State Fire Clearance

Fire Clearance For Care Facilities

All state-licensed care facilities require a fire safety inspection (or fire clearance) prior to initial licensing, or before any changes to a licensed facility can be approved by the State.  Facilities requiring these inspections include: day care, residential care for the elderly or disabled, health care facilities or drug/alcohol rehabilitation facilities.  The Community Risk Reduction Division conducts fire safety inspections for all licensed facilities that operate in Huntington Beach.

Pre-Inspection for Fire Clearance

It is recommended that potential care facilities request a pre-inspection prior to requesting a fire clearance.  The pre-inspection can identify any possible changes needed to meet the requirements for your particular facility. To request a pre-inspection, an Application for State Fire Clearance, along with site plan and floor plan, is required, in addition to the applicable fees.  Submit completed application Fire Department via email at [email protected].

Fire Clearance Inspection

The Department of Social Services and Community Care Licensing initiate the fire clearance process by submitting a fire safety inspection request form (STD 850) to the Huntington Beach Fire Department.  Once the STD 850 form is received and processed, a fire inspector will contact the applicant to schedule an inspection.  The following information is needed to process the fire clearance request:

Completed applications can be submitted to the Fire Department via email at [email protected], or via fax at 714-536-5411.


Fees shall be assessed (to the applicant) based on how many clients your facility will be licensed to serve:


Note: Fees will be charged per inspection. Re-inspection must include a new application.

Fire Clearance (STD 850 Form):


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