Key Boxes for Emergency Access

Key Boxes for Emergency Access

Knox product is a secure rapid access system that provides the Fire Department with a quick and easy means to access a building or area during an emergency. It also minimizes potential costly repairs caused by forcible entry and allows the building to be re-secured quickly and easily.

Commercial/Industrial or Multi-Family Residence Buildings

Attaching Knox boxes to buildings for emergency Fire Department building access is recommended and may be required by the Fire Code Official. Generally, the sub-master requirement in not mandated. Exceptions may be made by the Fire Department. The nominal height of Knox box installations shall be 5 feet above grade.

Knox product can be ordered online at the Knox Company.

Pedestrian or Vehicular Security Gates

When access to a structure or area is impeded due to secured openings, or where immediate access is necessary for life saving or firefighting purposes, the Fire Code Official is authorized to require a rapid entry system Knox product in an accessible location. All vehicular gates and some pedestrian gates shall be dual-keyed and sub-mastered to permit law enforcement personnel emergency access. Installation of barriers requiring a Knox product for securing vehicular and pedestrian access gates must be approved by the Fire Department.

Knox product can be ordered online at the Knox Company.

For additional information on fire access for pedestrian or vehicular security gates and buildings please refer to City Specification #403.

New - Knox Homebox Program

Installation of a Knox Homebox grants the Fire Department prompt access to your home and loved ones in an emergency and minimizes potential costly repairs caused by forcible entry.

The recommended location of the Knox Homebox installation is immediately adjacent to the front door, 5 feet above grade. Once installation is complete, please contact the Fire Department to schedule an appointment to have your keys placed and locked in the Knox Homebox. The Fire Department can be reached at (714) 536-5411.

Knox Homebox can be ordered online at Knox HomeBox or by calling 855-GET-KNOX.

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