Humboldt Island Public Works Projects

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Public Works has plans to complete two major projects that will affect Humboldt Island and its residents. The first is the Humboldt Island Lift Station Replacement Project. The expected timeframe will be from Spring/Summer 2023 to Spring/Summer 2024. The second project is the Humboldt Island Bridge Rehabilitation Project which will commence shortly thereafter. 

Humboldt Island Area Map

Humboldt Island Lift Station Replacement Project

The existing sewer lift station on Humboldt Island dates back to 1965 when the island was created.  It is located near the southwest corner of the Humboldt Bridge.  All of the sewage generated by the residences of the island is pumped over the bridge and eventually flows to the Orange County Sanitation District Treatment Plant.  The City of Huntington Beach is committed to renewing old infrastructure in order to preserve the highest quality of life for the residents.  The City is planning to replace this lift station with a new facility that will serve the Humboldt Island well into the foreseeable future.  The new lift station will be located near the intersection of Humboldt Drive and Wayfarer Lane.  The project will begin in the spring of 2023.  The estimated duration of the project will be 10 months. A preliminary construction schedule will be posted on this page after the project is awarded.

Figure 1.  This figure shows the location of the existing sewer lift station and the proposed lift station.

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Humboldt Island Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Existing Condition

The existing Humboldt Drive Bridge is a multi-span steel I-girder bridge constructed in 1963.  The bridge is approximately 153 ft. long and measures 26 ft. from curb to curb, which is below the minimum roadway width required for this bridge.  The bridge currently provides one 13 ft. lane in the eastbound direction and one 13 ft. lane in the westbound direction for vehicular traffic.  There is a 5 ft. wide sidewalk on the south side of the bridge and a 2 ft. wide, non-ADA compliant sidewalk on the north side of the bridge.  There are no shoulders or bike lanes.  This bridge provides access to the residential community on Humboldt Island in the City of Huntington Beach.

Figure 2. This figure shows the existing conditions of the Humboldt Island Bridge.

Humboldt Bridge

Purpose and Objectives of the Project

The purpose of the proposed project is to enhance public safety, extend the useful life of the bridge, and protect the Huntington Harbour by performing rehabilitation work on the existing bridge that is intended to restore the integrity of its original design.  Parts of the bridge have deteriorated due to its age, normal wear from vehicular traffic, and from tidal flux of the estuarine ecosystem setting during the last six decades.  Therefore, rehabilitation of the bridge is proposed to address these existing conditions.

Proposed Scope of Work

Rehabilitation work will include the following:

Construction Schedule (Tentative*)

   *Contingent upon Caltrans/FHWA authorization of federal funding for the construction phase of the project and completion of the Humboldt Lift Station project.

Humboldt Dr. Bridge Rehabilitation Project - Section 4(f) Documents

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