Strategic Plan

Starting in 2009, the City Council commenced a strategic planning process to establish Three Year Goals to gain consensus on the City’s Core Values and Priority Strategic Objectives. This process is ongoing and is a critical component of maintaining the City in a fiscally sustainable manner.

Each year, the Council, City Manager, and Department Heads meet to reaffirm the City Council's Mission and Core Values and update the three-year goals and to come to consensus on new strategic objectives that year. 


Core Values

Ongoing Three-Year Goals:

(2019-2022* not in priority order)

2021 Strategic Planning

January 5, 2021 Strategic Objectives

January 5, 2021 Strategic Planning Workshop Summary

2019 Strategic Planning Documents

February 7, 2019 Strategic Objectives

February 7, 2019 Strategic Planning Retreat Summary

2018 Strategic Planning Documents

February 13, 2018 Strategic Objectives

February 13, 2018 Strategic Planning Retreat Summary

2017 Strategic Planning Documents

January 26, 2017 Strategic Objectives

January 26, 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat Summary

2016 Strategic Planning Documents

January 28, 2016 Strategic Objectives

January 28, 2016 Strategic Planning Retreat Summary

2015 Strategic Planning Documents

July 13, 2015 Session

July 13, 2015 Strategic Objectives

July 13, 2015 Strategic Planning Retreat Summary

January 23, 2015 Session

January 23, 2015 Strategic Objectives

January 23, 2015 Strategic Planning Retreat Summary

Prior Strategic Planning Documents

Strategic Plan Retreat - January 31, 2014

Strategic Plan Retreat January 31, 2014 - Latest Objectives Update

Strategic Planning Retreat - August 2, 2013

Six-Month Strategic Objectives 2013

Strategic Plan - Six-Month Strategic Objectives 2013

Strategic Plan Retreat 2012


Did you know?

Construction going on in your neighborhood? Huntington Beach City Code allows for construction with an open building permit Monday-Saturday, 7AM-8PM. Work not requiring a permit may be completed Monday-Saturday, 8AM-8PM, and Sunday, 9AM-6PM.

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