Jet Noise Commission

The HB Jet Noise Commission

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Huntington Beach’s efforts to protect our quality of life by limiting community noise impacts associated with jets.  Once you read our web page, please send further questions or comments to Staff Liaison, Sandie Frakes, at (714) 536-5249.

The JNC’s Goals

The Commission’s goals are these:


There has been air traffic over the Huntington Beach community for decades, due to the City's proximity to three major airports (LAX, John Wayne, and Long Beach).  However, in the spring of 2017, the level of community complaints began to grow, and it became clear that a significant change to air traffic patterns had occurred.

Many of us concluded it was NextGen, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) effort to improve safety and efficiency in the skies, as well as to address long-term capacity needs (according to the FAA).  Reduced fuel consumption and reduced aircraft exhaust emissions may result as well, if glide slopes are designed properly.  By clicking on the links, you can read more about NextGen and its local version (the Southern California Metroplex). 

Southern California Metroplex is the FAA’s implementation of NextGen in the Southern California region and includes over 20 major airports - John Wayne, LAX, and Long Beach airports among them.   The FAA's stated goal with NextGen and Metroplex is to create more repeatable and predictable flight paths, both vertically and laterally.  NextGen used technology in the cockpit and on the ground to narrow arrival and departure corridors so that flight corridors were more predictable (and therefore more safe).  But it also meant in some of our residential areas the number of flights, the flight paths, and the noise impacts intensified.  

Most NextGen/Metroplex arrival procedures for Long Beach Airport began in November 10, 2016, and for JWA in March 2017.  When our residents started noticing more noise under the new, more predictable arrival paths to LGB, the Huntington Beach City Council initiated an Air Traffic Noise Working Group – (ATNWG) – in January of 2018 and set out a series of objectives.

The group was formed by seeking out community volunteers with an interest in the fields of aviation, engineering, government relations, and noise who could bring differing and unique insights to the Group.  The Group included Council Members Patrick Brenden and Barbara Delgleize, a dozen Huntington Beach residents, and other City staff members who all began working on better understanding our options and alternatives regarding the changed flight patterns and increased noise from aircrafts.

As the Air Traffic Noise Working Group began meeting, the first items of business were to:

After several months of investigation, the ATNWG held a Community Workshop in May 2018 and presented their findings to over 200 residents and other concerned individuals. The ATNWG determined that the problem would require a long-term approach including collaboration with the airports, airlines, and the FAA.  As a result of that, the ATNWG proposed to City Council in August of 2018 that the City establish a permanent jet noise commission to continue the efforts to remediate the jet noise issues imposed on the City by NextGen.

The City Council voted unanimously to create the Jet Noise Commission on November 19, 2018. The Jet Noise Commission had their first meeting on Monday, February 25, 2019 at Central Library located at 7111 Talbert Ave Huntington Beach.  The Jet Noise Commission meets regularly on the 4th Monday of the month from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Central Library.   However, during COVID-19, the Commission meets as needed via Zoom webinars.  To find JNC agendas and minutes, click here.   

What We’ve Done

To achieve the goals, the Commission has:

Jet Noise Brochure

The Jet Noise Commission has created an easy-to-read brochure that explains its mission and provides background information on the jet noise issues impacting our community.  A digital copy is available at the link below, and hard copies are available at City Hall:  Jet Noise Commission Brochure

Jet Noise Reports

The Jet Noise Commission has prepared monthly reports to track jet noise, beginning July 2020 and through the airline industry's eventual return to pre-COVID-19 air traffic levels.  These reports will allow the City to gauge the intensity of jet noise and provide industry regulators more information to aid their policy decisions.

2021 November Report

2021 August Report

2021 July Report

2021 May Report

2021 April Report

2021 March Report

2020 Annual Report

2020 November Report

2020 October Report

2020 August Report

2020 July Report

Jet Noise Commission Members

City Council Liaisons 

Staff Liasions 

Meeting Times and Dates

The Jet Noise Commission holds regular monthly meetings, generally on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 PM in B-7 of the lower level of City Hall or via Zoom.  Beginning June 15, 2021, the City will provide both virtual and in-person locations for the public to attend this meeting.

Jet Noise Commission Meeting Agendas & Minutes



Jet Noise Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To Report Noise:

For LGB - Noise Complaint Hotline (562) 570-2665 or Email: [email protected]

For JWA - Access and Noise Office (949) 252-5185

Federal Aviation administration (FAA) 24 hour Noise Complaint Hotline (202) 267-3521 or Email: [email protected]

To report low-flying aircraft, or unsafe maneuvers of aircraft in flight, please contact the Long Beach FSDO:

Long Beach Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)

5001 Airport Plaza Drive Ste.100
Long Beach CA 90815
Phone: (562) 377-5400

To learn more about each airport's noise monitoring systems, particular arrival/departure flights, and making noise complaints as well, you can access Long Beach Airport-related flights at  

Did you know?

The Homeless Task Force has helped more than 600 individuals off the streets and assisted more than 90 individuals reconnect with their loved ones.

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