Permit work. Permit fee is $36. To request an exemption permit, call Public Works at (714) 536-5431.

Holiday Schedule
Street sweepers do not operate on the following holidays and there will be no parking enforcement. Streets that are not swept due to holidays are not rescheduled but are skipped until the next regular sweep day. There is no make-up schedule for street sweeping.

  • New Year's Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
Traffic Signals
City staff maintains most of the traffic signals throughout the city. Report issues with online 24/7 or call Operations office at (714) 960-8861.

Beach Boulevard & Pacific Coast Highway
Beach Boulevard (SR-39) and Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) are maintained by CalTrans. Please report issues with traffic signals on these highways directly to CalTrans

Street Lights
There are 14,000 street lights in Huntington Beach maintained by the city, by Southern California Edison and by our contractor, Yunex. Report street light issues to Yunex online, or call (800) 229-6090. Yunex will ensure that the proper entity is dispatched.