Professional Standards Unit

Dear Concerned Citizen:

The primary goal of the Huntington Beach Police Department is to maintain a partnership with the citizens, resulting in a safer community and an enhanced quality of life. However, the employees of this Department, like all other human beings, will sometimes fall short of the Department’s goals and standards.  This may cause dissatisfaction with community members, who are welcome to voice their concerns to the Department.

When the Police Department receives a complaint, a comprehensive investigation will be conducted.  The primary goal of the investigation is to remedy the community’s concerns while fortifying the trust that they have bestowed on the Department.  During the investigation, everything possible will be done to establish what occurred during the incident, and when appropriate, remedial action will be taken to ensure that the affected employee complies with the Department’s goals and standards.

In this regard, I can promise you that every investigation will be handled in a prompt, fair, and professional manner.  I will personally review every investigation in an attempt to satisfy your concerns.

I wish to thank you for being involved in the safety of your community.  Your inquiry will be of great assistance in helping the Department meet its objective of a safer city and an enhanced quality of life for all.

Robert Handy

Chief of Police


The Chief’s Executive Officer manages the Professional Standards Unit and reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Anyone who receives information that a Police Department employee has acted in an improper manner in the delivery of service to this community is encouraged to contact the Police Department.

Any concerned citizen should feel free to contact the on-duty Watch Commander, the Professional Standards Unit, or any other supervisor.  The Watch Commander is available at any time (24 hours a day / seven days a week) at (714) 960-8800.

The Professional Standards Unit usually works during normal business hours and may be contacted at (714) 536-5693 or (714) 536-5939.  Additionally, the Professional Standards Unit may be contacted by email HERE.

The links below allow you to download or print the Huntington Beach Police Department information necessary to file a complaint::

Citizen Complaint Reporting Procedure

Personnel Complaint Form

HBPD Standard Operating Procedure Manual

HBPD Policy Manual

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