Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Projects

A construction project adjacent to my property is generating noise and dust. 

Concerns regarding noise and dust associated with construction on public property should be referred to the Public Works Construction Manager at (714) 536-5431. 

If the construction appears to be taking place on private property, you should call the Building and Safety Department at (714) 536-5241.

Tree Removal & Replacement

Can I get the parkway tree in front of my residence removed?

A request to remove a City tree will be considered for approval when inspection by Tree Maintenance staff confirms one or more of the following:

Removals will also be considered when property owners have demonstrated that a tree in the right-of-way has caused damage to a private sewer line or other public substructures that may not be repaired without removal of the tree. (See sewer lateral program)

Questions regarding the City’s tree program and policies should be referred to the Park, Tree and Landscape Section at (714) 536-5480.

Sewer Lateral Program

Policy and Procedure

Effective January 3, 2008, the City instituted a policy regarding the repair and maintenance of sewer lateral lines. The City is responsible for the portion of all sewer laterals from the City-owned sewer main through the public right-of-way to the private property line. The property owner will remain responsible for all costs of repair and maintenance of that portion of the sewer lateral on private property.

Sewer Lateral Program Procedure


1. A property owner experiencing problems with their sewer lateral calls the Public Works Utilities Division (714-536-5921) to notify them of a concern with their sewer lateral line.
2. The Utilities Division contacts the property owner informing them that the sewer lateral must be cleaned and videoed by a qualified contractor. The property owner will be responsible for the initial cost of the video.
3. Utilities Division staff reviews the video to determine if a repair is needed and whether the needed repairs are within the City-owned right-of-way.
4. Depending on the situation there are two options for repair:

1) Slip Lining both the sewer line at the public right of way and on the homeowner’s private property leaving the parkway tree intact. In this case, the city arborist will determine that the integrity of the tree is not impacted by the repairs made to the sewer line. The homeowner is responsible for the cost of slip lining the sewer line on their private property.

2) In a case where it is determined that the tree must be removed to complete the repair and it falls within the City’s responsibility, the City will initiate repairs at the City’s cost and reimburse the cost of the video to the property owner.

Questions regarding the Sewer Lateral Program should be directed to the Public Works Utilities Division at 714-536-5921.

Please note – the first course of action for a blocked sewer line is a call to a qualified plumber or sewer contractor. Often, cleaning of the line is needed immediately and residents should not wait for the evaluation to be completed. The need for frequent cleaning/rooting of the line is an indication of a possible sewer lateral break or tree root intrusion.


Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Repair

How can I get damaged sidewalk, curb or gutter in front of my house repaired?

If a sidewalk is broken or raised, a temporary asphalt patch will be applied.  The City currently does not have a program for the permanent repair of individual curbs and gutters; but, concrete repairs are performed on a programmed basis as budgeted by the City Council.

Questions regarding repair to the City’s sidewalks, curbs or gutters should be referred to the City Corporation Yard at (714) 960-8861.

City trees are damaging the curbs, gutters, and sidewalks on my street. Can this be fixed?

The City Council has authorized a Tree Removal Petition process whereby all trees, sidewalks, curbs and gutters for an entire street could be repaired/replaced at one time.  To qualify the petition must have consent from at least 75% of the homeowners.  Following submission of the petition, Public Works staff will perform a field inspection.  A letter will be sent to the residents informing them of the outcome of that inspection and whether their specific street qualified to be included on the city’s Tree Petition List.  This list prioritizes repairs based on the date of petition. Removal priority is based on the sidewalk conditions, as well as funding availability.

Various amounts of funding are received each year, so a repair date cannot be predicted.   Interested parties may call (714) 960-8861 after the first of October each year to learn which streets are tentatively scheduled for that year.

Standing Water


There is standing water in my gutter.  How can I get the gutter fixed so the water will flow?

The City does not currently have a program for the repair of individual curbs and gutters aside from the programmed repairs explained in the tree and sidewalk removal process. Homeowners may hire a licensed contractor to make repairs at the homeowner's expense.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping and parking enforcement occurs twice per month as posted at the entrance to most developments, or along the street. A four hour window is posted, however, on-street parking is allowed after the sweeper has passed. Regular street sweeping is important to keep debris and standing water out of the streets and storm drain system.

Street Sweeping Parking Enforcement Citations

Parking enforcement is provided by the Police Department. To contest a parking citation, a “Request for Hearing” form from the Police Department must be completed.   For complete information, call the Police Department’s Traffic Division at (714) 536-5663.

Alternate-side Street Sweeping

The alternate-side street sweeping schedule is employed only in high-density areas where parking studies indicated it would be necessary. Undertaking alternate-side sweeping for the entire city would be cost prohibitive.

Water Backflow Device and Inspection Questions

Curb Painting FAQ and Door Hanger Sample


Did you know?

The Huntington Beach Fire Department charges for emergency medical services and ambulance transportation.  However, residents can join the FireMed Program and protect their out-of-pocket costs!  Read more about the FireMed Program.

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