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Health Insurance Marketplace in California

If you live in California, Covered California is the Health Insurance Marketplace to serve you. Instead of HealthCare.gov, you'll use the Covered California website to apply for coverage, compare plans, and enroll. You can apply as early as November 1, 2017. Visit Covered California now to learn more.


Employee Assistance Program

Employee Benefits Contact Information

Kaiser Permanente Presentation (CSAC)

Blue Shield Presentation (CSAC)

Health Savings Account (High Deductible Plan Only) Presentation

Delta Dental Presentation (CSAC)

VSP Presentation (CSAC)

What you need to know about your pharmacy benefits

Benefit Summaries

2018 Employee Benefits Summaries

2017 Employee Benefits Summaries

2016 Employee Benefits Summaries

2015 Employee Benefits Summaries

2014 Employee Benefits Summaries

2013 Employee Benefits Summaries

2012 Employee Benefits Summaries

2011 Employee Benefits Summaries

2010 Employee Benefits Summaries

Health Premiums and Contributions

2018 Health Premiums and Contributions

2017 Health Premiums and Contributions

2016 Health Premiums and Contributions

2015 Health Premiums and Contributions

2014 Health Premiums and Contributions

2013 Health Premiums and Contributions

2012 Health Premiums and Contributions

2011 Health Premiums and Contributions

2010 Health Premiums and Contributions

HR Forms for Changes

Add Dependent Form

Address Name Change Form

Delete Dependent Form

CalPERS Beneficiary Designation Instructions and Forms

Flexible Spending Accounts Enrollment Form (EBS)

Flexible Spending Account Reimbursement Request Form (EBS)

Last Checks Beneficiary Designation

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation (CIGNA)

Life Insurance Portability Application (CIGNA)

Long Term Disability Claim Form (CIGNA)

Insurance Plan Contract Documents

Evidence of Coverage (EOC)


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