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Fire Prevention

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2018 Fire Prevention Division Annual Report

2017 Fire Prevention Division Annual Report

To ensure the continued health and well-being of our customers and our employees, City Hall is closed to the public until further notice.  


Due to COVID-19, all routine (non-construction) fire and life safety inspections including operational permit inspections are now on hold.  All businesses are expected to maintain a safe work environment, including all fire safety provisions, at all times. Any complaints forwarded to the Fire Department (e.g. MyHB) regarding possible or actual egregious fire and life safety violations will be inspected remotely via video application (e.g. FaceTime or Skype). Enforcement may include but not be limited to civil citations, fines or other legal action.

To find out about the City’s response to the novel coronavirus, please visit the City’s dedicated website regarding COVID-19 for the most updated information:



The Huntington Beach Fire Department (HBFD) has partnered with Community Development and Public Works to create a portal to allow for electronic plan submittals.  Please follow the links below for instructions for the electronic plan submittal process and to gain access to the plan submission portal.  

Plan Submittal Instructions (Electronic)

Same-Day Plan Review Services

Huntington Beach Plan Submission Portal

Online Payment Instructions



The HBFD is offering inspection services for projects that have an issued fire construction permit.  To schedule an inspection please click here or e-mail [email protected].  Someone will be in touch with you to schedule an inspection. Inspections are available through video chat.  Please review the guide below for the HBFD’s requirements for video inspection:

Video Inspection Guide

For any questions related to plan check’s or fire construction inspections, feel free to email Fire Protection Analyst Steve Eros at [email protected]



Program Objective

Fire Prevention Personnel

The program objective of the Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Division is to reduce the threat of life and property loss to a level equal to or less than the ten year average by actively enforcing Federal, State and Local codes to eliminate hazards.  This is accomplished by conducting inspections of buildings and facilities within the community, providing public education programs, examining development site plans, and thoroughly investigating all suspicious/accidental fires and any unauthorized release of hazardous material products.

Program Personnel

Program Overview

The Huntington Beach Fire Department performs annual fire inspections in businesses and multi-family dwellings in the city.  These inspections follow the California Fire Code which has been adopted by the City.  It includes state regulations for fire protection and public safety.

City businesses are inspected to ensure that these codes and regulations are followed.  Performing such inspections minimizes the chances of fire and property damage, while increasing public safety.  In this capacity the fire department serves business owners as a valuable resource to safeguard their property investments.

The most common codes or violations that are evaluated when conducting inspections are those that can be easily addressed by property owners so the tragedy of fire can be avoided.  Some of these include: having fire extinguishers and making sure they are serviced once a year, using proper electrical wiring and components, having proper exits and keeping them clear, and properly storing flammable liquids.

Please click here to view a Letter from Fire Marshal that includes a listing of local and state fire code requirements.  It shows the most common fire code violations and can be used by property owners as a checklist to ensure the safety of their businesses.

Development Section

Developments, such as housing tracts and shopping centers, are processed through the Planning Division of the Community Development Department and usually generate a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), which is then reviewed by all departments involved.  Each department puts in its specific requirements which creates a procedural roadmap for the development.

Fire Department requirements relate to emergency vehicle access, fire suppression and notification systems, soil remediation with structural protection, and may include special systems such as a liquid hydrogen facility or power plant modifications.

After the City Council approves the CUP, drafted preliminary plans are finalized and presented to each department for final review.   All requirements must be reflected on the preliminary plans, corrected, approved and returned to create a master document for distribution to concerned departments and contractors.

The responsibilities of the Development Section include the following:

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Did you know the Historic ResourcesĀ Board has organized a Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Huntington Beach? Pick up your walking tour brochure today on the 3rd floor of City Hall! Check out the Historic Huntington Beach webpage for more information!

Fire Prevention

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