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Code Enforcement/Neighborhood Preservation Program

See a Problem? Contact Code Enforcement Here

Residents and other interested parties are encouraged to report suspected violations or eyesores on private property to the Code Enforcement Division. You can file a complaint online. Please include the following information:

After receiving the complaint, a Code Enforcement Officer will investigate the problem (normally within 1 to 7 days). Your identity will not be disclosed to the offending party.

You can also call Code Enforcement at (714) 375-5155 to report a suspected violation or speak to Code Enforcement personnel.

“ Keeping Huntington Beach a Beautiful Place to Live, Work, and Play.”

Code enforcement flow chart
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Proceso de Violaciones al Codigo

Preserving our Neighborhoods:

The City of Huntington Beach is known throughout the nation as one the best places to live, work and play.  The quality of life of any community is reflected by the quality of its neighborhoods.  While the majority of Huntington Beach Neighborhoods enjoy a high quality of life, the City is taking proactive steps now to preserve and enhance the quality of its neighborhoods for the future.    The time is always appropriate to become concerned with the quality of your neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Preservation Program is designed to develop community partnerships between the City, its residents, and neighborhoods.  Through the development of these partnerships, the City hopes to foster participation, communication, and pride among residents and encourage them to work with their neighbors and City representatives to eliminate and prevent blight conditions, while enhancing the appearance, quality of life, and community spirit of their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Preservation vs. Code Enforcement:

Neighborhood Preservation and Code Enforcement are similar in function and purpose, in that both strive to eliminate blight and improve the quality of life throughout the community.  However, how the two achieve their results is somewhat different.

The traditional method by which most cities addressed quality of life and blight conditions in neighborhoods was to utilize Code Enforcement to address individual properties that did not meet city standards for property maintenance as outlined in the City’ s Municipal Code and Zoning Code.  Code Enforcement is mostly reactive and usually includes issuing notices of violation, citations, legal action, and city initiated abatement to bring properties into compliance with city standards.  While Code Enforcement is effective in addressing problems on an individual basis, it does not typically address the underlying factors, which may have led to the violations occurring (and possibly recurring) in a neighborhood in the first place. 

Neighborhood Preservation, on the other hand, is mostly preventive, focuses not only on individual properties, but the overall quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood, and looks for a nexus between the conditions of the neighborhood and the solutions to improving the neighborhood.  Neighborhood Preservation looks toward education, empowerment, and the establishment of community partnerships and pride to help address conditions in neighborhoods and improve the quality of life.  However, Neighborhood Preservation also utilizes Code Enforcement as one of its many tools to help accomplish its goals when necessary.

How to Help Improve Your Neighborhood:

If you are interested in improving and preserving the quality of life in your neighborhood, there are several ways to do so.  Whether it be establishing a neighborhood group to discuss neighborhood issues and establishing priorities, becoming a neighborhood advocate to work with your neighbors and the City to help address these issues, or by simply educating yourself on what the City standards are and how to be a good neighbor, the Neighborhood Preservation Program can help you to help improve your neighborhood. 

For more information on Neighborhood Preservation, contact Code Enforcement at 714-536-5271.

Automated, basic Code Enforcement case information now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The community can now receive basic information regarding current code enforcement cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to enhancements to the City’ s Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) and permitting system. Interested parties can call the City’ s Automated Inspection Line at (714) 536-5241, and press “ 22” . Callers can then enter in the Code Enforcement Case number (if known) or the address number and street name for a property to access information regarding the status of a particular case. Information that can be obtained includes:

• Description of complaint/violation and date the officer inspected the property
• Status of the complaint (open, not valid, or in compliance)

After listening to the case status information, callers can also have this information sent to any fax machine by pressing “ 5” and entering in their fax number.

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