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Civil Citations are civil fines issued by a Department of the City of Huntington Beach for noncompliance with the City of Huntington Beach Municipal Code.  A Civil Citation may be issued to individuals or businesses that have violated the City’s Municipal Code.

Nonpayment of this fine may result in an adverse remark on your credit report or a lien if this fine is property related.

You must pay the fine within 30 calendar days of issue or be subject to late penalty and/or interest at a rate of 18% annually.  The citation and fine shall be mailed or delivered to the City of Huntington Beach, Attn: Civil Citations, P.O. Box 711, Huntington Beach, CA 92648-0711 or payment can be made on-line by credit card.  Be sure to include the citation number on the face of the check or money order or in the account number section for on-line payments in order to receive payment credit for your citation properly.

Important Notice:  The violation of the Municipal Code section charged in a citation constitutes a NUISANCE.  Unpaid fines and other costs of abatement for property related violations may be collected by the City by an assessment and/or lien against your property pursuant to Government Code sections 38773.1 and 38773.5 and the Huntington Beach Municipal Code.  Unpaid assessments can result in the property being sold after three years by the County Tax Collector.  A full description of the civil citation procedures for Municipal Code violations and your rights in that process are found in Municipal Code Chapter 1.18.

To obtain a Hearing date to contest the Citation:  You must deposit the full amount of the fine with your request unless you also request on the back of the citation (and are granted) a financial hardship waiver.  You must specify the grounds for your hearing by checking a box on the form.  Written notice of the hearing date, time and place will be sent to the mailing address on the front of the citation at least 10 days prior to the hearing date.  (If you are unable to attend the hearing, you may submit a written declaration prior to the hearing in lieu of appearing in person.)  Minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Failure to request a hearing within 30 calendar days from the date in the upper left-hand corner of the civil citation constitutes a waiver of all your rights to dispute this violation.

Questions:  Please call the citation information line at (714) 375-8446 and select the department which issued your citation. You will be connected with someone who can answer any questions or concerns.

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Civil Citation Payment Information

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