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Planning Major Projects - Bella Terra Residential

Project Name: Bella Terra Residential

Applicant: Brian Carey and Kristofer Golder, DJM Capital Partners

Location: 7777 Edinger Avenue (North side of Edinger, west of Beach Boulevard on site of Bella Terra commercial center)

Project Summary

The project includes:

  1. General Plan Amendment (GPA) to amend the General Plan Land Use Map to A) to create a new Area B2 to allow residential uses; B) eliminate the Mixed-Use designation of Area A; and C) Increase the maximum commercial FAR of Area B2 from 0.07 to 0.09;
  2. Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) to amend the Bella Terra Specific Plan (SP11) to create A) a new Area B2; B) increase maximum residential height from 6 stories to 7 stories; C) increase commercial Floor Area Ratio (FAR) from 0.07 to 0.13; and D) reduce minimum drive aisle width from 26 ft. to 25 ft.
  3. Site Plan Review (SPR) to redevelop a portion of the existing Bella Terra shopping center by demolishing the existing 149,001 sq. ft. Burlington Coat Factory and an adjacent 33,331 sq. ft. retail commercial building (Building E) and constructing a new 7-story mixed-use project consisting of A) 300 residential apartment units; B) approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of new ground floor retail space; C) 404 residential parking spaces within a 3-level parking garage; D) to provide parking with a revised shared parking analysis; and E) associated hardscape, landscaping, and other related improvements.

The applicant has submitted all the applications noted above.  Prior to scheduling public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council, City staff and a consultant will prepare the necessary environmental documentation pursuant to the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


Please contact staff to view a copy of EIR Appendix D- Burlington Coat Factory Hazmat Survey Report and Appendix E- Preliminary Hydrology Report.

Project Status: Plan Check

Project Planner: Hayden Beckman

Last Updated: March 13, 2023


  1. Conceptual Site Plans (Exhibit B)
  2. Final Draft Environmental Impact Report Addendum
  3. Appendix A- AQGHG Technical Report
  4. Appendix A- AQGHG Comparison Analysis
  5. Appendix B- Cultural-Paleo Technical Report
  6. Appendix B- Historical Resources Technical Report
  7. Appendix B- Cultural Paleo Comparison Analysis
  8. Appendix C- Geotechnical Report
  9. Appendix D- Phase I ESA
  10. Appendix E- Architectural Survey Topo
  11. Appendix E- Preliminary WQMP Progress Report
  12. Appendix E- Grading Drainage Plan
  13. Appendix E- Hydrology Plan
  14. Appendix E- WQMP EXHIBIT
  15. Appendix F- Noise Vibration Technical Study
  16. Appendix F- Noise Comparison Analysis
  17. Appendix G- Traffic Comparison Report
  18. Appendix G- Traffic Impact Analysis
  19. Appendix G- VMT Assessment Memorandum
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