City Administrative Regulations

Table of Contents

100   General
200   Administrative Services
300   Financial Administration (Including Budget Administration)
400   Personnel Administration
500   Public Information (Including Public Relations)
600   Equipment
700   Building and City Owned Property
800   Interdepartmental Coordinating Directives
900   Personnel Administration & Risk Management 

100 - General

101 Issuance and Management of Administrative Regulations
102 Council Requests
106 Agenda Scheduling
107 Citywide Grants Management Program
110 Appeal Procedure for Chapter 5.24 - Massage Establishment
111 Vacancies and Onboarding Procedure for Boards, Commissions, Committees, or Advisory Groups
114 Procedures for Processing Citizen Inquiries/Comments to the City Council or City Administrator
115 Closed Sessions for City Council Redevelopment Agency Meetings
116 Board, Commission, and Committee Minutes
118 Use of City Equipment
119 Administration of a Major Public Project
120 Process for Environmental Clearance
121 Mills Act Program Policy and Procedures
122 Hometown Hero Banner Program Process and Procedures
123 Identification Badges at City Facilities

200 Administrative Services

201 Use of Outside Legal Services
203 Purchasing Card Policy
204 Office Supplies
205 Material Requisition/Purchase Order Process
206 Receiving and Acceptance of Material and Equipment Ordered Via the Material Requisition/Purchase Order Process
207 Surplus Disposal and/or Transfer
208 California State Surplus Property
211 ADA/504 Grievance Procedure
212 Risk Management Policy
213 Liability Claims Processing
214 Insurance Requirements-Contracts
216 Workers' Compensation Claims Processing
217 City Property Damage
218 Property Loss Claim Processing Procedure
221 Self Insurance Program Audits
222 Records Management Program
226 Injury and Illness Prevention Program
227 Retiree Medical Plan
228 Professional Services Contract


300 Financial Administration (Including Budget Administration)

301 Official Travel and Other Business and Reimbursement of Expenses Policy
303 Distribution of Employee Paychecks
304 Fiscal Impact Statement (FIS)
305 Appropriation Revisions
307 Police Department Special Enforcement Services Fund
308 Equipment Replacement/Capital Outlay Replacement Request
309 Telephone & Cellular Usage & Reimbursement Procedure
311 Creditworthiness Policy for Security Deposit
312 Identity Theft Prevention Procedures
313 Smart-Cell Phone Use and Stipend
314 Investment Policy Statement - Deferred Comp Plan
315 Taxicab Program


400 Personnel Administration

401 Personnel Requisition and Transaction Approval
402 Access to Personnel Files
404 Exercise of Discipline Leading to Dismissal, Demotion, or Reduction in Pay
406 Employee Reclassification
407 Auto Allowance
409 Position Allocation or Reallocation
411 Appointment of Immediate Family Members and Family Members of City Contractors
412 Harassment in Employment Policy
413 Constructive Action Plan (CAP) – Disciplining Alternative
414 Family Medical Leave
415 Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing Policy
416 Workplace Violence Policy
417 Managerial Work Culture Policy
419 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
420 Paid Sick Leave AB 1522


500 Public Information (Including Public Relations)

501 Payroll Deductions for Charitable Organizations
502 Insertion of Printed Materials with the Municipal Services Bill
503 Press Policy
504 Distribution of Literature from Non-Profit Organizations and Groups Outside the City Government Structure
505 Media Contact Advisory Notification
506 Alert OC
507 Policy Regarding Televised Candidate-Ballot Measure Forums
509 Social Media Policy for Elected and Appointed Officials
510 Citywide Social Media Policy

600 Equipment

601 Car Pool Operation
603 Criteria for the Purchase of City Vehicles
604 City Vehicle Use/Assignment
605 Computing Resource Use
607 Digital Agendas and Due Process
609 PEV Charging Stations

700 Buildings and City Owned Property

701 Managing and Scheduling of Meeting Rooms at the Civic Center
702 Building Maintenance Work Priorities
703 Ban on Styrofoam Products
704 Nudity prohibited at City recreational facilities
705 Citywide Flag Policy
706 Thermal Comfort Standards Policy

800 Interdepartmental Coordinating Directives

802 Employee Safety Officer Program
803 Procedures for Establishing a City Position on State & Federal Legislation
804 Surety Bonds
805 Alternate Commute Program
808 Sanitary Sewer Overflow and Subsurface Sewer Leak Response Procedures
809 Hazardous Material Incident Response Policy

900 Personnel Administration & Risk Management

903 Recruitment and Selection Procedures


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