Administrative Citations 

You may request an Administrative Hearing to contest the citation by mailing or delivering a signed copy of the citation  to the City Attorney's Office (2000 Main Street, P.O. 190, Huntington Beach, CA  92648) within 30 calendar days of the date the citation is issued.  In addition, the full fine amount must also be remitted to the City Treasurer’s Office (City of Huntington Beach, 2000 Main Street, P.O. Box 711, Huntington Beach, CA 92648).  The person requesting the Administrative Hearing may file a written declaration with the City Attorney’s Office before the hearing or personally attend the hearing on date, time and place specified on the front of the citation.

A failure to pay the fine deposit for the Administrative Hearing will be considered a non-appearance.  Non-appearance by the citee shall constitute an abandonment of the request unless you are requesting a waiver of fine deposit.

The City Attorney’s Office, or City Attorney’s designee, shall ensure that the pertinent citation records are delivered to the Hearing Officer prior to the hearing date, and/or the Issuing Officer will be present to give his testimony regarding the citation.   The City Attorney’s Office, or the City Attorney’s Office designee, shall also make available to the citee before the hearing a copy of any additional reports concerning the citation if so desired.

Decision:  If the decision is to uphold the citation, the City shall keep the fine deposit as payment upon the fine.  If the decision is to cancel the citation, the City shall refund the deposit within 30 days of the decision.  If the citee had a fine waiver, the fine amount is due to the City.  If you are aggrieved by the decision of the Hearing Officer, you may appeal to the Municipal Court in accordance of with the timelines set forth in California Government Code Section 53069.4.

Hotline:  If you have further question or concerns call the Administrative Citation hotline at (714) 375-8446 and your call will be returned.

Court Appeal

You may file an appeal from the hearing officer's decision with the Municipal Court within 20 calendar days of being notified of the decision.  To appeal you must pay a $25 filing fee to the court.

Questions:  To address any questions or concerns, please leave a message at (714) 375-8446 and your call will be returned.

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