Storage Burglaries

Monthly Storage Burglary Report for September 2023

The burglary data is based on the number of burglary reports taken at the listed facilities, not necessarily the number of units that were broken into, which can vary substantially. This month there were three victims of storage burglaries. Although the Police Department is implementing proactive techniques to mitigate these burglaries, without the aid of video evidence apprehending the suspects is challenging. 

Burglary data for the month of September 2023

This is a good reminder to consider which items you choose to put in a storage facility. Quite often, the possessions that hold sentimental value to you mean nothing to thieves. These items are generally thrown away by the suspect. We understand some of you don't have a choice but to put your belongings into storage. In such cases, please make sure you choose a good company and consider the following when choosing a storage facility:

1. Check for security cameras at the entrance/exit gates and throughout the facility.

2. Ask the rental office about whether or not their cameras are functioning and recording.

3. Consider who can get access to the facility at all hours of the day and night.

4. Ensure you are using a quality lock.

5. Check on your storage unit on a regular basis.

If you notice someone acting suspicious at a storage facility, please do not hesitate to contact us. And if you're ever the victim of a storage theft, please call us right away! We hope if you help us share this information our community will be more aware when choosing a secure facility to store their property with and take action to secure possessions in the best way possible.

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