City Specifications

The following are the Fire Department City Specifications:

Number Title
401 Minimum Standards for Fire Apparatus Access
403 Fire Access for Pedestrian or Vehicular Security Gates & Buildings
404 Minimum Standards for Permanent and Temporary Commercial Horse Facilities
406 Control of Combustible Dust and Combustible Particulate Material
407 Fire Hydrant Installation Standards
408 Temporary Activities/Sales Lots
409 Street Naming and Address process - Public or Private
415 Fire Lanes Signage and Markings on Private, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
418 Removal of Underground Storage Tanks and Tank Appurtenances
420 Automatic Sprinkler, Underground & Hydrant Systems
422 Oil Well Abandonment Permit Process
428 Premise Identification
429 Methane District Building Permit Requirements
431 Oil Field Gas Fired Appliances - Stationary and Portable
431-92 Soil Quality Standards
432 Standards for Tents, Canopies and Temporary Membrane Structures
434 Soil Vapor and/or Water Remediation Equipment Requirements

Did you know?

Construction going on in your neighborhood? Huntington Beach City Code allows for construction with an open building permit Monday-Saturday, 7AM-8PM. Work not requiring a permit may be completed Monday-Saturday, 8AM-8PM, and Sunday, 9AM-6PM.

Contact Information

City of Huntington Beach
Fire Department
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Huntington Beach, CA
Phone: (714) 536-5411
Fax: (714) 374-1551

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