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One of the standing City Council Committees is the Intergovernmental Relations Committee. They meet monthly to review legislation pending before the state and federal legislatures and provide recommendations to the City Council. They also review and provide recommendations to the Council on the city funding priorities and issues related to other state and regional governmental bodies. Additionally, Individual Council members can participate in State, Regional, and County policy bodies as well as committees associated with the League of California Cities.

Appointments to State & Regional Policy Bodies

As a City Council Member you will have the opportunity to actively participate on regional or state agencies, boards, and committees. Participation on a regional or state advisory body gives a Council Member a chance to gain a broader understanding of issues that impact the city but are beyond the day-to-day scope of city government. It also allows the Council Member to provide leadership and influence decisions on these issues, and in so doing to further the goals of the city.

Some examples of regional bodies on which current and former City Council Members have served include the, Orange County Sanitation District, Orange County Harbors, Beaches & Parks Commission, Orange County Waste Management Commission, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), and the California Coastal Commission (CCC). The method of appointment and the term of office for these bodies vary based on the governing by-laws of the individual board. In some cases, compensation is provided for meeting attendance.

Existing Process for Being Appointed to Regional Boards and Committees

Appointments to regional boards and committees occur under several different scenarios. The City may have an assigned seat. In these cases, the Mayor makes the appointment as part of the annual process of assigning Council liaisons each December (see Chapter 8). (In some cases these appointments have assigned terms that do not coincide with the Mayor's appointments in December. In these cases, the appointment will be made upon expiration of the term.)

Some County and regional bodies have appointments that are made by the Orange County Division of the League of Cities. These appointments are generally made by a vote of the general membership of the Division. Other County and regional bodies are appointed by the Orange County City Selection Committee. In both instances, if a Council Member is interested in applying, they would do so by submitting an application ("Candidate's Statement") to the Orange County Division of the League.

Our County Supervisor (District 2) also has some discretionary appointments to County bodies such as Harbors, Beaches, & Parks and the Waste Management Commission. Some regional bodies, such as the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Orange County Fair Commission are made by the Governor.

League of California Cities Policy Committees:

The League of California Cities has a number of policy committees on which a City Council Member can serve. The policy committees review statewide issues and provide policy recommendations on issues pending before the state. There are eight policy committees:

The League policy committees meet quarterly with the last quarterly meeting held in conjunction with the League's Annual Conference. Appointment to one of these policy committees can occur by application to and appointment by the Orange County Division president, who has two appointments to each policy committee. Appointments are also made by the State League president. Detailed information on the League's policy committees can be found in the information sheet on How to Join a League Policy Committee which is included at the end of this Chapter.


The attached information provides more detail regarding appointments coordinated by the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities. It also includes a detailed description of the role of the City Selection Committee. Each year the Orange County Division distributes a directory with detailed descriptions of organizations to which they make appointments.

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