2020 Employees of the Year:

Lifesaving Award:  The Lifesaving Award recognizes employee(s) extraordinary actions while affecting or attempting to affect a lifesaving rescue or any other acts that would be considered lifesaving.  This award is for actions rendered beyond normal first aid whether or not the employee is on or off duty. 

            Officer Ashley Aversa

Officer of the Year:  A sworn officer, below the rank of sergeant, who has demonstrated exemplary job performance and/or other accomplishments that far exceeds the exceptional level expected of a sworn officer.

            Officer Ethan Bachman

Civilian Employee of the Year:  A civilian employee who has demonstrated exemplary job performance and/or other accomplishments that far exceeds the exceptional level expected of their position.

            Vishal Rattanchandani

Supervisor of the Year:  A supervisor of the rank of sergeant, lieutenant, captain and civilian supervisor or manager who has demonstrated exemplary job performance and/or accomplishments that far exceeds the exceptional level expected of their position.

            Sergeant Craig Reynolds

            Communications Supervisor Cynthia Boldt

Distinguished Service Award:  Any employee of the Huntington Beach Police Department, who displays continued excellent work, achieves significant accomplishments that positively influence the department and community, and model the Organizational Values of the Department throughout their career.

            Detective Erik Himert

Crime Fighter Award:  This award recognizes employee(s) whose actions or performance, above the standard performance of their position, have resulted in a significant arrest or solved a significant crime trend that has positively influenced the community and department.

            Officer Arthur Villa

Unit/Team Award:  The Unit/Team Award recognizes members of any group (unit, squad, detail, assignment, or other group) for outstanding contributions during a major incident, event of great significance or major contribution to the organization or the community.

Records Unit - Nadia Adams, Tina Addam, Elena Bugarin, Limei Chi, Shantel Collins, Erma Escarrega, Margie Frame, Giulia Giorgi, Stacy Hibbard, Hilary Hudson, Laura Hunt, Lourdes Maeda, Carly Normandin, Morgan Pochon,Patricia Rea, Kimberly Rodriguez, Regina Sanbrano, Rachel Seldon, Jennifer Takayama, Heather Thompson, Ann Watanabe, Lee Zablan

Homeless Task Force - Officer Ian Macleith, Officer Uriah Mungle, Officer Michael Carsten, Officer Christopher Simpson


Employee Awards Presented Throughout 2020-2021

MADD Law Enforcement Recognition Awards

Deuce Award

Officer Damien Velasco                   39 arrests

Officer Brandon Rockett                 36 arrests

Officer David Avalos                        27 arrests


Street Cops Awards:

Officer of the Year - Sean Easton

Detective of the Year - Richard Chen

Traffic/Aero Officer of the Year - Mike Lyons

Civilian Employee of the Year - Michelle Fiore


Mayor's Excellence Awards:

Jerry Goodspeed

Anthony Pham


Employees of the Month - 2020

January - N/A

February - Taylin Seitz

March - Thoby Archer

April - Veronica Navarro-Martinez

May - Ed Clair, Marla Kalkus, Miriam Garcia, Robin Haught

June - Bobby Frahm

July - Dave Humphreys

August - Lisa Roberts

September - N/A

October - Jon Deliema

November - Juan Munoz

December - Virginia Clara

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