Drinking Water Quality

All water in Huntington Beach meets or exceeds State and Federal standards.

The City contracts with a State-approved laboratory to collect and analyze 40 bacteriological samples per week, as required by the State Health Department.  The State Health Department licenses each water system that serves a municipality, and requires records of the amount of water pumped; any chemicals that are added to the system; bacteriological samples; and, any new additions to the system such as new water mains, new water wells and reservoirs.

The City also maintains a water quality-monitoring program that analyzes 40 special samples per month.  These samples are taken at various locations throughout the system and are checked for color, odor, temperature and turbidity.  Annually, the Water Quality Section prepares the 2017 Drinking Water Quality Report, which is delivered to each mailing address in the City.


Fluoridation facilities are presently in operation following a 1972 voter preference to fluoridate the City’s water supply.  Injection stations provide concentrations throughout the system within 0.87 to 1.0 mg/l limits.  The natural fluoride content of the wells ranges from 0.3 to 0.4 mg/l.  The imported Metropolitan Water District water has a fluoride content of 0.2 mg/l.  Daily tests by Water Division personnel are made at each injection location to determine the exact fluoride content.

Safeguards are incorporated in the design and operation of the fluoridation facilities to prevent location overdosing.

The following records are kept for each fluoride injection location:

Cross Connection Control Program

The City's Cross Connection Control Program is mandated by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), under Title 17 of the California Administrative Code of Regulation. It is an extensive effort to protect the public water system from potential sources of contamination that may exist within customers' plumbing systems and equipment on site.

Backflow prevention devices properly installed at the water meter, eliminates the potential for contaminated water to flow back into the public drinking water system by way of “cross connection” and “backflow”. The installation of these devices may be required after an inspection by a Cross Connection Control Specialist. The backflow prevention devices are required to be tested upon installation and on an annual basis as customers are notified by the City’s Utilities Division.

This program and its records are thoroughly inspected by the CDPH on an annual basis. Incidental reports are required to be submitted, as well.

The City currently has more than 6,500 backflow prevention devices on record.

The Orange County Health Care Agency has a program under state regulations as well, which addresses backflow prevention within commercial and industrial facilities that have a “higher degree of potential health hazard.” This program corresponds with the City’s Cross Connection Program.


Storm Water Quality

Did you know?

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